Monday, June 10, 2019

Classic Kim

"Trump Is Not Extricating Himself on Iran. He Is Being ‘Dug in’" (Crooke).  As always, I'm not so much worried about another War For The Jews.  A false flag is always a possibility, but who would do it?  The Israelis are rolling along quite nicely now, what with the beshekeled and blackmailed Trump giving them everything they could possibly want, and then some.  An attack on Iran ends these rosy days, and may replace the Khazarocracy in the aftermath of a Hezbollah regime-changey rocket attack on Israel (the extremely horrible world economic collapse will also, justly, be blamed on the Khazars, who will then finally earn the wrath of Americans).  The Saudis are always solely concerned about keeping their heads attached to their bodies, and an Iranian counterattack on Saudi oil infrastructure would be just the ticket to so wreck the country's finances that the poor suffering people of Saudi Arabia might very well start their own headlopping.

What bothers me is that Trump's 'art of the deal' shenanigans - basically 'good cop, bad cop', where his underlings soften up the other side by behaving like madmen, leaving the 'reasonable' Trump to come in and seal the deal, a deal more favorable to the American side than if he just went in cold - don't ever work (they might have worked once in some NY real estate deal, but even that is unlikely).  Unlike in commercial deals, where the shenanigans just disappear with no lasting consequences, in these cases there is never any resolution, and the sanctions, which cause real problems, up to an including death, for poorer people, continue, forever.  Trump loses face if he stops sanctioning without a 'win', and the madmen around Trump make any kind of deal impossible, so there is never a resolution, and resolutionlessness is built into the program.

"Abe’s mediatory mission to Tehran hangs in the balance" (Bhadrakumar).  Note how the (((media))), exactly as you would expect, is ahead of even Bolton, trying to make everything surrounding Iran more bellicose than it actually is, hoping, in the most quintessentially Khazar stunt imaginable, to get WWIII.  Iran remembers what happened to Libya, which fell for the same Assholian tricks:
"Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has welcomed Abe’s visit — “We will carefully listen to Abe’s views, and then will express ours in detail.” But he stressed that the US must stop its ‘economic war’. He disclosed that Tehran has already sensitised Abe in the matter. 
Importantly, the Spokesman of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has noted that the success of Abe’s visit could be guaranteed if only Japan has made efforts to “return the US to the JCOPA (2015 nuclear deal) and compensate (sic) the losses suffered by Iran (due to sanctions)” as well as to remove the US sanctions regime. 
Abe’s visit to Tehran is a milestone in Japan-Iran bilateral relations insofar as this is the first such event since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, although the two countries have kept up friendly ties all through. Tehran pins hopes that Abe can win waivers from the US to be able to buy oil from Iran. 
Quite obviously, the benchmark for the Iranian negotiators will be the remarks made by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on May 29 during an an address to a gathering of Iranian academicians, researchers and elites in Tehran. Khamenei said that the bottomline is, “We will not negotiate on the core issues of the Revolution. Negotiations on this issue imply trading; that is, they mean we give up on our defensive capabilities. We will not negotiate our military capability.” 
In general, Khamenei said the US has a history of targeting the assets of a country by pressurising it. In this, negotiation becomes a tactic to compel the interlocutor to trade its national assets. “They (US) pressure until the adversary gets tired, and then propose to negotiate. This negotiation is complementary to the pressure and aims to cash in on the pressures. They impose pressure and then propose to negotiate. This is what negotiation means to them. Their strategy is not negotiation. It is pressure. Negotiation is part of the pressure strategy.” 
That is why, Khamenei underscored, Iran has had to resort to resistance as a “countermeasure.” To quote him, “The countermeasure for us (Iran) is to use our own means of pressures to contend their (US) pressure. However, if we are deceived by their call for negotiations and consider our means of pressures unnecessary, we would slip and that equals (means) absolute defeat.” (Excerpts of Khomeini’s speech are here.)"
Lot's of praise for this piece around the internets (it's too bad for the good writers at The Intercept that it is so spooked up):  "An Iranian Activist Wrote Dozens of Articles for Right-Wing Outlets. But Is He a Real Person?" (Hussein).  Trump based his actions in getting out of the Iranian deal, and the subsequent sanctions, partly on the PR basis established by the imaginary writer who fronted for MEK.  Tweet (Tom Gara):
"This is amazing: Forbes, The Hill, the Daily Caller and The Federalist all published articles by an Iranian opposition activist who does not exist and is actually just a fake Twitter account run by a bunch of dudes in Albania"
"Trump’s Middle East ‘Deal of the Century’ and his ‘Kosher Quartet’" (Madsen). Just a smidgen less greedy, and a little less supremacist and gloaty in the comments from President Jared and 'American' 'Ambassador' Friedman, and they might have gotten away with this biggest of Khazar thefts.  As is so often the case, inter-macher rivalries - for example, the Rothschilds aren't happy about these American machers getting all the credit - are behind much of the issue and its problems (these rivalries also explain the break between American machers like Sheldon, striving for WWIII, and Israel itself, which is much cooler on the possible repercussions of an attack on Iran, and sees Iran Talk as more valuable than an actual attack on Iran)

Who could argue with any of this?: "Doug Casey on What Happens After the Next War".

Taibbi on Solomon's revelations:  "Exposé in "The Hill" challenges Mueller, media".  Of course, the (((media))) has to hide this as it fundamentally challenges any possible credibility they might have left. We're reached the point where the 'news' (((media))) has to hide real and important news as it is too embarrassing to itself to publish.  And then there's the whole issue that Mueller effectively lied in his report!

Tweet (Ian Goodrum):
""It's actually fine we and everyone else got a giant story totally wrong.""
"North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'executes a general accused of plotting a coup by throwing him into a piranha-filled fish tank'" (Howard) (see here):
"A UK intelligence force told Daily Star: 'The use of piranha is classic Kim."
"Israel as One Man: A Theory of Jewish Power" (Guyénot).  I think it is the fundamental mistake to take the Hebrew Bible as the underpinning of Khazar group behavior (Haredi students know the Talmud upside down but are only vaguely familiar with the Torah, very sensible in that the Hebrew Bible was written by and for the people we now call Palestinians, and has fuck all connection to the Khazars, whose home-made scriptures are the Talmud), but there are interesting parts here on the essential parasitism of Israel (to the point it would be parasitic even if it didn't have to be), the importance to group supremacists of interbreeding, and the whole characteristic nepotism racket and its political uses.

Needless to say, the beshekeled are wailing about the protests against the monster Cotler:  "Yet Another Pro-Israel Circus in Canada’s Parliament" (Lascaris).

Tweet (William Owen):
"Frau Freeland, Canada's the worst and most dangerous foreign minister in Canadian history is Ukrainian is running this operation. Her granddad was a Nazi. She still is."
Justified shade cast by Cuba at the Assholian protectorate called Canada:  tweet (Anya Parampil):
"“We hope Canada will soon regain sovereignty over its foreign policy.”"
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