Thursday, June 13, 2019

And I had no idea how it got there

"Today's Attacks On Ships In The Gulf Of Oman Are Not In Iran's Interest" (Moon).  Probably directed at interfering with Abe's visit to Iran.  Trump and Abe seem to get along very well, to the extent that Abe is practically Trump's diplomat, so there is a huge danger to the (((usual suspects))) that Abe might get somewhere.  Any kind of slight rapprochement, even opening a 'dialogue', is, as we all know, The Holocaust.  The main problem for World Jewry is that they don't want an all out war (as it would seriously, possibly fatally, backfire on Israel), they just want the sanctions and the threats and the isolation, and it is a very fine line to have to walk.

"Why Didn’t Mueller Investigate Seth Rich?" (Lazare).  Ha!

"UK's MI5 Accused Of "Extraordinary & Persistent Illegality" Over Mishandling Of Bulk Data Collection" (Durden).  You may have noticed that spies aren't very smart, and, being psychos or at least on the spectrum, really don't give a fuck, so why we allow them to do what they do, so poorly and dangerously, is always a question worth pondering.  Oh, I remember, it is to protect us from al-Qaeda!

"The Wilding of Linda Fairstein" (Coulter).  "Freedom Rider: The Central Park Five and the limits of suffering" (Kimberley).  Another incident from the past that has been resurrected to attack Trump, and for the usual SJW reasons.  Coulter is right, of course, though her gratuitous and stupid inclusion of Oswald ruins the entire article (and in a mass 'wilding' attack, it was, without DNA, extremely difficult to prove individual guilt).  Those concerned with making points about police brutality would be wise to pick their battles more judiciously.  This is yet another example, in Sailer's Heirarchy of Intersectionality, where the white woman victim is at the very bottom of the pile, so to speak.  Btw, if you want a righteous case of immoral, racist prosecutors, Kamala Harris is an outstanding example, and it will be hilarious when the superdelegates, despite her middling performance/popularity on the campaign (and after Joe finally flames out and they re-shiv Bernie, and on the assumption Killary can stand to sit this one out), pick her as the Democrat nominee.

"Who Is Linda Fairstein, the Prosecutor in ‘When They See Us’?" Just as #metoo was an extremely odd attack by the shiksa's against decades of Khazar sexual attacks - and note that the (((courts))) are gradually, but inevitably, rolling it back - this is an even more bizarre case where (((Hollywood))) has allowed Black Hollywood to mount a belated attack against the Khazars involved in the prosecution (I have to assume this was allowed because Black Hollywood is currently making (((Hollywood))) beaucoup shekels).  I assume the Black-Khazar dynamic is obvious to both groups, but is supposed to be invisible to everybody else.

"At 99 years old, Robert Morgenthau lives to see justice" (Italiano):
"Morgenthau was addressing a small gathering at the Center for Jewish History last month, and he told this story.

“Mysteriously, one morning, a couple of months ago, I looked at the end of my desk . . . and there was the diary” of his great-grandfather Lazarus Morgenthau.

“And I had no idea how it got there.”

He paused for the punchline.

“But I didn’t throw it away.”

Morgenthau was there to donate the 1842 diary — a tale of privation and perseverance, written in German — to the center’s Leo Baeck Institute on West 16th Street.

The diary had last been seen at the Fifth Avenue home of Morgenthau’s grandfather, Henry, who was US ambassador to Turkey during World War I.

Henry Jr., Morgenthau’s father, would become President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s treasury secretary."
Family background!:  "Morgenthau Plan". "Let's Stop Torturing Germany - James Bacque, #405".

"The Latest: Judge awards $4.1 million in neo-Nazi case".  I can now only reach The Daily Stormer on Tor.  Isn't accusing an American comedian of being the 'mastermind' behind an English terrorist attack obviously a joke?
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