Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Innocence and self-pity

"Houthi drone attacks in Saudi 'show new level of sophistication'" (Gatopoulos).  "The New Drone Wars: Houthis hit Saudi Oil Pumping Stations, avenging Riyadh’s Strikes on Sana’a".  Note the possibility that the alleged attacks on the tankers in Fujairah was also a Houthi attack. That would make the attack on the pipeline - built to get oil out if the Strait Of Hormuz is blocked - and the attack on the tankers, part of a well thought out plan to get the attention of the people of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, even as their Crypto rulers continue to work solely for Zionist interests.

We've got a strange situation.  The alleged tanker attacks look like a false flag to start an Assholian war on Iran, yet the damage, if any, was minimal, and the whole operation, both the attack and the PR barrage after it, seems oddly half-assed.  Even with Trump in his current sad and shekeled situation, he would need a lot more than this to start a war which would immediately turn into a shambles for the Assholes, thus guaranteeing that Trump would lose in 2020, despite the fact the Democrats have obviously been told by their ((('donors'))) to throw the election.  The big problem for the ((('donors'))), who obviously couldn't care less about Assholians, is that any attack on Iran raises the obvious counterattack by Hezbollah on Israel, and no macher wants to be the 'one-issue guy' identified with the end of Israel.  On the other hand, both the Saudi Arabia and the UAE have a big interest in hiding the fact that the Houthis have the capability of attacking them where it hurts, so this kind of vagueness on the actual origins of the attack suits them just fine.

"Spanish Frigate Peels Off From US Carrier Group Over Iran Conflict Fears" (Durden).  Even the Eurotrash, the lowest and most embarrassing group of cowards to ever live, aren't going to help the Assholians in their shekeled War For The Jews on Iran, at least not directly.

Tweet (Tulsi Gabbard):
"Trump says he doesn't want war with Iran, but that's exactly what he wants, because that's exactly what Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu, al-Qaeda, Bolton, Haley, and other NeoCons/NeoLibs want. That’s what he put first--not America."
"Iran Squeezed Between Imperial Psychos and European Cowards" (Escobar):
"So what happens next? Professor Mohammad Marandi at the Faculty of World Studies of the University of Tehran offers quite a sobering perspective: “After 60 days Iran will push things even further. I don’t think the Iranians are bluffing. They will also be pushing back at the Saudis and the Emiratis by different means.”
Marandi, ominously, sees “further escalation” ahead:
“Iranians have been preparing for war with the Unites States ever since the Iraq invasion in 2003. After what they’ve seen in Libya, in Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, they know that the Americans and Europeans are utterly brutal. The whole shore of the Persian Gulf on the Iranian side and the Gulf of Oman is full of tunnels and underground high-tech missiles. The Persian Gulf is full of ships equipped with highly developed sea-to-sea missiles. If there is real war, all the oil and gas facilities in the region will be destroyed, all the tankers will be destroyed.”
And if that show comes to pass, Marandi regards the Strait of Hormuz as the “sideshow”:
“The Americans will be driven out of Iraq. Iraq exports 4 million barrels of oil a day; that would probably come to an end, through strikes and other means. It would be catastrophic for the Americans. It would be catastrophic for the world – and for Iran as well. But the Americans would simply not win.”
So as Marandi explains it — and Iranian public opinion now largely agrees — the Islamic Republic has leverage because they know “the Americans can’t afford to go to war. Crazies like Pompeo and Bolton may want it, but many in the establishment don’t.”
Tehran may have developed a modified MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) framework as leverage, mostly to push Trump ally MbS to cool down. “Assuming,” adds Marandi, “the madmen don’t get the upper hand, and if they do, then it’s war. But for the time being, I thinks that’s highly unlikely.”"
The peculiar ambiguities of Trump have a purpose - as long as he doesn't call an end to the possibility of war, the shekels keep getting schlepped by Shlomo, and the Epstein-delivered blackmail stays safely hidden in the Mossad's drawer. He's stuck in the middle, as either a war, or a final admission that there will be no war, will be a disaster for him.

 "The Conspiracy Theory’s Four Monstrous Offspring" (Lazare):
"Assange languishing behind bars, war breaking out in Latin America or the Persian Gulf, Trump in the Oval Office for four years more – it’s the worst of all possible worlds, and the Democratic Party’s bizarre fixation with Vladimir Putin is what’s pushing it.

Ultimately, Russia-gate is yet a variation on the tired old theme of American innocence.  If something goes wrong, it can’t be the fault of decent Americans who, as we all know, are too good for our deeply flawed world.  Rather, it must be the fault of dastardly foreigners trying to hack our democracy.  It’s a deep-rooted form of xenophobia that has fueled everything from the criminalization of marijuana (smuggled in by evil Mexicans) to the 1950s Red Scare (a reaction to Communism smuggled in by evil Russians), and the war on terrorism (the work of evil Muslims).  The idea that America may in anyway be responsible for its own fate is of course unthinkable.

But Russia-gate may be the greatest delusion of all.  After decades of celebrating Donald Trump as the essence of American flash and hustle, the corporate media have decided that the only way he could have gotten into the White House is if Putin put him there.  The upshot is a giant conspiracy to force Americans to turn their back on reality, an effort that can only end in disaster for all concerned, Democrats first and foremost."
"Rashida Tlaib Angers Jews and Israel First Republicans With Holocaust Comments" (Rogers + Anglin).  We see the usual and expected lying about what she said from the (((media))) (even (((Marshall))) finds it a bit much!), but also a strange insight into the primitive thinking of the Khazars.  Like your typical bullies everywhere, they are filled with a combination of hidden self-loathing, and a remarkable degree of self-pity (and don't get me started on the arrogant Jewsplaining).  They really, really, really, really feel sorry for themselves, over real and imagined plights and slights they may have received over the millennia, and haven't forgotten one of them.

"Rashida Tlaib Has Her History Wrong" (Morris).  Note that the Palestinians are supposed to accept their dispossession by the 'refugees' - who were, as the woke know, created in a deal between the Nazis and the machers of the time, a deal now famously called the 'Holocaust' - because they 'immorally' resisted the colonial British (no doubt very well shekeled - see, for example, "The truth behind Churchill's debts and reckless gambling" and "Henry Strakosch") plans to ethnically cleanse them by moving Jews to Palestine in the 1930s.  Like all bullies, they consider the worst possible crime, worthy of the worst possible bullying as punishment, the resistance against their bullying.  The sheer chutzpah, not to mention Evil, of the Khazars is simply impossible for us lowly farm animals to grasp.  We shouldn't underestimate Tlaib, though, as her wording was the best possible Jew-trap, and they all fell right in.

"‘NY Times’ disgracefully joins the propaganda campaign to push for war against Iran" (North).  Can you believe it?  The JYT lying the Assholians into a War For The Jews?  Now I've seen everything!
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