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"What Putin and Pompeo did not talk about" (Escobar):
"Moscow is extremely uneasy over the possibility of a destabilization of Iran that allows a free transit of jihadis from the Caspian to the Caucasus.
Which brings us to the heart of the matter. Diplomatic sources – from Russia and Iran – confirm, off the record, there have been secret talks among the three pillars of Eurasian integration – Russia, China and Iran – about Chinese and Russian guarantees in the event the Trump administration’s drive to strangle Tehran to death takes an ominous turn.
This is being discussed at the highest levels in Moscow and Beijing. The bottom line: Russia-China won’t allow Iran to be destroyed."
"The real deal was, in fact, not Putin-Pompeo or Pompeo-Lavrov in Sochi. It was actually Lavrov-Wang Yi (the Chinese Foreign Minister), the day before in Moscow.
A US investment banker doing business in Russia told me: “Note how Pompeo ran like mad to Sochi. We are frightened and overstretched.”
Diplomats later remarked: “Pompeo looked solemn afterwards. Lavrov sounded very diplomatic and calm.” It’s no secret in Moscow’s top diplomatic circles that the Chinese Politburo overruled President Xi Jinping’s effort to find an accommodation to Trump’s tariff offensive. The tension was visible in Pompeo’s demeanor.
In terms of substance, it’s remarkable how Lavrov and Wang Yi talked about, literally, everything: Syria, Iran, Venezuela, the Caspian, the Caucasus, New Silk Roads (BRI), Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), missiles, nuclear proliferation.
Or as Lavrov diplomatically put it: “In general, Russia-China cooperation is one of the key factors in maintaining the international security and stability, establishing a multipolar world order. . . . Our states cooperate closely in various multilateral organizations, including the UN, G20, SCO, BRICS and RIC [Russia, India, China trilateral forum], we are working on aligning the integration potential of the EAEU and the Belt and Road Initiative, with potentially establishing [a] larger Eurasian partnership.”
The strategic partnership is in sync on Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan – they want a solution brokered by the SCO. And on North Korea, the message could not have been more forceful.
After talking to Wang Yi, Lavrov stressed that contacts between Washington and North Korea “proceeded in conformity with the road map that we had drafted together with China, from confidence restoration measures to further direct contacts.”
This is a frank admission that Pyongyang gets top advice from the Russia-China strategic partnership. And there’s more: “We hope that at a certain point a comprehensive agreement will be achieved on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and on the creation of a system of peace and security in general in Northeast Asia, including concrete firm guarantees of North Korea’s security.”
Translation: Russia and China won’t back down on guaranteeing North Korea’s security. Lavrov said: “Such guarantees will be not easy to provide, but this is an absolutely mandatory part of a future agreement. Russia and China are prepared to work on such guarantees.”"
It is ironic that Russia's legitimate fears of terrorist spill-over from the planned destruction of Iran are putting a spanner in the plans of the Khazars and their stooges.  You will no doubt remember that it was the Khazars who 1) invented modern terrorism in Palestine in the 1930s to kill people and steal their lands, and 2) right after the end of the Cold War, used the fear of terrorism to start the Assholians off on their series of Wars For The Jews, one of which was supposed to be on Iran.

"Oman – Not Like the Rest of the Gulf" (Vltchek).  All the problems caused by 'Islam' - terrorism and the Sunni-Shi'ite tensions - are actually solely the product of a handful of illegitimate thieving rulers (Saudi and Emirates), fearful of losing their stolen monies and their heads, mostly crypto-Jews, working off a mostly Khazar script.

"The Yellow Vests of France: Six Months of Struggle" (Greeman).

Start of Lying Section (specifically, by 'journalists' and 'human rights' organizations).

Fresh nonsense directly from the horse's mouth (MI6):  "Skripal poisoning suspects received mystery phone call following attack" (Hopkins/Harding).  Tweet (Neil Clark):
"‘The bin where the bottle (supposedly containing Novichok) was found was regularly emptied, so it seems inconceivable that it had been there since March’. But if the bottle DID contain Novichok & the 2 Russian suspects didn’t put it there, who did?
More evidence of the sketchiness of The Intercept:  "The Hospital They Didn’t Bomb" (McIlwain). For all the hospitals Assad is supposed to have bombed, Syria must consist solely of hospitals.

"Venezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire" (Harris).  "SYRIA: Amnesty International bias provides cover for Al Qaeda crimes against the Syrian people in Idlib and Hama" (Beeley). "How Amnesty International is reinforcing Trump’s regime-change propaganda against Venezuela" and "Amnesty International still doesn’t recognise Chelsea Manning as a Prisoner of Conscience" (Emersberger).  Amnesty is just a branch of the US State Department, and has been since it was used to attempt to destabilize and delegitimize the Soviet Union.

"The Washington Post’s “Cartel of the Suns” Theory is the Latest Desperate Excuse for Why the Coup Attempt in Venezuela has Failed" (Bolton).  'Cartel of the Suns' and Hezbollah!

"More Than 36 Hours After Images of Elle Reeve’s Filipino B&E Emerge, Zero Media Covering It" (Anglin). B&E of 8chan owner not 'news'.

Tweet (Carlos Latuff):
"The Holocaust card, always at hand!"
End of Lying Section.

Tweet (Scott Hechinger):
"“One day, from his sniper nest, Chief Gallagher shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking w/ other girls on the riverbank. She dropped, clutching her stomach, & the other girls dragged her away.” Trump is preparing to pardon this war criminal."
"It’s Even More Terrible Than You Thought" (Street) (odd to see this in Counterpunch, The Journal of Ridiculous and Counterproductive 'Russian' Attacks on Trump):
". . . establishment Democrats are working hard again, as in 2015-16, to undermine the presidential candidacy of the Democratic contender who is most able and ready to rally the disadvantaged constituencies who will have to turn out if the orange monster is going to be removed by ballot in 2020.
That candidate is the neo-New Deal progressive-populist Bernie Sanders. He is the target of a multi-pronged “Stop Sanders” movement within the Democratic Party and across its many establishment media and non-profit outposts. This reactionary operation includes at least ten related lines of attack:
+1. Flooding the primary campaign with such an absurdly large number of candidates that Sanders will likely be unable to garner the majority of primary delegates required for a first-ballot nomination at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.
+2. Coordination among the Democratic Convention superdelegates—the more than 350 county and state party bosses and elected officials who are granted delegate status without election—to vote as a bloc to stop Sanders on the convention’s second ballot. (These superdelegates exist precisely for the purpose of blocking challengers to the party’s corporate establishment.)
+3. Ongoing efforts to change state party elections from caucuses to primaries, as caucuses are friendlier to progressive challengers. (Sanders won 11 of the nation’s 18 caucus states three years ago.)
+4. The disingenuous theft of many of Sanders’ sincerely held progressive policies by corporate candidates who have no intention of fighting to implement them if they attain the presidency.
+5. Appealing to the name recognition of the right-wing corporatist-imperialist Joe Biden, along with the public’s misplaced nostalgia for Barack Obama’s Wall Street-captive presidency—both of which will be wielded as weapons against Sanders’ progressive populism.
+6. Repeated identity-wielding “gotchya” efforts to make Bernie seem indifferent to Black and female voters.
+7. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s sickening decision to block contracts with campaign consultants and other political vendors who agree to work for progressive challengers in the 2020 primaries. (Besides seeking to protect Congress itself as a corporate preserve, this move aims to deny Sanders congressional allies and undermine his ability to govern if elected.)
+8. Recurrent claims that Sanders “isn’t a Democrat” even though Bernie has long functioned essentially as one in Congress and Vermont politics (his “Independent” status is for show).
+9. Smearing Sanders’ popular social-democratic policy agenda as “fantastic,” “unaffordable,” “unrealistic” and too dangerously “socialist”—this while Democratic elites refuse to acknowledge the fascist tendencies of the president they helped elect in 2016.
+10. Branding the eminently electable Sanders “unelectable” on the grounds that he is an “extremist” who is “too far left” for the U.S. electorate generally and independent voters specifically. In reality, the opposite is true. Sanders appeals to independents (who are nowhere near as conservative as is commonly reported), people of color, infrequent voters and the white working-class that has largely abandoned the Democratic Party. His anti-establishment message, coupled with his long record of representing rural voters, makes him highly competitive with Trump, not only in the Rust Belts states where Hillary Clinton faltered but even in some dark red states like West Virginia. (Even Karl Rove believes Sanders could defeat Trump in 2020.)
It’s nasty stuff, but it’s nothing new and nobody should be surprised. The Democratic Party exists to serve its corporate clients. Consistent with their party’s Big Business bankrollers’ bottom line world view, establishment Democrats would rather lose to a fascistic white-Amerikaner right than to even the mildly social-democratic left within their own party. It’s why the late left-liberal political scientist Sheldon Wolin labeled them “the Inauthentic Opposition.”"
Direct descendant - well he can't be, as he isn't even in the same race as his mythological ancestor - of a mythological person!: "Should a Jewish Priest Be US Ambassador to Israel?" (Johnson).

"Poland to Jews: “We Owe Nothing”" (Anglin).  "Congress: No U.S. Military Base for Poland Until It Pays for Holocaust Victims" (Kredo).  I guess we'll find out what gives when a country so devoted to the Cold War that it will endanger its own citizens crosses the Khazar Shake-Down Unit.

"Why The Takedown Of Heinz-Christian Strache Will Strengthen The Right" (Moon).

"New Heinz condiment Mayochup has an unfortunate translation in Cree" (Dubé).
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