Tuesday, June 25, 2019


The in-your-face timing of this is ridiculous:  tweet (The Associated Press) (actually, it is a well recognized disease called shekelosis, with the complication of orgyislanditis, and this purest of dick moves, and at a time when there was the tiniest of openings towards sanity, is a sop to Sheldon for Trump's dereliction of duty in failing to start WWIII):
"BREAKING: Iran's President Rouhani mocks President Trump, says the White House is "afflicted by mental retardation.""
Tweet (StanceGrounded) (see):
"Remember this? Charles Kinsey, a black social worker on the ground w/ his hands up begging the police not to shoot his autistic patient who wouldn't put down his toy truck. Charles was shot by police on the ground in this very position. The officer who shot him was acquitted."
Tweet (The Hill):
"German residents buy all the beer in town to keep it away from neo-Nazis "
Tweet (Barrett Brown) (Palantir and ICE):
"Tomorrow, the US begins largest act of forced relocation since WWII - aided by , the CIA-linked data firm that undermined elections using Facebook in 2016, plotted against press in 2010, and is locating children for ICE at this very moment. It must not survive 2020."
It is remarkably easy to game the Twitter suspension process:  "Twitter lifts ‘permanent’ suspension of activist Barrett Brown" (Gilmour).  Tweet (Barrett Brown):
"And now for revenge."
"AOC Doesn’t Give a Shit About Whiney Kikes and Their Fake Holocaust! Refuses Auschwitz Invitation!" (Batty).  It is funny how accepting the inevitable Auschwitz invitation is the step towards 'rehabilitation' when somebody intentionally or accidentally says something true.  Once you have been reeducated, the (((media))) stops attacking you - AOC doesn't care about that as her supporters are woke - and you can start huffing the shekels like 'respectable' politicians.

Tweet (Honduras Solidarity):
"Vehicles w/ Canadian flag that were “donated” to Min. of Health, carry Military Police to repress protesters defending public education & healthcare. Pics are circulating on social media in . Comments or ? Another sign of Canada’s support to regime"
Just when you thought Assholia couldn't get any stupider . . . unbefuckinglievable!

Tweets by Max Blumenthal on the MEK rally in Washington. Remarkably similar to the right-wing Venezuelans cheering sanctions suffering in Venezuela.

"Uyghurs, Political Islam & the BRI" (Roberts).  The American abuse of Islamist terrorism for destabilization purposes (Fuller!), and the measured Chinese response.

"How to Start an Unnecessary War" (Giraldi).

"On Chosen-Mess" (Atzmon).

"Why are they dressed like beekeepers?"  Say what you will, but Jussie has brought a lot of joy into the world.
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