Thursday, May 23, 2019

Just think about John Bolton as a human being

You wouldn't think the Khazars would fail because they cheaped out, particularly with somebody else's shekels, but $560 to sell your complete future, forever, seems a little light:  "The Money in the Trump-Kushner Peace Plan" (Baker):
". . .  if we take the total population of the four groups listed, it comes to roughly 120 million. This means that the sum that Trump and Kushner hope to raise to induce a commitment to their peace plan comes to $560 per person. This seems to be a one-time figure rather than any ongoing commitment of aid."
"The Trump Administration “Panicked over Nothing”. Pompeo Exaggerated Claims. “Do They Think We are Stupid”" (Larison).  "Do Iranian ‘Threats’ Signal Organized U.S.-Israel Subterfuge?" (Porter):
"That April 15 meeting was only the most recent one between top U.S. and Israeli national security officials over the past year, according to Ravid. These meetings were conducted under a still-secret U.S.-Israeli agreement on a joint plan of action against Iran reached after two days of unannounced meetings at the White House between Ben Shabbat and then-national security advisor H.R. McMaster on December 12, 2017. Ravid reported the details of that agreement in late December based on information from a “senior U.S. official” and confirmation from senior Israeli officials.  
Ravid’s story provided details on the four working groups that were formed under the agreement, including one on “Joint U.S.-Israeli preparation for different escalation scenarios in the region, concerning Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.” The Mossad “scenarios” apparently provided the central ideas with which to justify the Trump administration’s subsequent escalatory moves against Iran, including ostentatiously moving an aircraft carrier and a B-52 bomber group into the region."
Pompeo PR press release:  "Tensions rise between Pompeo and Bolton". Sheldon has paid good shekels for Bolton, and I would expect the slightly less insane Pompeo would be the first to go, but there is no indication that anybody is going anywhere.  Trump likes to surround himself with nuts so he can appear to be the reasonable one, offering the best 'deal' anyone is liable to get.

"The Liberal Embrace of War" (Taibbi) (!):
"Earlier this month, onetime fierce Iraq war opponent Rachel Maddow went on TV to embrace John Bolton in a diatribe about how the poor National Security Adviser has been thwarted by Trump in efforts to topple Maduro.
“Regardless of what you thought about John Bolton before this, his career, his track record,” Maddow said. “Just think about John Bolton as a human being.”
The telecast was surreal. It was like watching Dick Cheney sing “Give Peace a Chance.”"
"From Golden Boy to “Deflated:” The Media Trajectory of Juan Guaido" (Rubenstein). Unless they false-flag assassinate him, and blame it on Maduro, Guido is far past his expiry date, and I expect both Trump and the (((media))) will start pretending Venezuela doesn't exist.  Sheldon also paid good shekels for Abrams, so I don't know how that will work out.

"Trump’s encircling of Venezuela: A fool’s errand" (Madsen) (see here and here):
"Trump and his team of incompetents are reinforcing Maduro’s support within Venezuela and around the Western Hemisphere. Trump announced that Philip Goldberg, formerly the US ambassador to Bolivia, will take up the same post in Bogota, Colombia. In 2008, Goldberg was expelled from Bolivia for trying to overthrow the progressive government of President Evo Morales. Goldberg also previously served in Bogota as the coordinator of Plan Colombia, a discredited State Department program that was, in reality, a US weapons-transfer and intelligence-sharing operation for Colombian paramilitary units to commit human rights abuses against Colombia’s indigenous population, farm workers, and Afro-Caribbean people along the northern coast.

Goldberg’s modus operandi in Latin America is well known. The Bolivian government said Goldberg conspired with the opposition to foment unrest in Bolivia’s natural gas-rich provinces. Goldberg has also allowed the US embassy in La Paz and the US Peace Corps and Fulbright scholars in the country to be used for espionage purposes. Goldberg was also adept at coordinating terrorist attacks on key infrastructure components. On September 11, 2008—note the date—a gas pipeline from Bolivia to Sao Paulo, Brazil was blown up by US-supported forces. Goldberg also coordinated anti-Morales actions of the right-wing governors of Santa Cruz, Pando, Beni, and Tarija. Opposition groups funded by the United States took over government buildings in the four states. Expect Goldberg, in coordination with Duque’s government, and President Jair Bolsonaro’s neo-fascist government in Brazil to carry out similar actions targeting Venezuela."
"Rand Corp.: 'How To Destroy Russia'" (Dinucci).  "Russian Oil Sales to U.S. ‘on Steroids’ Amid Venezuela Sanctions" (Tobben).  Assholians still don't have the hang of 3d chess.

"Why Farage Wins the Country and Corbyn Wins Only a Party" (Atzmon).  I don't know why Atzmon is so down on Corbyn, as the wisdom of his cucking approach to the Khazars has yet to be determined (after all, if he wins, he can then start gassing the kikes as much as he likes), but this is good stuff, rarely seen:
"The Left’s vision of temporality is a linear structure of historical progress that proceeds from ‘a past’ to ‘a future.’ Left ideology is structured around an ever progressing time line. The Left always promises to make things better in the future, to fight austerity, to care for the many not the few, to bring about equality and tolerance, etc. None of this is happening at present. This leaves the Left as a promise that is supposed to fulfill itself in an imaginary ‘tomorrow.’

But this is not how the Right’s political argument is structured. In fact the Right and Fascist argument is far more sophisticated from a metaphysical perspective. In my recent book, Being in Time, I contend that the Right ideologist understands that for the working class, utopia is ‘nostalgia.’ Trump won his voters’ trust by promising to make America great again. He vowed to plant the past in the future, reversing the time line. He promised to march America backward. Nigel Farage is using the same tactic, appealing to the same sentiments. He promises to make Britain a kingdom again not just a corner island in a dysfunctional globalist setting, a.k.a the EU. Farage is riding on the longing for a better past. Corbyn was a political star only because he is a nostalgic character, an old lefty. For a time, he also reversed the time line, but neither he nor any of his advisers were clever enough to grasp the secret behind the ‘Corbyn revolution’. They let a magical moment of popularity evaporate. Corbyn has become a cliché. His approval rating is 25%, not exactly promising for a candidate for prime minister.

Within the context of Left thinking, past, present and future are chronological, set to follow each other in consecutive order. Within Right wing philosophy, time’s tenses change positions irregularly. Trump and Farage put the ‘past’ in the future. They promise to march us back. They appeal to the masses because the human spirit, in its search for unity, transcends linear chronology. The Right wing ideologist capitalises on the human search for essence, for a logos and for transparency. In this regard, humans are historical creatures. They are capable of seeing the future in the past and vice versa."
"UK Deep State Plots To Thwart Brexit" (Callaghan). Another way to look at Farage is that he allows voters to express the view that they don't want to be swindled out of the intended results of their vote.

Tweet (Lee Smith):
"Transparent is only half of it—FBI was monitoring Trump team comms from 10/16 - 9/17, & collected backwards, too. Got nothing. Comey/Mueller turned "collusion" to obstruction traps. More nothing. Turns out Trump, most "investigated" president is US history, may be cleanest, too."
Tweet (Neil Clark) (maybe it is a commentary on the decline of Britain represented by its failure to pick up the trash, but it still doesn't explain how the opened packaged rewrapped itself in the bin!):
"How can a boxed perfume bottle that we were told was left in a bin in early March, still be in said bin in late June after regular emptyings? Just one of the many unanswered questions in the case."
"‘Orientalism,’ Then and Now" (Shatz) (my emphasis in red, in case you are still wondering where all the Islamophobia comes from):
"As a system of “power-knowledge,” Orientalism has always been based on a desire to know, and not merely to construct, or even vilify, the Other. The expeditionary force that Napoleon Bonaparte sent to Egypt in 1798 included 122 scientists and intellectuals, among them a handful of professional Orientalists. The history of Orientalism is rich in tales of Westerners assuming Oriental masquerade, as if they wanted to become, and not simply to master, the Other. Just think of T.E. Lawrence in his romantic desert gear, or—to take a more extreme example—Isabelle Eberhardt, a Swiss explorer in Algeria who dressed as a man, converted to Islam, and reinvented herself as Si Mahmoud Saadi at the turn of the twentieth century. And in more recent guise is the fictional character of Carrie Anne Mathison, the CIA officer played by Claire Danes in Homeland, covering herself in an abaya as she plunges into the alleys of the souk.
The knowledge collected by Western explorers and spies was hardly disinterested: it underwrote colonization, wars of conquest, and “humanitarian” intervention. Yet this Orientalism preferred to recast the West’s violent conquests as consensual interactions: seductions, not rapes. Politically speaking, it was often liberal, republican, and secular—based, at least in principle, on winning hearts and minds, on assimilating the Other to Western democratic values. In the French empire, as Pierre-Jean Luizard argues in his new book, The Republic and Islam, colonization was “a project led by republican elites opposed to the clerical right, who were much more cautious about colonial expansion.” (This, he adds, is an important reason why Arab and Muslim opponents of French rule came to view liberal secularism with such suspicion.) Even the Orientalism that justified the Iraq invasion had its conciliatory side: in the wake of September 11, George W. Bush was explicit in his rejection of Islamophobia.
Under Trump, the human face of Orientalism has all but vanished. This might sound like a good thing, insofar as it is a defeat for hypocrisy. But it’s also something else, something much darker. Back in 2008, I wrote a piece for the London Review of Books about a documentary called Obsession, which had been sent in DVD form to 28 million Americans as an advertising supplement to seventy-four newspapers. Obsession, which first appeared on Fox News and had been funded by the US real estate magnate and Likud supporter Sheldon Adelson, was a sixty-minute screed whose chief claim was that 2008 was like 1938, only worse—since there are more Muslims than Germans in the world and they’re more geographically dispersed, an enemy within as well as a hostile foreign power: “They’re not outside our borders, they are here.” The tone of my piece was caustic yet bemused because I didn’t take Obsession seriously: it seemed so obviously lurid and marginal.
In retrospect, I was naive. Obsession, if anything, prefigured the kind of fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims that Trump has made mainstream and effectively turned into policy, the Muslim travel ban being only the most flagrant example. Orientalism in the age of Trump has no interest in promoting democracy or other “Western values” because these values are no longer believed, or they’re regarded as an inconvenient obstacle to the exercise of power. This new Orientalism speaks in the language of deals and, more often, that of force and repression. It keeps Arab despots in power and angry young men of Arab origin in prison."
"Greek Debt, Nazi Reparations, and a Fair Shake" (Butler).  Easy to fix, just have all the German banks take 100% haircuts on their Greek debt, and call it square.

"Dissecting The Unfathomable American-Iranian War" (Kadi).  A summary of the many reasons why Iran Talk is just talk. The Saudis just aren't competent enough to pull a proper false flag, and the Israelis truly fear the Hezbollah rockets, so while the danger of being tricked and stumbling into war still exists, it is, and has always been, quite small.

Tweets (Wesley Yang) (I'm guessing it will prove to be an error to take qualities that are universally praised and label them as examples of unacceptable 'whiteness' - "the new language of power throughout the non-profit sphere" - an ongoing project that has provided much glee for Sailer, particularly as it often shows up in cases where the 'whites' are almost all Asian, or Muslim immigrants):
"NYC Chancellor of Schools Richard Carranza mandated training intended to purge Department of Education employees of the implicit biases endemic to whiteness "
"German parliament smears quest for Palestinian rights as anti-Semitic" (Hylton) (sad, particularly as the Germans are so largely woke):
"Berlin-based BDS activist Doris Ghannam told The Electronic Intifada, “it is nothing new that BDS is conflated with anti-Semitism, but to talk about BDS without mentioning Israel’s human rights violations – this is unbelievable.”
Activist Christoph Glanz, who won a two-year BDS court case against local authorities in Germany, told The Electronic Intifada that Israel lobbyists had “worked towards such a resolution for years.”
“They knew very well that they would not be able to find a legal basis to outlaw BDS – the European Court of Human Rights would have thwarted this for good – that’s why the resolution is a mere resolution and not a law.”"
"Black Underworld Inc. – Conclusion".Parts one, two, three, four.

"Why capturing Huawei is no victory in tech war" (Escobar).  Trump may back off and claim this was just part of his 'deal' strategy with China, but if not I see this as the beginning of the end for large portions of the US tech industry.  The Chinese have assumed the markets would allow them to buy what they need, and have suddenly discovered that this is not true, and will now certainly take the steps to ensure they are self-sufficient in everything by developing superior products which will leave Assholains in the dust.

"Trump’s ‘trade war’ is a war on you" (Knapp).  I'm guessing it is going to turn out to be the single biggest effective tax increase in Assholian history.  By 'tax', I mean money that comes out of the pockets of the 99% and goes into the American treasury.

"A Triumphant Conference" (Hood) (the 'Arctic peoples'):
"Well-known novelist and cultural commentator John Derbyshire explained his concept of an “Arctic Alliance” between Asians and whites. He said these groups have in common a high mean IQ and low fertility rates, which could lead to a common strategy against the “demographic” and “dysgenic” threat posed by mass immigration. Mr. Derbyshire raised and then refuted several objections to his plan. These ranged from questions of terminology and feasibility to larger issues about whether Asians will follow whites down the path of self-hatred. He wondered whether ethnomasochism is unique to whites or is “the inevitable result of post-industrial society.” He argued that the purpose of groups like American Renaissance is to resist dispossession and to build a defensive strategy of “Arctic peoples” that can ensure the survival of civilization."
That wag Haim is starting to joke close to home (they don't call them blood diamonds for nothing):  "Wedding Experts Say Engagement Ring Should Cost At Least Three Diamond Miners’ Lives".
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