Friday, May 03, 2019

Fried chicken

"Intel and Law Enforcement Tried to Entrap Trump by Larry C Johnson" (read the whole thing):
"The Mueller investigation of Trump "collusion" with Russia prior to the 2016 Presidential election focused on eight cases:
Proposed Trump Tower Project in Moscow—
George Papadopolous—
Carter Page—
Dimitri Simes—
Veselnetskya Meeting at Trump Tower (June 16, 2016)
Events at Republican Convention
Post-Convention Contacts with Russian Ambassador Kislyak
Paul Manafort
One simple fact emerges--of the eight cases or incidents of alleged Trump Campaign interaction with the Russians investigated by the Mueller team, the proposals to interact with the Russian Government or Putin originated with FBI informants, MI-6 assets or people paid by Fusion GPS, not Trump or his people. There is not a single instance where Donald Trump or any member of his campaign team initiated contact with the Russians for the purpose of gaining derogatory information on Hillary or obtaining support to boost the Trump campaign. Not one.
Simply put, Trump and his campaign were the target of an elaborate, wide ranging covert action designed to entrap him and members of his team as an agent of Russia."
It's funny to watch the Democrats try to save the precious, precious ((('donor')))-model by throwing everything but the kitchen sink, including fried chicken, at Barr, who just shrugs it off.

"Did the CIA Orchestrate an Attack on the North Korean Embassy in Spain?" (Shorrock). Note that the terrorist attackers have a 'lawfare' lawyer working for them, with connections to Sheldon, Bolton and Joe Lieberman.  Barry actually put this guy in charge of his phony efforts to close Guananamo!

"Jared Kushner on 'two-state' solution: 'Let's just not say it'". No two-state solution, as that would mean a state for the Palestinians.  He just up and stole Jerusalem, as stealing is what Khazars do. It would be enough if we got through this horrible period in human history with everybody permanently knowing that, and governing themselves accordingly.

This is quite something, from the JYT no less:  "With Maduro Still in Power, Questions About the U.S. Role in Venezuela".  Note that the failed coup, a big disaster for Trump and Empire, is being spun as a successful counterintelligence operation by genius John Bolton, used to determine the real loyalties in the Venezuelan leadership!!!  It would make much more sense to see this as a very successful operation by Maduro, having some of his military leaders send out feelers to Guido to trick him into thinking he could get away with a coup.  Also, on the bizarre placing of Cuba in the issue:
"Mr. Bolton and Mr. Pompeo have consistently criticized Cuba for its support for the Venezuelan government. But the C.I.A. has concluded that Cuba is far less involved and its support has been far less important than senior officials in the administration believe, according to a former official."
Tweet (Wesley Yang) (this could conceivably be an industrial sabotage trick, where executives made an obviously moronic decision in order to force down the selling price for the buyer they were covertly working for):
"Story in four acts"
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