Saturday, May 04, 2019

The Fix and Fits

"The DNC Debates, the Media and Tulsi Gabbard" (Parsons).

"Bernie Sanders Signs Democratic Party Loyalty Pledge For 2020 Run" (Taylor).

"Democratic Candidates Are Preparing For A Contested Convention — By Courting Superdelegates" (Cramer).

"Blind Item #14" (CDaN):
"Apparently at least two candidates for President on the Democratic side have determined that buying the votes of certain, not in public office superdelegates is not a crime. The thing is though, if they hide the payment, then it is a crime. It will be interesting to see who suddenly becomes a "consultant.""
You can already see how this is going to play out.  After the superdelegate travesty of the last Democrat nomination, the concession was to allow the bought-and-paid-for superdelegates to put the fix in only after the initial ballot, but of course there are so many mostly awful candidates that nobody will be able to win on the first ballot (there are an enormous number of white frat bros who are completely superfluous now that the ultimate white frat bro, Biden, has appeared, with his sudden mysterious 'polling' dominance).  Somebody is going to have to appear to save the day.  Everybody is a stalking horse for Clinton.

The Clintonistas have got by the Mueller Report as if there was no Mueller Report, and still have no reason to change the ((('donor'))) model, as according to their fantasy land where there is no Mueller Report (and Barr is a criminal cover-up artiste), Killary only lost due to Putin interfering and Trump colluding.  The oddity is that the Democrat ((('donors'))) are not entirely unhappy with Trump's MIGA strategy of giving the Khazars everything they can steal, so (((they))) win either way, even if Killary manages to fuck it up again, or goes off on another Campaign of Spastic Fits.  (((They)))'d prefer Killary and WWIII, but Trump is not so bad after all.

If Tulsi goes Green after some rigged short straw pulling (or magical coin toss), and Clinton ends up losing, she can again blame the whole thing on Jill Stein and, of course, Putin.
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