Monday, May 06, 2019

Secret reason

"Rachel Maddow endorses regime change in Venezuela to “push Russia back,” sympathizes with Bolton and Pompeo" (Maté).  At least (((she's))) consistent!

"Social Unrest as Obstacle to Colombian Military Intervention in Venezuela" (Whitney). Colombia is certainly willing, but is of not much use to the Empire as it is such a mess.

"US State Department publishes, then deletes sadistic Venezuela hit list boasting of economic ruin
Share" (Parampil).

Tweet (Rick Barnes) (on Canada's 'humanitarian' Nazi):
"President Hernández, who won a second term in 2017 in a disputed election in which his party was accused of fraud. Not a word out of Freeland on this today. protests: Buildings burn during clashes over efforts to privatize Health & Education."
Speaking of today's Nazis, we can thank David Sheen for outing the rabbi discussions of Khazar supremacism and their strong admiration for National Socialism, discussions we were definitely not supposed to hear about.

I'll just slip this hilarious bit in here:  "I was wrong about anti-Semitism going away" (Weiss). Is it time for Weiss to stop the dialectic games and go Full Sheldon?

"The collaboration between Islamic fundamentalism & neo-nazism in Ukraine, both supported by U.S – fact or fiction?" (Turbeville).  Comment by Tommy Prince (on the perfectly natural alliance of supremacists that is supposed to seem weird):
"I think the collaboration between the banderasts and the jews is of more interest.

How is it that jewish israeli oligarch Kolomoisky is in bed with the swastika waiving banderasts?"
"The Yellow Vest Salpêtrière Hospital hoax: I reported live from there as it happened" (Mazaheri):
"Cops launched tear gas first, as always, to repel the protesters from the separation line they were undemocratically enforcing. Tear gas, then water cannons, and then hand-to-hand combat – it’s the same thing I’ve seen since 2010, but I assume this existed in France long before then: this is the culture here.
So, via tear gas, cops caused a third of the protesters to flee into a side street (Rue des Wallons), while another third fled further back on the Boulevard de l’Hôpitaux, while the final third was pushed against the side gates of the now-infamous Hôpitaux Universitaires Pitié Salpêtrière. This is where the cops made their mistake (although this is all mistakes in preserving citizen security): they tear-gassed protesters who had nowhere else to go. Some panicked protesters somehow got through the side gates and entered into the hospital grounds.
And it was “panicked protesters” – subsequent videos have proven that it was not “Black Bloc” nor even Yellow Vests who forced their way into the hospital. The only people who actually made it into the hospital were just two elderly men who said they had been “tear gassed all day”. The video has made the government and the mainstream media appear even more terrible and pathetic. Not much more needs to be said….
More interesting: Why even try to get into the hospital? It’s a stupid move, like running upstairs in a horror movie – you have nowhere to go; you are sure to be arrested and/or abused. But those protesters couldn’t think that far ahead, because they were frightened, gassed, hurt, simple everyday citizens and not Black Bloc, cops or that other group which straddles both those groups – journalists.
Of course, there were no TV reporters during this long melee. There were plenty of photographers and some cameramen, and surely some print reporters, but not any TV reporters. Maybe all these journalists were working for a company, or maybe they were working for independent Yellow Vest blogs – who can tell? However, as is often the case at the front lines, I was the only one with a logo and doing a live interview.
I take that back: a lady for Italy’s RAI was there during all this. She was doing her “piece to camera”, the little wrap-up for a TV report – not a live interview. Major kudos, though.
French media on the front line? Ha! Dream on!
I don’t know why – they could be. They could hire 3 security guards (instead of the usual 1 or 2), and then 3 ombudsman to explain to (very likely angry and confrontational) protesters, “We are here now! We are trying to do a good job for France! Don’t get violent with us, please!” Maybe that’s naïve of me, but totally hiding from the front line – hiding the reality of what’s going on at the front lines for everyday citizens, such as those trapped at Hospital Pitié Salpêtrière – only further ruins the reputation of French media within France. Don’t they feel an obligation to report on such an event properly… in their own damned country?!
And then they so quickly relay whatever the government wildly claims without any verification. Oh boy…."
It is funny that the French have no hope of getting information from their own (((media))), and have to relay on Iranian TV for any glimpse of the truth.  (((Naturally))):  "Google Bans Press TV" (Springmann/Corrigan).

(((They))) really have finally decided to abandon all pretense and simply stop the goyim from knowing:  "Snoop Dogg Is Furious About Louis Farrakhan Being Banned From Facebook" (Wallace).  "Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Demands Anti-Semitism be Made Illegal in America" (Rogers).

"World Press Freedom Day Is a Joke in the Middle East as the West Continues to Destroy Journalism There" (Jay).

The Dialectic is ubiquitous:  "The New York Times Apologizes for “Anti-Semitic” Cartoon While Enabling Real Bigotry in Israel" (Buyniski):
"If it’s in a repentant mood, however, the Times could apologize for its one-sided coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – much of it fed to them by The Israel Project, which skews US coverage of the facts on the ground in Israel by supplying American reporters with talking points in order to “neutralize undesired narratives.” From these spinmeisters we get the passive voice used to frame IDF soldiers mowing down unarmed protesters as “clashes occurred” and “Palestinian protesters were killed,” as well as breathless coverage of tunnels, kites, and rocket attacks that rarely seem to hit anyone.
The Times could apologize for its failure to expose the global campaign to redefine “anti-Zionism” as “anti-Semitism,” instead of playing into it by pretending a truthful cartoon is somehow an affront to Jews – as if all Jews support the racist policies of the Israeli government. Indeed, to assume all Jews back the criminal Netanyahu regime in its openly genocidal campaign to eradicate the Palestinians from the few enclaves of the West Bank in which they remain while maintaining an open-air concentration camp in Gaza is wildly anti-Semitic.
The Times could apologize for failing to report on the massive Israeli spying operation – funded, in no small part, by the US taxpayer – targeting American activists on American soil, exposed in detail in the suppressed al-Jazeera documentary “The Lobby,” which leaked last year to deafening silence in the media. Journalist Max Blumenthal actually spoke with a Times journalist who wanted to cover the explosive revelations of the documentary, but no story ever appeared. As Ali Abunimah, founder of the Electronic Intifada, has pointed out, the suppression of the documentary should have been a story in and of itself – and would have, had it involved any other country.
“Imagine that this had been an undercover documentary revealing supposed Russian interference, or Iranian interference… in US policy, and powerful groups had gone to work to suppress its broadcast and it had leaked out. Just that element of it – the suppression and the leak – should be front page news in the Washington Post and the New York Times,” he told Chris Hedges, whose RT program was the closest thing to mainstream coverage the documentary received in the US.
The Times instead chooses to cover up the actions of groups like the Israel on Campus Coalition as they surveil and smear pro-Palestinian activists – college students, professors, and others sympathetic to Israel’s sworn enemy – using a strategy the ICC’s executive director Jacob Baime admits is based on US General Stanley McChrystal’s counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq. “The Lobby” revealed that agents working for the Israeli government infiltrate pro-Palestinian, pro-peace groups using fake social media accounts and report their findings back to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a shocking fact that none of the organizations named in the film have disputed. A foreign government operating a military-style surveillance network to target and smear American citizens in their own country – for nothing more than exercising their freedom of speech – gets a pass from the Times, but a cartoon showing Trump’s blind loyalty to Israel for what it is must be condemned.
It’s tough to electrify an outraged mob based on a story that wasn’t printed, but the Times’ failure to address the very real threat to Americans exercising their free speech – a threat all the more dire because it is funded by US tax dollars to the tune of $3.8 billion per year – merits at least a full-page apology. Compounding the insult is a domestic economic crisis, with many American cities facing record homelessness, skyrocketing cost of living, a dearth of secure employment and an excess of exploitative “gig economy” temp work, and a rapidly-disappearing social safety net. Israel is a wealthy country, as Netanyahu often boasts, a successful country. Only a truly blind government could continue to fork over such enormous sums of money while Americans languish in poverty."
The machers have gotten so much from MIGA Trump we've reached the point where they have to work their way down to the bottom of their 'to do' lists to find something else to ask for.  We've reached the point where almost the only thing left is Sheldon's request that the US nuke Tehran (and Bolton and Pompeo are trying to set up the casus belli for that).  "Trump weighs labeling Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group" (Rothschilds).  This is a sop to the Saudi king who has been resisting MbS's proposed endorsement of President Jared's eliminationist plan for the Palestinians.  This seems unlikely, as the MI has always been an enthusiastic helper for the CIA and American imperialism generally, but Trump has deteriorated so much anything is possible.

"SYRIA: Amnesty International bias provides cover for Al Qaeda crimes against the Syrian people in Idlib and Hama" (Beeley).

"Israel’s Terrorists: The White Helmets Receive an Award" (Giraldi) ('irony' is not the right word, and gives (((them))) too much credit, as the rewarding of a terrorist group is exactly what we'd expect from a Khazar PR operation):
"There is considerable irony in the fact that the National Holocaust Museum, which is taxpayer funded, has given an apparently prestigious award to a terrorist group, something which could have been discerned with even a little fact checking. And the museum also might have been sensitive to how the White Helmets have been used in support of Israeli propaganda vis-à-vis Syria. Perhaps, while they are at it, the museum’s board just might also want to check out Elie Wiesel, for whom the award is named. Wiesel, who was a chronicler of Jewish victimhood while persistently refusing to acknowledge what Israel was doing to the Palestinians, notoriously mixed fact and fiction in his best-selling Holocaust memoir Night. Ironically, the award and recipient are well matched in this case as mixing fact and fiction is what both Elie Wiesel and the White Helmets are all about."
Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Beware: Zionist propagandists including this campaign adviser are sharing this video from Ukraine and lying that it shows rockets fired from Gaza. Their purpose is to encourage more slaughter of Palestinians. "
Tweet (Linda Sarsour) (the daily murder of legitimate protesters isn't news - Khazar atrocities are so common they aren't 'newsworthy' - but a Jew gets a hang nail and, oy veh, it's the Holocaust, deserving of a 'self-defense' 'response'):
"Chronology matters. On Friday, Israel gunned down 4 Palestinians peacefully protesting. Most people said nothing. Hardly any condemnations. When we only see outrage & coverage when Israelis r hurt or killed it sends a message that only one group matters. Life is sacred for all."
"Foreign backed terrorism in Iran: Part two – US/Israeli backed insurgency and separatism in western Iran" (Mirzaei) (we only see the tip of the iceberg of all the awful things the Khazars are up to):
"The Zionist state has for long had close relations to Kurdish groups across the Middle East as part of their “Alliance of the periphery” doctrine which calls for Israel to develop close strategic alliances with non-Arab Muslim states in the Middle East to counteract the united opposition of Arab states. After the fall of the Iranian monarchy and with Turkey’s recent Islamic resurgence, the strategy is mainly applied towards the Kurdish people, with Israeli government officials providing extensive support to Kurdish political parties and their aspirations for greater self-government and even independence. The government of Iraqi Kurdistan has maintained open ties with Israel and is an influential lobby for the establishment of normal diplomatic relations between Israel and Iraq. Israel remains today the closest regional ally of the YPG forces in Syria as well as the KRG in Iraq.

Documents leaked in 2010 by Wikileaks prove that Israeli Mossad chief Meir Dagan wanted to use Kurds and ethnic minorities to topple the Iranian government. The Israeli spy service wanted to have a weak divided Iran, like in Iraq where the Kurds have their own government, the spy chief told an U.S. official. According to a memo from August 2007, Dagan described to Under-Secretary of State Nicholas Burns the five pillars of Israel’s Iran policy, among them the desire to spark a revolution. The memo noted, ‘instability in Iran is driven by inflation and tension among ethnic minorities. This, Dagan said, “presents unique opportunities, and Israelis and Americans might see a change in Iran in their lifetimes.”

Dagan noted that Iran could end up like Iraq. “As for Iraq, it may end up a weak, federal state comprised of three cantons or entities, one each belonging to the Kurds, Sunnis and Shias.” He added that Iran’s minorities are “raising their heads, and are tempted to resort to violence.”"
"Mahathir: Israel “ root cause of world instability”".
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