Saturday, June 08, 2019

Cast-iron club

"Freeing Julian Assange: Part One" (Dawson).  The definitive treatment of the IC techniques being used against the 'cast-iron club' of Wikileaks (all involving rape allegations).
"These last few months I have been investigating the three cases in tandem, overlaying and analysing them. The patterns are impossible to ignore.
  • A target engaged in activity that was highly threatening to the global intelligence complex
  • Multiple accusers of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct
  • Spurious claims that don’t qualify as any of the aforementioned
  • Retracted claims
  • Lack of criminal charges
  • Target publicly branded and smeared as a “serial rapist”
  • Massive reputational damage
  • Severe impact on the productivity of the target and their ability to perform in their professional capacity"
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