Thursday, June 06, 2019

Bloody liar

"The Quds Day Panic of 2019" (Hopkins).  "On Equating BDS With Anti-Semitism: a Letter to the Members of the German Government" (Roy).  "Germany’s anti-BDS resolution damages its relationship with Palestine" (Ofir).  "Germany has lost the right to act as a referee on anti-Semitism" (Kanaaneh).  Germany, almost uniquely, has a functioning )))media(((, so it is particularly unsettling when its politicians suck on the shekel pipe.

"Kremlin Says Russian Military Specialists Are Still in Venezuela, Contradicting Trump Tweet" (Rothschilds).  "Dubious Report on Russia Withdrawing Defense Support to Venezuela" (Lendman).  Standard operating procedure - tell a whopper, then attempt to get credibility for it by having the (((media))) retype it.  Remember how many times the Khazars tried this alleging that Putin had withdrawn his support for Assad?

"Anti-Palestinian groups fail to censor children’s book event" (Barrows-Friedman).  For 'balance', the Khazars are going to be able to read from their book, "K and L are for Killing and Land Theft".

Cotler is one of those (((guys))), like Roth or Dershowitz, who, with what amounts to infinite chutzpah, somehow gets away with posing as an advocate for human rights while blood pours off his fangs:  "Video: Canada activists disrupt top supporter of Israeli war crimes" (Abunimah).

"Thomas Friedman Talks of His “Ancestral Homeland” – and He Doesn’t Mean Minnesota Where He Was Born – the Slippery Idea of Israel as an Ancestral Homeland – Fun with Some of Friedman’s past Quirky Writing as a Pentagon PR Agent" (Chuckman).

"Swedish Government Intends to Ban Religious Schools, Except Jewish".  This is funny as it is obvious that they want to ban the radicalizing Islamist schools funded by the Saudis, but Eurotrash can't be seen as 'racist', so they throw Christian schools into the mix, but then have to carve out Jewish schools, because shekels and wailing!

"A Palestinian response to Jared Kushner’s racist remarks" (Eid).  I think it is funny as President Kushner himself is quite the 'tard.

Tweet (Pepe The Unredacted Frog) (the link is really here, with the documents starting about half-way down the page):
"CIA document concerning Israeli Nuclear capabilities and intent with Dimona. Full collection of PDFs can be found here. "
Tweet (US Youth Climate Strike) ("will also ban any candidate who participates in one"!!!):
"Disappointed to learn will not honor the rallying cries of their own base, and will not only not host a , but will also ban any candidate who participates in one from participating in DNC debates. Again and again, the establishment and adults have failed (1/2)"
Tweet (Joe Gabriel Simonson) (there's a point where populist conservatism - real conservatism, neither the glibertarian shit nor the Koch-Bros-style 'movement conservatism' - overlaps with populist socialism; this should also apply to climate change issues):
"Tucker Carlson came out in favor of Warren’s economic plan tonight. Here are some excerpts:"
Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat - with new cashing-in profile picture!):
"People say [waves hands] ooooh, Liz Warren, she’s so great, she’s so ambitious, she’s got all these plans for everything oooooh! Well where’s the , where’s the , where the -ization of dental care? Where’re you hiding it, Liz?"
Tweet (Sen. Mike Gravel) (some 'teens' write these tweets for him but I'm sure he approves):
"Joe Biden's a bum. A right-wing chauvinist, good time prick, arrogant bastard creep who thinks that because he's got a $3,000 suit and the cachet of a lifetime sinecure in the Senate we should bow down to his beaming smile.  A real racist piece of work."
"YouTube’s Latest Purge" (Knightly).  "YouTube Going Nuts Banning Everyone After Donald Kushner Vows to Never Defend First Amendment" (Anglin).  "As Everything Shutdown, Andrew Anglin is Given Credit as the Man These Cuckolds Should Have Defended!" (Anglin).  Obviously, there is not a smidgen of fear of free-speech-promoting regulation or break-up at Google.

These are all excellent arguments:  "Chelsea Manning’s Legal Team Files Motion to Reconsider Sanctions" (Sparrow). Of course, as in Britain with Assange, it all turns on finding a judge who isn't hopelessly corrupt.

"US Senators meet with Jewish leaders in semi-secret annual event" (Weir). Considering what they do in public, the orders (((they))) issue in secret must be wild!  See also:  "Debbie Wasserman Schultz launches a black-Jewish caucus featuring ‘anti-Muslim bigot’ Lee Zeldin" (Arria).

Classic lite Zionism from Weiss (and Sanders, with the typical laying it on thick of the "special role to play in fighting intolerance and injustice"!):  "Bernie Sanders ties murder of his family by Hitler to his fight against occupation of Palestinians".

"The New York Times Tries to Get Itself Out of the Duckgate Hole Using a Spade" (Slane).  Note how they changed the story just enough to remove the obvious conclusion that Bloody outright lied to the President of the United States!  We have to see this consistent lying in the light of the anti-Russian activities of the American IC as revealed through Russiagate.

"Is Bolton Trashing Yet Another Arms Control Agreement?" (Willy B).  The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, the big one, the White Whale of Ahab Bolton.

"The Western Media Is Key to Syria Deceptions" (Cook) (my emphasis in red):
"It is clear how grave their dereliction of the most basic journalistic duty is if we consider the Guardian’s uncritical coverage of jihadist claims about the latest alleged chemical attack.
Like most other media, the Guardian article included two strange allusions – one by France, the other by the US – to the deception perpetrated by the OPCW in its recent Douma report. The Guardian reported these allusions even though it has never before uttered a word anywhere in its pages about that deception.
In other words, the corporate media are so committed to propagandising on behalf of the western powers that they have reported the denials of official wrongdoing even though they have never reported the actual wrongdoing. It is hard to imagine the Soviet media under Stalin behaving in such a craven and dishonest fashion.
The corporate media have given France and the US a platform to reject accusations against the OPCW that the media themselves have never publicly raised.
The following is a brief statement (unintelligible without the forgoing context) from France, reported by the Guardian in relation to the latest claim that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons this week: “We have full confidence in the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.”
But no one, except bloggers and academics ignored by the media and state authorities, has ever raised doubts about the OPCW. Why would the Guardian think these French comments worthy of reporting unless there were reasons to doubt the OPCW? And if there are such reasons for doubt, why has the Guardian not thought to make them public, to report them to its readers?
The US state department similarly came to the aid of the OPCW. In the same Guardian report, a US official was quoted saying that the OPCW was facing “a continuing disinformation campaign” from Syria and Russia, and that the campaign was designed “to create the false narrative that others [rather than Assad] are to blame for chemical weapons attacks”.
So Washington too was rejecting accusations against the OPCW that have never been reported by the state-corporate media.
Interestingly, in the case of US officials, they claim that Syria and Russia are behind the “disinformation campaign” against the OPCW, even though the OPCW has admitted that the leaked document discrediting its work is genuine and written by one of its experts.
The OPCW is discredited, of course, only because it sought to conceal evidence contained in the leaked document that might have exonerated Assad of last year’s chemical attack. It is hard to see how Syria or Russia can be blamed for this."
"Tommy Douglas, Canada’s Great Prairie Socialist, Wasn’t Always So Beloved" (Savage).  Christianity has changed, a lot, and all for the worse.

"CRA signs secret settlement with wealthy KPMG clients involved in offshore tax scheme" (Cashore).  You just need to read one sentence:  "The Fifth Estate and Enquête also later revealed that in June 2016, around the same time the Liberal MPs shut down their investigation, a former senior KPMG executive was appointed to the Liberal Party's national board of directors."

"Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion IOU: The answers she owes America" (Solomon) (this nicely describes the real Russiagate scandal):
"During the combined two decades she served as a U.S. senator and secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s patrons regularly donated to her family charity when they had official business pending before America’s most powerful political woman.
The pattern of political IOUs paid to the Clinton Foundation was so pernicious that the State Department even tried to execute a special agreement with the charity to avoid the overt appearance of “pay-to-play” policy.
Still, the money continued to flow by the millions of dollars, from foreigners and Americans alike who were perceived to be indebted to the Clinton machine or in need of its help.
It’s time for the American public to call in their own IOU on political transparency.
The reason? Never before — until 2016 — had the apparatus of a U.S. presidential candidate managed to sic the weight of the FBI and U.S. intelligence community on a rival nominee during an election, and by using a foreign-fed, uncorroborated political opposition research document.
But Clinton’s campaign, in concert with the Democratic Party and through their shared law firm, funded Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier which, it turns out, falsely portrayed Republican Donald Trump as a treasonous asset colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin to hijack the U.S. election.
Steele went to the FBI to get an investigation started and then leaked the existence of the investigation, with the hope of sinking Trump’s presidential aspirations.
On its face, it is arguably the most devious political dirty trick in American history and one of the most overt intrusions of a foreigner into a U.S. election.
It appears the Clinton machine knew that what it was doing was controversial. That’s why it did backflips to disguise the operation from Congress and the public, and in its Federal Election Commission (FEC) spending reports.
Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) used the law firm of Perkins Coie to hire Glenn Simpson’s research firm, Fusion GPS, which then hired Steele — several layers that obfuscated transparency, kept the operation off the campaign’s public FEC reports and gave the Clintons plausible deniability.
But Steele’s first overture on July 5, 2016, failed to capture the FBI’s imagination. So the Clinton machine escalated. Steele, a British national, went to senior Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr — whose wife, Nellie, also worked for Fusion — to push his Trump dirt to the top of the FBI.
Nellie Ohr likewise sent some of her own anti-Trump research augmenting Steele’s dossier to the FBI through her husband. Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann used his connection to former FBI general counsel James Baker to dump Trump dirt at the FBI, too.
Then Steele and, separately, longtime Clinton protégé Cody Shearer went to the State Department to get the story out, increasing pressure on the FBI.
In short, the Clinton machine flooded the FBI with pressure — and bad intel — until an investigation of Trump was started. The bureau and its hapless sheriff at the time, James Comey, eventually acquiesced with the help of such Clinton fans as then-FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.
To finish the mission, Simpson and Steele leaked the existence of the FBI investigation to the news media to ensure it would hurt Trump politically. Simpson even called the leaks a “hail Mary” that failed."
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