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J. Q.

"NYT Accuses China of Using NSA Hacking Tools, Fails to Mention Said Tools Were Designed to Hoax Chinese Hacks" (Anglin):
"When the New York Times tries to give an analogy, it’s like Stephen Hawking trying to go down a flight of stairs.
What a horrible publication this has become.
Anyway, without going too much into the boring details, let me tell you why this is completely retarded. At least some of the hacking tools they are talking about were released by WikiLeaks as part of their Vault 7 release in March of 2017. Other information about CIA tools was leaked by the Shadow Brokers in April of 2017.
The most interesting thing about the Vault 7 leak was that they had developed tools that allowed hackers to mask their origin.
In its release, WikiLeaks described the primary purpose of “Marble” as to insert foreign language text into the malware to mask viruses, trojans and hacking attacks, making it more difficult for them to be tracked to the CIA and to cause forensic investigators to falsely attribute code to the wrong nation. The source code revealed that Marble had examples in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Persian. These were the languages of the US’s main cyber-adversaries – China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.
This was interesting at the time because the entire media were claiming that a private company had proved that Russia hacked the DNC because of “fingerprints,” and now we are finding out that the CIA had developed technology to fake Russian fingerprints. What’s worse, it was also revealed that these tools were being sold and traded on the open internet at the time of the DNC hack, meaning that literally anyone could have used “Russian fingerprints” as part of the hack.
(Of course, it is clear now that the DNC was never even hacked at all, and the leak was actually a leak; nonetheless, it is always good to have multiple angles by which to prove the government is lying.)
Now, they are just coming out and saying that they caught the Chinese… using fingerprints. And they are literally referencing the same software dumps that showed that you can fake this. Of course, nowhere does the New York Times mention that the leaked NSA software could include “false flag” attacks, as that would obviously make their entire story stupid and pointless."
"Donald Trump Should be Forced to Register as an Agent of a Foreign Government" (Anglin).  "Neocon Psychopath John Bolton Threatened Iran After Reportedly Being Given Non-Specific Intelligence from Israel" (Rogers).  "Israeli Intelligence Warned White House Of "Iran Plot" To Strike US Troops" (Durden).

The best arguments against a Zionist-led American attack on Iran are:
  1. world-wide depression caused by the spike in oil prices due to the closing of the Strait of Hormuz; and 
  2. retaliation against Israel by Hezbollah rocket attacks (the Crooke Israel-as-hostage argument).
Trumps spiritual, moral and intellectual deterioration has been so massive that I don't believe he would hesitate because of 1, as long as Shlomo keeps coming with the bags of shekels and the Mossad blackmailers lay off him, but 2 may be the key, as the machers don't want to take even the smallest risk of being associated with attacks which end the Khazar crime of Israel.

"An Examination of the History of the Pro-Zionist Lobby" (Makinde). Lots and lots of good stuff - it is practically a textbook (there needs to be a university degree on this subject, to be called a J. Q.) - but take two examples:
"Although the son of a very wealthy businessman, Kennedy, like all politicians needed to raise campaign money, in his case for his presidential run, as well as for the general benefit of the Democratic Party. Only the second Catholic to run for the presidency, Kennedy’s campaign ran into difficulties on a number of occasions. One instance of difficulty led to a remarkable episode involving a meeting with about 20 prominent Jewish businessmen and financiers. It was arranged by Abraham Ribicoff, the governor of Connecticut, and took place at a hotel apartment rented by the businessman Abe Feinberg, the man credited with saving Harry Truman’s 1948 presidential run from ruin by organising a ‘whistle-stop’ fundraising tour.

At the meeting, Kennedy was carefully scrutinised by his potential benefactors who raised the issue of his father’s negative legacy among many Jews. In fact, at one point, the accusation that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” was thrown at him. The group agreed to make an initial contribution of $500,000 with more to come. But, crucially, there were strings attached. This related to the policy that Kennedy would pursue in the Middle East if he won.

These details are missing from Feinberg’s recollections. While Feinberg claimed that Kennedy’s voice broke with emotion when expressing his gratitude while speaking to him by phone soon after the meeting, the newspaper columnist and JFK confidant, Charles C. Bartlett recalled a different reaction by Kennedy. “As an American citizen,” Bartlett recalled, “he was outraged to have a Zionist group come to him and say: “We know your campaign is in trouble. We’re willing to pay your bills if you’ll let us have control of your Middle East policy.”

“They wanted control”, Kennedy angrily told Bartlett.

This experience convinced Kennedy that the way forward was to reform the manner in which campaign monies were raised, and during his first year in office, he established a bipartisan commission to investigate the means by which “the financial base of our presidential campaigns” could be broadened. He would go on the record to criticize the method of campaign financing as “highly undesirable” and “not healthy” because it made candidates “dependent on large financial contributions of those with special interests.”"
"What many mainstream historians and geopolitical analysts continually fail to comprehend, or at least to acknowledge, is that Israel possessed a long-term strategy aimed at getting the United States to be militarily involved in the Middle East. But to do this, it needed, with the help of pro-Zionist lobbies, to fundamentally alter perceptions of the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In other words, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people needed to be reframed from one predicated on the legitimate struggle of a people dispossessed of their land and denied the right to self-determination to one based on a clash of values; that is, of one between the values of the Western world as supposedly represented by ‘democratic’ Israel on the one hand, and values antithetical to the West as represented by Arab ‘authoritarianism’ and ‘fanaticism’.

Military intervention was posited as being necessarily on a global scale. This construct of what would come to be known as a ‘war on terror’ was promoted by the Jonathan Institute, a think-tank founded in 1976 and run by members of the Netanyahu family. The Jerusalem Conference of 1979, which was held under the auspices of the institute, represented a concerted effort aimed at re-shaping the mindset of American policymakers in order to make them amenable to staging pro-Israeli interventions in the Middle East on a scale which the papers produced by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff had hinted at three decades earlier.

The institute published papers and Binyamin Netanyahu wrote books which sought to persuade the United States that Israel’s battles were America’s and that the United States should take the lead by ways and means including sending its military to fight in the Middle East.

It is through such standpoint that the policy to take down Iran has been formulated as one which Israel would not undertake by itself, but which has to involve the lead participation of the United States. This is why AIPAC and other pro-Zionist groups strenuously lobbied against the international agreement with Iran over nuclear production as such a deal effectively puts off the table, the possibility of American military action against Tehran.

The existential threat posed by Iran to Israel purportedly rests on Iran’s development of nuclear energy which it is claimed has inexorably led to a nuclear armaments programme. Yet, the irony is that it is Israel which introduced nuclear weapons into the region, a development which had been strenuously opposed by President Kennedy, but which since the time of Lyndon Johnson has been studiously ignored by each and every administration. Israel and its lobby pressure the United States government on Iran, a nation which is a signatory state to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its stricture, while Israel itself is not.

Israel’s acquisition of nuclear materials and technology has been shrouded in decades-long acts of criminality committed by its agents against the United States. This includes spying on American nuclear installations and the theft of nuclear materials which have been smuggled out of the country to aid Israel’s Dimona nuclear project.

Declassified Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) files identified Binyamin Netanyahu as a member of an Israeli smuggling ring which operated in the United States under the overseeing eye of Hollywood producer and long-time Israeli agent (for the now disbanded LAKAM), Arnon Milchan. Codenamed Project Pinto, this enterprise involved a network of Israeli front companies smuggling nuclear triggers to Israel.

Here Israel, purportedly America’s ‘staunchest ally’ was doing precisely what it would later falsely claim (through its dissident Iranian proxy, the MEK) Iran was doing in order to ratchet up the case for an American-led imposition of sanctions, and ultimately, war.

Project Pinto was a continuum of the collaboration between Israel lobby groups and Israeli spy networks in smuggling American resources. Grant F. Smith’s Spy Trade: How the Israel Lobby Undermines America’s Economy which was published in 2009 utilised secret government files to chart a history that began with an operation to funnel stolen and illegally purchased surplus US Army stocks of World War 2 munitions to Jewish militias in Palestine. A threatened FBI crackdown led to covert meetings with Zionist lobbyists in which a bargain was reached: convictions for minor operators in return for immunity for the masterminds.

The result Grant argues has been a consistent perversion of the rule of law. The FBI consistently identifies Israel as a “friendly nation” whose espionage against the United States is the most persistent. However, prosecutions are rare because of political pressure. In the case of Project Pinto, Richard Kelly Smyth, an American physicist who exported the relevant material to Israel received a federal prison sentence of 40 months after spending 16 years as a fugitive. Milchan on the other hand had his US 10-year residential visa revoked, only to have it restored in 2016 through the intervention of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu himself has never been made a person of interest despite the evidence of his involvement.

As was the case with the Zionist operation to illegally smuggle munitions into Mandate-era Palestine, culpability was affixed on the working level, but not the architectural planning level of the operation."
"Hassan Nasrallah: Daesh is Still a US-Israeli Asset, Threatens Central Asia":
"And what is Daesh? What is its ideology? It is the Wahhabi ideology that is shaped in Saudi Arabia, in the Saudi Universities, in the Saudi religious schools, in Saudi mosques, and that was propagated around the world with Saudi money (originally to thwart Khomeini’s revolutionary Islam), by decision and at the request of the United States, as recognized by both the Americans and the Saudis. Before the confession of Mohammad Bin Salman about this fact, there was a video recording of Hillary Clinton where she acknowledged this, namely that it is the US who asked Saudi Arabia to support, propagate and disseminate the Wahhabi ideology worldwide. Where does the ISIS ideology come from? Saudi Arabia! At the request of whom? The United States! Who facilitated this? The Americans and their allies! Who funded it? Saudi Arabia! And the ISIS fighters, where did they come from? (They were brought) from all around the world! O my brothers and sisters, most of the suicide bombers in Syria and Iraq were Saudi nationals! And there were other nationalities as well. And they were brought to these cities (of Syria and Iraq).

The (US and Saudi Arabia) are the ones who supported them, armed them, financed them, have opened all the borders for them and have staked so much on them. Daesh was (initially) required only against Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. And later, against Iran and against whoever was to be submitted, hit and destroyed.
What is the Daesh project? To establish a State in which there will be elections? A democratic State? A State in which the people can express (freely) his will? A State whose inhabitants will elect their MPs, their leaders and rulers? Never! For Daesh, according to the ideology of Daesh, elections are an act of disbelief (deserving of death)! Anyone who participates in elections is a disbeliever (in their eyes)! Whoever stands near a ballot box, his blood shall be shed, he is to be killed! Is it not what Al Qaeda and the Taliban did in Afghanistan? Is it not what happened in Iraq during all the elections that were held? Is Daesh able to shape a (better) future? And by whom were (these monsters) created? By the United States!

In the past, an individual named… Anyone can find (this video) over the Internet. I speak of General Wesley Clark – and it was on CNN, my brother, I don’t quote a TV channel of our friends or allies –, who was the Supreme Commander of NATO forces. (Wesley Clark) said on CNN that the Islamic State – they do not speak of Daesh (derogatory term), they keep saying ‘the Islamic State’ (to smear Islam) – : “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies to fight to the death against Hezbollah.” He said: “To do this, you don’t put out a recruiting poster and say ‘Let’s go fight Hezbollah’. That is why we and our friends have created ISIS.” "
"Israel wants the Trump administration to attack Iran, but U.S. mainstream media ignores Netanyahu’s instigating" (North).

"Saudi ship in Antwerp port sparks arms exports concerns".  "Palo Alto Man Arrested on Felony Vandalism Charge for Protesting Lockheed Martin Weapon Sales" (Wadsworth).  Bryce Druzin is the truth-tagger.

"Conservatives slam Omar over tweet on Gaza violence" (Samuels).

"Idlib Dawn - TTG"

"Obama Spied on Other Republicans and Democrats As Well by Larry C Johnson" (was Bloody promoted because of her excellent work in the liaison with the Brits on the anti-Trump/Putin operation, or was she promoted to keep her quiet about what they were up to?):
"One person who needs to be called on the carpet and asked some hard questions is current CIA Director Gina Haspel. She was CIA Chief of Station in London at the time and was a regular attendee at the meeting of the Brit's Joint Intelligence Committee aka the JIC"
Read to the end for Downer and Hakluyt.  The Budowski to Podesta email (December 21 2015), and commentary on it.  The beginning of a conspiracy:  "Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin, but not go too far betting on Putin re Syria."

"2:00PM Water Cooler Special: Blowback on Russiagate for 2020" (Strether):
"To the “prima facie evidence” listed by Goldsmith, I would add some random bits I’ve picked up in my travels on the Twitter; this should not be taken to suggest I’m “in the weeds” on this material, because I’m not. Goldsmith doesn’t mention how oppo (the Steele Report) was laundered into a FISA warrant. Nor does he mention what looks to a LeCarré fan like an FBI coat-trailing operation, complete with honeypot, directed against low-level Trump operative George Papadopoulos. He also doesn’t mention the presence of a mole — oh, I’m sorry, an “FBI informant” — in the Trump campaign. (British intelligence seems to have inserted what looks rather like a mole in the Sanders campaign; and given the lack of “express guidance, process, and accountability mechanisms” to which Goldsmith alludes, it would certainly be interesting to know if the FBI has moles planted in 2020 campaigns and if so, which.) Nor does Goldsmith mention the media campaigns conducted by former intelligence officials (if there is such a thing) Clapper, Brennan, and Comey that helped create the “frenzied atmosphere” to which Flood alludes and with which we are all familiar, and which was extremely profitable for them personally, as well as for the media venues on which they appeared. Really, has cashing in on one’s tenure as a high official in the intelligence community given a whole new meaning to “tradecraft”? It does seem so.
From the 30,000-foot level of the Constitutional order, we have ended up with the intelligence community having potential veto power over who gets on the Presidential ballot (I mean, will either party want an unvetted candidate after the object lesson of what happened to Trump?), we have the intelligence community having potential authority over the results of counting those ballots (if DHS delegitimizes a count based on a claim that cyberwarfare interfered), and we have the intelligence community having inserted moles in not one but two Presidential campaigns (on the assumption that there was some sort of intelligence sharing arrangement for the UK mole in the Sanders campaign). That’s rather a lot of power for an unelected body with enormous operational and disinformation skills that works in secret using a black budget to have."
"Pompeo Claims US Aggression Against Venezuela Would be Lawful" (Lendman).  "Having admitted to ‘lying’ and ‘cheating’ while CIA director, Pompeo drops another whopper after failed Venezuelan coup" (Webb).  "Pompeo says Canadian claim to Northwest Passage is ‘illegitimate’" (Blanchfield).

Tweet (Mike Prysner):
"No joke, someone has been finding out who all the pro-coup attackers outside the Venezuelan Embassy are—and they straight up work at , the World Bank and big right-wing think tanks. Sounds like some Venezuelans we can really trust!"
"CNN Says Fake President Won Election That Didn’t Happen" (Anglin).  They can't be that stupid/misinformed - this is just lying ('fake news'):  tweet (Mike Prysner) (also):
"Great that they corrected the article. But truly amazing that FOUR journalists produced this article and either none of them knew Guaido didn’t win (or even run in) the Presidential election, or they just intentionally lied. Either way, huge embarrassment "
Tweets by Ivan Katchanovski on Poroshenko and the Maidan Massacre.

"Fed-up Canada leans on United States to help with China crisis" (Ljunggren).  Seriously?

"Jews and Islamophobia" (Marshall).  The shekels paid by the Khazars (and some Christian Evangelists) to trick American religious nutjobs to hate Muslims are working.

"How GMO Seeds and Monsanto/Bayer’s “RoundUp” are Driving US Policy in Venezuela" (Webb). Note that (((Singer))) is contemplating doing to Venezuela what he did to Argentina.  As usual always, the great miracle isn't that there is Khazar skepticism in the world, but that there is so little of it.

"Making Progressives the Enemy" (Davidson)  (Khazar . . . 'progressivism', let's all stop and have a jolly laugh!):
"So it was that on 11 March 2019 Manfred Gerstenfeld, an Israeli researcher attached to the decidedly rightwing Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, sent out a recruiting notice that began like this: “The academy needs a competent and ambitious historian to document the many instances of progressive perversity throughout the centuries.” Progressive perversity? What can that mean? Well, Gerstenfeld does point fingers: “topics to be examined should include the antisemitism of Erasmus of Rotterdam …  the French Revolution … Voltaire … Karl Marx … and the 2001 World Conference Against Racism, which was an iconic example of progressive perversity.” Actually, what Gerstenfeld is seeking is an “ambitious historian” to go on a fishing expedition that might turn up bits and pieces of data that he and his center can then exaggerate into a charge of ubiquitous “anti-Semitism” among progressives."
"The Palestinian Authority is No Longer Crying Wolf Over its Imminent Collapse" (Cook).

Tweet (Mohammed Baroud):
"When will the world stop the bullies???"
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