Sunday, May 26, 2019

US chaos

"Shielding The World From US Chaos Is No Easy Task" (Pieraccini):
"Military planners at the Pentagon fear an open conflict with Iran or Venezuela, but only for purely propagandistic reasons. Washington’s formidable firepower would probably be able to overwhelm whatever defenses Tehran or Caracas would be able to offer, but at what price? The site of Washington’s latest-generation aircraft falling from the sky at the hands of air-defense systems from the Soviet period would have a devastating effect on the image America’s military-industrial complex likes to project of itself.
It would damage the prestige of American systems, which cost considerably more than their Russian counterparts. (An American F-22 Raptor, for example, costs about $150 million, whereas a Russian Su-35 only costs about $55 million.)
This embarrassing reality is currently being highlighted in Syria to some degree, where the anti-aircraft defenses of Damascus, combined with Russian capabilities, have foiled dozens of Israeli, US and Saudi attacks. The hitherto venerable US cruise missiles have had to genuflect before the legendary S-300/S-400 systems that have now become (as a defensive and not offensive weapon) a symbol of peace.
The myth of the invincibility of US weapons is being challenged by Moscow’s defensive capabilities deployed in Syria and Venezuela. These same capabilities are readily available to Tehran in the event that Washington decides to attack the Persian country. But the likelihood of such a war becomes less and less likely with every passing day, with Pentagon military planners fearing a far worse scenario for the United States than Iraq. Iran is three times the size of Iraq and would require about 1.2 million US troops to occupy the country on a permanent basis.
Iran, moreover, is one of the top 15 world powers and Washington would be confronted for the first time with an opponent of high capabilities, something that Americans have been trying to avoid for decades, fearful of revealing the vulnerability of their weapons systems as a result of corruption and wrong strategic decisions. Hollywood movies have served to build up in the public mind the myth of US military prowess, being a form of extreme propaganda for the purposes of disguising the reality of military ineffectiveness.
Pentagon planners have no intention of revealing their military vulnerabilities in a war with Iran. The loss of US military prestige would also show to countries hitherto under Washington’s thumb that this dog has more bark than bite, making it all the more difficult for the US to browbeat countries with the threat of military force in the future."
"It’s Official: Higher Jewish Intelligence Is Genetic" (Weldon) (you don't have to accept scientific racism to see that people who believe in racist group superiority might try to rig the system to 'improve' - i.e., de-miscegenate - their genetics with something like the Rabbis-Eichmann deal for the Holocaust, with of course the bonus of a 'refugee crisis' to populate the land they intended to steal) (my emphasis in red, and green):
"Ashkenazi Jews—Jews whose ancestors settled in Eastern Europe—have the highest average IQ of any race in the world, estimated to be about 112, 12 points higher than white gentiles. As far back as 1938, a study noted the Ashkenazis’ outstanding levels of intelligence and especially their high linguistic abilities [Der Gegentypus, by E.R. Jaensch] and studies have continuously replicated this ever since —see The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement by Richard Lynn. Their high average IQ means that Ashkenazi Jews are and have long been massively over-represented in high-status professions. For example, Jews are overrepresented among Nobel Prize winners by a factor of 8:1. And this has often led to vehement resentment from the host population. But precisely why Ashkenazi IQ is so stratospheric has remained unclear…until now.
In his book The Chosen People, Richard Lynn assumed that the reason for Jews’ outstanding IQ was genetic. He proposed, in particular, that Jews were historically forced into specific cognitively-demanding professions, such as usury and banking, meaning that less-intelligent Jews tended to drop out of Judaism and marry into the surrounding gentile population. In addition, Lynn argued that the frequent pogroms to which Jews were subject in Eastern Europe would have been “selection events” which would have selected for correlates of IQ such as future-orientation, social skill, planning and simply the wealth needed to escape. Thus, Lynn argued that, even though Jewish IQ was high before the Holocaust, it was probably even higher afterwards."
Anecdotal evidence - just look at Kristol or Podhoretz - would indicate that the current generation of rootless cosmopolitans has lost a considerable step in the smarts department!  The other amusing issue, of course, is that Jewish male success leads to the status symbol of being able to choose shiksas for the second, third, and fourth wives, leaving behind a considerable trail of genetic garbage (the creation of which leads to considerable guilt which seems to drive hyper-supremacist activity), albeit not Halachically Jewish garbage.

The crooked Zionist BBC documentary isn't crooked enough for PBS:  "View the Frontline Documentary on Gaza that PBS Pulled" (Weir). The fine art of gentile mystification/manipulation remains a matter of debate in Khazar circles.

Tweet (Pepe The Unredacted Frog):
"Can someone give me one benefit that American's see as a result of their self-destructive loyalty and support to the Zionist state of Israel? Just one. Anyone? "
"Liberate Syria’s Idlib, precisely for the civilians that America fakes concern over" (Bartlett).

Western 'journalists' are now embedded with what amounts to al-Qaeda (under a new name), and nobody bats an eye:  "Sky News Collaborates with Idlib Terrorists to Create Syria War Propaganda" (Inlakesh).

Despite all the usual bafflegab, this JYT article officially confirms the end of the American project in Venezuela (not that there won't be more suffering for Venezuelans, but the big hopes for Guido are gone):  "Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó May Negotiate With Maduro" (Kurmanaev).

"Rural America Is On The Verge Of Collapse" (Durden).

I enjoy seeing these photos of university administrators, always with a big smile on their faces as they are sitting or standing on a huge pile of shekels just below the frame:  "NYU president slams speaker for endorsing BDS against ‘apartheid’ Israel (and doesn’t mind his calling Trump a ‘fascist’)". At one point in the big Khazar khonspiracy it was decided (((they))) needed to bribe the hell out of these people, so (((they))) did.  Khazar supramacism and extreme arrogance has reached the point where even the tiniest dissent from turbo-Zionism is considered to be an outrage, to be punished, of course, with threats of denial of shekels.

"Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections" (Webb).  In the absence of any kind of transparency in the computerized voting system, and with the new boogeyman of Russian interference, it is the perfect time to put the Pentagon and Israel in charge of 'security' of American elections, thus ensuring that no possible anti-MIL, or anti-Zionist, candidates ever win an American election again.  The problem is lack of transparency, and the 'solution' is to add another layer of computer obfuscation/manipulation.

More phony fears - the 'dialectic', goyim - that the JYT has become 'anti-Semitic': "Dershowitz: Why Is The New York Times Trying To Abort The Trump Peace Plan?"

"The Winnipeg General Strike" (Rovics).  Unless you want to listen to the music, you can skip the audio and read the transcript.  100th anniversary!
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