Friday, May 24, 2019

Lap dogs and lackeys

"Trump tactics echo Venezuela’s populist Maduro and put Canada at risk, says former diplomat" (Grauer).  Dafuq did I just read.  Maduro's anti-democratic tendencies are influencing Trump, and Canada is in danger of being led down the same path by Trump?  Wow!  No wonder Canada has to get rid of Maduro.  This is from a senior Canadian diplomat:
"Over a 25-year career, Rowswell served with the United Nations in Somalia, as Canada’s first diplomatic envoy to Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein, with NATO in Kandahar during Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan and as an adviser on international strategy in the Privy Council Office under Jean Chrétien and Stephen Harper."
You get a glimpse of the enormity of the deep problem facing Canada, when this is the level of analysis.  You don't like to think that your government is made up of literal monsters, but it is difficult to get around the facts.

Background on Rowswell's dirty meddling in Venezuela as lap-dog to the Venezuelan 1%:  "Canada’s Meddling in Venezuela" (Engler).

Canadian diplomats, though they got no credit for it, put together the cluster bomb ban.  You have to wonder how the decent people in Canadian Foreign Affairs think about this massive moral deterioration.

Tweet (Sarah Abdallah):
"What a crazy world we live in. faces up to 170 years in prison on 17 more charges merely for exposing US war crimes to the world. Meanwhile, those who invaded on a pack of lies not only still walk free, but are planning new wars against and ."
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Again: the reason Assange sought asylum and Ecuador gave it wasn't to hide from the Sweden case. He & Ecuador always said he'd go to Sweden if they promised not to send him to the US. The asylum was to protect him against this: *espionage* prosecution for *publishing documents.*"
Tweet (Elizabeth Murray):
"Amnesty International-UK: “Julian Assange's case is a case we're monitoring closely but not actively working on."  NOT ACTIVELY WORKING ON?  Opposing  extradition is not enough.  Why is AI silent about the ongoing violations of Julian's human rights and of press freedom?"
Amnesty has always worked hand in hand with the American Empire, so we shouldn't expect anything else from them.  It is good that this particular incident is opening some eyes.

More opening of eyes: tweet (Tim Hayward):
"Interesting that Democracy Now (!) invites not members of group who received leaked OPCW report & offered detailed comment on it, but instead a journalist who has been criticising the group since its creation!"
 I'm curious about the American strategy here. You would think it would be prudent to hold off on the wild escalation of charges until they had him securely in the US.  The effort seems to be to get him to Sweden, but the extra charging seems to make it more difficult to get extradition (Ellsberg doesn't see the death penalty, just a massive sentence, so there's that).  The Americans must be certain that the Swedish judicial system is so corrupt that they can go this route and get extradition anyway, which after all maximizes the PR and sets the precedent making all serious journalism illegal.

Related: "Democracy vs. the Putin-Nazis" (Hopkins) (though it seems clear that Trump reelection is the bipartisan plan) and "A New Volkisch Mythos" (good Steppling, who seems to be usually awful).

"Ivanka Receives the 2019 Internet Freedom Award" (Batty).  One has to assume for lobbying her father on behalf of the big tech crooks.  Trump keeps talking about how bad they are, but never does anything about it.

"Senator Schumer’s Divine Mission" (Davidson).  I can understand this kind of racist group supremacist parasitical manipulation going on in secret, but he boasts about his treason, openly and shamelessly.

"Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson by Settlers. Then a Video Emerged" (Berger).

She tried to atwood her way through taking the shekels!:  "Madonna’s Fake Revolution: Eurovision, Cultural Hegemony and Resistance" (Baroud).

Spectacular attacks on the JTY!:  "With NY Times Under Siege, Jewish Reporters Hit Back" (Rosenblatt).  It's the 'dialectic', too complex for our tiny farm animal minds.

"How a BBC documentary promoted Israel’s narrative about the Gaza protests" (Dalloul).

"Jewish Journal Tells Us the Jewish Agenda for 2020" (Anglin).

"UNRWA rejects U.S. bid to strip it of mandate" (Rothshild).  "Defunding UNRWA: Trump’s Legal Sleight of Hand against Palestine" (Najjar).  Part of Sheldon's plan.  It is the height of anti-Semitism to keep Palestinians alive.

"Trump & Sons: Kushner’s ‘Deal of Century’ is Bribing Palestinians to Go Away" (Henningsen).  Oddly, since the 40s, this has always been the 'deal'.  Bribe the crooked Palestinian leaders, and promise not to genocide all the Palestinians as long as they 1) continue to do the low-level tasks for Israeli capital; and 2) give up all and every political aspiration, and, of course, all the land including Jerusalem.  Literally the only thing new is the number of zeros after the bribe amounts.

Hill is so woke he's a walking alarm clock:  "Marc Lamont Hill slams Mizrahi Jews as 'identity category' of Palestinians" (Frantzman).  Suggesting there are real Jews and fake Jews, with the fake Jews the ones running Israel, is the biggest taboo possible.  Of course, the real Jews are at the bottom of the fake-Jew-created totem poll, just a step above the Palestinians (and the real Jews and Palestinians are genetically identical), making an alliance a logical step absent racist group supremacism that all Jews, real and phony, apparently buy into.  It is the same old mechanism whereby poor Southern whites threw their political lot in with the plantation owners rather than the slaves, a problem which still befuddles the US.

"Amazon Pulls Hezbollah Deputy Leader's Book After Israeli Media Outcry" (Durden).  'Objections':  "NJ library postpones reading of ‘P is for Palestine’ after objections".

"Tucker Carlson Interviews Tulsi Gabbard on Syria False Flag Attacks and War With Iran" (Wallace).  Still the single acceptable candidate in either party.

Rahm was Barry's chief of staff when Barry let the elites get away with everything, with no consequences, and yet has a new job with the concentration camp guard - perhaps they can share war stores, IDF war stories! - and has developed a new concern for how the elites get away with everything:  "The Rank Hypocrisy Of Rahm Emanuel" (Gosztola).

Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"Brings back fond memories of ’s brave reporting on Iraq-AQ ties in 2002– at its savvy and realistic best!"
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