Tuesday, June 04, 2019

2,800 year plan

"Who are Canary Mission?"  Note the close nexus between the Kahanists, the Israeli government, and 'legitimate' 'good Jewish' donors (the latter, of course, immediately, and implausibly, wailing ignorance when the rock is lifted).

The deeply unsavory efforts of social media to stifle legitimate content are almost becoming a cliché, but Facebook's efforts in Ukraine to counter 'fake news' involve neo-Nazis!:  tweet (Yasha Levine):
"Here is Facebook’s newest disinfo warrior cheering the 2014 Odessa fire — where nearly 50 Ukrainians were killed by fascist and far-right “activists” — as an action that “cleaned” the city of “terrorists.” Yikes."
See also:  "NYU Cancels Course On 'Far-Right' Taught By Disgraced Media Matters "Fact Checker"" (Durden).

The South Korean CIA plays the American (((media))) like a fiddle: "Top US journalists spread fake news claiming North Korean official was ‘purged’ – then he shows up on TV" (Norton).  Lots of examples of the 'journalism' we have come to know and love!

"German politician Lübcke shot in head at close range".

These pedos just can't seem to help themselves:  "Figure linked to Trump transition charged with transporting child pornography" (Barrett/Weiner).  It is the blackmailability that makes them useful to the elites.  On the other hand, I should note that false charges of this particular crime are a big tool of the deep state.

The profound deterioration in Canada under Trudeau has mostly gone unnoticed:  "Canada closes a door on Cuban culture" (Dubinsky) (also).  There is no longer even a pretense that Canada isn't any more than a tool of the US State Department.  This is odd, as Canadian capital has always benefited by the delusion that Canada was fair player, at least in contrast with the Assholians, who were just, and always, assholes.  "Canada Against Cuba and Venezuela" (Engler).  It would be nice if the big corporate money to which Trudeau has demonstrated such fealty - e.g., SNC Lavalin - would insist that he dump the Nazi who is causing much of the problem, but given recent cabinet problems he really doesn't have much leeway.  As awful as Trudeau is, unfortunately there is no lobby for humanitarianism or plain common sense.

"Canada Backs Pro-US Puppet Party in Venezuela" (Engler).  If this was the 1930s. there'd be lots of pictures of Trudeau's smiling mug, posing with Nazis.  I'm really going to have to start cutting the eye-holes in my brown paper bag head covering.  Note the seamless transition from support by the Conservatives - who you would expect to support their fellow assholes - to support by the Liberals.

"Venezuela’s Hopes at Oslo: Rupture in EU and US Policy" (Flores).  "Venezuela crisis talks in Oslo break up without agreement". Maduro can offer, and has offered, new elections, something which ought to satisfy all possible opposition objections, but Guido can't accept that as he would lose!  He needs to be installed with violent Assholian help, but an obvious Vietnam-style quagmire is the last thing Trump wants.  It has become very entertaining to watch Guido get jerked around.

"The Violent History of the Venezuelan Opposition" (Reynoso).  Guido is just a front for Leopoldo Lopez, who is not a nice guy.

The criminal spies don't like being outed:  "Aussie Feds Raid News Corp Journalist's Home After Government Spying Exposé" (Durden).  Shouldn't every spook involved in this obvious harassment go to jail for like, I dunno, forever?

"How long could it take to clean up Alberta’s oilpatch? 2,800 years, Alberta Energy Regulator official warns" (McIntosh).  I'm sure they'll get right on it:  "Government looks at oilsands water release into Athabasca River" (Graney).  Gaia is an ironist:  "Alberta swathed in wildfire smoke as Kenney kills the carbon tax" (Steward).

"American History and the 2020 Election" (Wolff). "Social Media is Not Real Life: A Tale of 2020" (Van Buren).

"Swedish court rejects request to detain Julian Assange" (Bowcott).  This is important as it removes the entire basis for the house of cards that left Assange in his current position.  Assange sought asylum from the illegitimate Swedish claims to his body (which he legitimately feared were just an attempt to get control of him to turn him over to the Americans - remember the Swedish stunt was to claim that they just wanted to interview him, but somehow needed to do it in Sweden), claims which the British purported to enforce, thus causing his need to seek protection.  Of course, it is possible (likely, given the vile Swedish actions throughout) that this is an American trick to keep the Swedes out of the picture, given that the servile Brits are much more likely to entertain an extradition.

The grand jury has become one of the main tools of malign political manipulation by the American deep state.  "Chelsea Manning’s Resistance Is Aimed At Abolishing The Grand Jury Once And For All" (Gosztola).  The deal is supposed to be that the imprisonment and fines are not a punishment, but an attempt to encourage you to do the right thing and testify (where they intend to get you on the 'perjury trap'!), but once somebody like Manning so clearly demonstrates that the coercion doesn't work, she should have a clear argument that the coercive activities are illegitimate.

This is very, very good:  "Chelsea Manning's Letter on Grand Jury Abuse". I note that grand juries have been abolished in all other countries that follow British legal traditions.

"France: Protesters Mutilated by Dictator Macron’s Goons March Through the Streets" (Anglin).

Needless to say, American politicians and 'journalists' are having great trouble passing a simple integrity test:  "Strange Defenders: Assange and the Press" (Szamuely).

"Israeli Military Analysts Admits: “Israel Can’t Win the Next War.”" (Atzmon). And yet their kleptomania means they will have to go looking for it!

Greater Israel is the key to understanding all Teh Stupid from the Assholains:  "Russia’s Middle East Brinkmanship vs. Acquiescence to Trump’s Greater Israel Plan" (Crooke).  It is amazing how many problems will just disappear - poof! - once Israel is gone.

Because the Assholians can never have enough Zionist stinktanks:  "Edmund Burke Rides Again" (Giraldi).  Just look at all the good they've done so far, goyim!

"John Bolton Attacks Iran for Not Honoring Terms of Nuclear Deal Trump Unilaterally Withdrew From" (Anglin)  ["IAEA Confirms Iranian Compliance for the Fifteenth Time" (Larison)].  Assholia in a nut-shell.  "Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense Now Threatening China! Because Let’s Just DO WAR EVERYWHERE!" (Anglin).

It is funny how often this Merchant-of-Venice-style abuse through law and legalities keeps popping up, both in Israel and in lawfare generally:  "“The Judaization of Jerusalem”:  How it Works" (Najjar).  Then they say 'well goyim, you have to respect the law, don't you?'!

"The Trump ‘Deal’: An Ultimatum and a Setup" (Samo) (is there any financial support left to cut off?):
"From all indications, the deal was formulated by the Zionists as a setup, a trap for the single purpose of it being rejected by the Palestinians, effectively serving Israeli designs. Upon certain Palestinian rejection of the deal, Israeli mantra that there is no Palestinian peace partner to negotiate with will be heard, loud and clear. Additionally, Israeli expropriation of Palestinian land and expansion of settlements will continue, as will the continuation of ethnic cleansing and more apartheid policies. These developments will also be coupled with severe punishments of the Palestinians for rejecting the deal; in which case the US will likely cancel all its financial support to the Palestinians and pressure other countries to do the same."
English football fans are mostly, but not always, woke, and George Galloway just got kicked off Rupert's radio station for noticing:  "George Galloway fired by TalkRadio after being accused of antisemitism over Spurs 'Israel flag' tweet".  It is an awful, and self-damning, stretch, to call enjoyment at not seeing Israeli flags in the stands at a British football match 'anti-Semitism' (you might think that (((they))) would be trying to hide the fact that Jewish fans of a British football team would celebrate by flying Israeli flags - 'dual loyalty', much?!).  See also (three years ago): "Celtic fans raise more than £130,000 for Palestinian charities after flag protest".

Related!:  "Top Jew Calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be “Sacrificed”" (Diversity Macht Frei) (also). "I’d just like to remind you that you are being live streamed."!

Important, therefore you won't be reading about it in the usual places:  "Where Lyme Disease Came From and Why It Eludes Treatment" (Swanson).

Though I'm not a denier - hard to do when I blame the rabbis and the machers for the issue (turbo-wokenness is starting to catch on - see here!) - I have to admit a fondness for these memes:  "Are these "The Sopranos" Memes anti-Semitic?" (Bacon).  It was a brilliant move to cast this guy for this role.
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