Friday, May 17, 2019

No, they know that you are cowards and hypocrites

"The AngloZionist Empire: a Hyperpower with Microbrains and No Cred Left" (The Saker).  The time to worry about an attack is when the sitting duck American warships leave.  As long as they are hanging around all the Iran talk is just talk.

"The Trump Administration Has No Idea What It’s Doing With Iran" (Prothero):
"U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spent the last week engaged in a flurry of diplomatic meetings with Iraq, Russia, and Belgium, all meant to drum up support for the Trump administration’s increasingly hard-line stance toward Iran and its nuclear program.
The meetings did not go well.
A NATO military intelligence official who was briefed on Pompeo’s claims about increased Iranian aggression in the Middle East said the substance of the intelligence that the Americans briefed was utterly unconvincing — even insulting.
“Do they think that we are stupid?” asked the NATO official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Tensions between Washington and Tehran have risen dramatically in recent weeks as some U.S. officials fear that Iran is preparing to attack several U.S. government facilities in the region. The U.S. has already preemptively deployed an aircraft carrier group to the area to “send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force,” in the words of the hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton.
NATO officials fear that even a small incident in the tense region could escalate into a protracted and enormously dangerous conflict, both militarily and economically. While containing Iran’s regional assertiveness was a key rationale behind the Trump administration’s rejection of the nuclear treaty negotiated with Tehran by the Obama Administration, the White House’s intransigent approach raises new risks: namely, the ease with which Iran could target American military bases and American ally oil operations throughout the region.
Pompeo himself has struggled to build a coalition of partners willing to break the nuclear agreement and back the U.S. position, and his sudden and unexpected arrival at a meeting of European foreign ministers in Brussels did little to improve the situation. The NATO military intelligence official said Pompeo’s clumsy attempt to gin up support for the U.S.’s dealings with Iran fell on deaf ears.
“[The briefing] was a dog’s breakfast of things that happen every day, rumors, poorly-sourced things we suspect are [planted information], and of course, some pictures of boats that the Iranians have put some missiles on,” he said, referencing the photograph of an Iranian missile on a small boat in the Persian Gulf that was recently declassified, according to the New York Times, by U.S. intelligence agents who wanted to prove that Iran is indeed a threat. “Iranians have been putting missiles on boats in the Gulf since the 1980s. That’s what you do when you don’t have proper blue water navy.”"
Fine sentiments, but the world knows that when the time comes to fall in line, the cowardly Eurotrash will takes the shekels and send their soldiers off to die in yet another War For The Jews.

"Who’s behind the pro-Guaido mob that besieged Venezuela’s embassy in Washington?" (Sprague/Rubenstein).  All these thugs are at such a high level of asshole that they are not even capable of hiding it.

"Strange News from the OPCW in the Hague" (Hitchens).  Essentially confirming the story by confirming the existence of a whistle blower releasing an actual internal document, and thus confirming that the OPCW have no credibility whatsoever, and are just liars for the Empire.

"Downward Mobility Matters More Than Liberal-Conservative Labels" (Smith).  It is the hopelessness and helplessness to do anything about it, invisible to the elites - whose lives are defined (mostly) by getting and doing everything they had planned on - which leads to opiate deaths, suicides, 'wrong' voting, and terrorism.

"US-Israel relationship is ‘altar’ of ‘holiness,’ and Jerusalem embassy is ‘shrine’ — US ambassador" (Weiss).  We can be certain that Israel is doomed as crazies this crazy always get their comeuppance.

"CNN & MSNBC Caught Meddling In US Democracy" (Giambrone).  The polling 'data' went  crazy in favor of Creeper Joe the minute he entered the race, all at the expense of the consistently popular Bernie.  They usually pull this same stunt by pretending that telephone polls, which tend to reach only the elderly and invalids, reflect actual voting intentions.

Tweet (Mike Dudas) (also):
"BREAKING: John McAfee is currently either in the custody of US Federal Agents or on the run in or near the Bahamas. He was last seen leaving a prominent crypto persons home via boat. He is separated from his wife at the moment. Sources are claiming that he is in federal custody."
The Onion fell into a kind of funk when Haim, the 'one-issue guy', bought it, but it has come back strong since Haim started wring all the jokes himself:  "‘New York Times’ Rehires Judith Miller To Cover Escalating Iran Tensions".
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