Friday, June 21, 2019

Endless wars

"Trump approved strikes on Iran but cancelled them: Reports".  "NYT: Trump was Planning to Attack Iran Thursday, Called It Off At the Last Minute" (Anglin).  This could be true, but it is more likely that turbo-Zionists at the JYT and AP are just trying to preserve the idea that the Iran attack is inevitable, in the Khazar style we all know so well.  After all, the Pentagon is always ready to attack, and Trump had obviously been trying to calm things down.

I think somebody should start to think about hiring a good set of bodyguards for Tucker Carlson, as the danger of him being bernadotted or forrestaled is extremely high (I'm not even slightly kidding, all Soros would have to do is embed a trained assassin in his already existing group of hired goons):  "Trump downplays Iran tensions after drone shot down" (Liptak/Gaouette):
"Trump assured that the situation is "all going to work out." And with the 2020 elections looming, he picked up a refrain from his first campaign, telling reporters: "I want to get out of these endless wars, I campaign on that.""
"U.S. national security adviser Bolton travels to Israel June 23: White House" (Rothschild).  It's sad when the hegemon has to slink over to headquarters to obtain its instructions.  At the very least, you'd think that the Israelis would have the decency to visit Washington to order the US to destroy itself, but such is ZOG.  Of course, detailed instructions are needed as Israel has Hezbollah rocket attacks well in mind.  The whole issue is influenced by the fact that Israel doesn't want a full war with Iran (because of Hezbollah), but the relevant US machers (Sheldon), do.

"Iran goes for “maximum counter-pressure”" (Escobar).  The derivatives problem.  The numbers are so big they couldn't be fixed with a Barry-style too-big-to-fail bailout.

"'Good Morning America' Slams Biden For Dodging Nepotism Questions Over Ukraine, China Dealings" (Durden).  "Hunter Biden sued by woman claiming to have had his love child" (Eustachewich).  Although the controlled implosion of Biden continues (and let's acknowledge that it has reached the point of being amusing!), his presence in the race is still needed for the Clintonistas to obtain their goal of having the superdelegates crown the next loser.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal) (sometimes (((Roth))) doesn't even bother to pretend to give a flying fuck about human rights) (see "Nicaragua: The War of 2018" (Stoll)):
"Nicaragua's gov't just released all front line coup leaders, including figures who were instrumental in violence that saw scores killed, maimed, raped, and tortured at tranques. HRW's call for financial terrorism reveals it as the soft power arm of US empire it was founded to be."
Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"HRW acting as an arm of American imperialism. What kind of human rights group calls for sanctions like this knowing that they just end up hurting a country’s ppl? And also has HRW ever called for sanctioning American officials responsible for atrocities? Not that I can think of"
More Bolton:  "Trump’s Cuba sanctions are sadistic and spiteful" (Cloughley).  "US tightens Cuba sanctions, ends group travel".

"Escobar: Brazilgate Is Turning Into Russiagate 2.0":
"The Brazilian military knows that close relations with China – their top trade partner, ahead of the U.S. — are essential, whatever Steve Bannon may rant about. But Russia is a completely different story. Vice-President Hamilton Mourao, in his recent visit to Beijing, where he met with Xi Jinping, sounded like he was reading from a Pentagon press release, telling Brazilian media that Russia is a “malign actor” deploying “hybrid war around the world.”
So the U.S. Deep State may be accomplishing at least part of the ultimate goal: to use Brazil in its Divide et Impera strategy of splitting the Russia-China strategic partnership.
It gets much spicier. Car Wash reconditioned as Leak Wash could also be decoded as a massive shadow play; a wag the dog, with the tail composed of two American assets.
Moro was a certified FBI, CIA, DoJ, Deep State asset. His uber-boss would ultimately be Robert Mueller (thus Russiagate). Yet for Team Trump, he would be easily expendable – even if he’s Captain Justice working under the real asset, Bannon boy Bolsonaro. If he falls, Moro would be assured the requisite golden parachute – complete with U.S. residency and talks in American universities.
The Intercept’s Greenwald is now celebrated by all strands of the Left as a sort of American/Brazilian Simon Bolivar on steroids – with and in may cases without any irony. Yet there’s a huge problem. The Intercept is owned by hardcore information-war practitioner Pierre Omidyar.
The crucial question ahead is what the Brazilian military are really up to in this epic swamp – and how deep they are subordinated to Washington’s Divide et Impera.
It revolves around the all-powerful Cabinet of Institutional Security, known in Brazil by its acronym GSI. GSI stalwarts are all Washington consensus. After the “communist” Lula/Dilma years, these guys are now consolidating a Brazilian Deep State overseeing full spectrum political control, just like in the U.S..
GSI already controls the whole intel apparatus, as well as Foreign Policy and Defense, via a decree surreptitiously released in early June, only a few days before The Intercept’s bombshell. Even Captain Marvel Moro is subjected to the GSI; they must approve, for instance, everything Moro discusses with the DoJ and the U.S. Deep State.
As I’ve discussed with some of my top informed Brazilian interlocutors, crack anthropologist Piero Leirner, who knows in detail how the military think, and Swiss-based international lawyer and UN adviser Romulus Maya, the U.S. Deep State seems to be positioning itself as the spawning mechanism for the direct ascension of the Brazilian military to power, as well as their guarantors. As in, if you don’t follow our script to the letter – basic trade relations only with China; and isolation of Russia – we can swing the pendulum anytime.
After all, the only practical role the USG would see for the Brazilian military – in fact for all Latin America military – is as “war on drugs” shock troops.
There is no smoking gun – yet. But the scenario of Leak Wash as part of an extremely sophisticated, full spectrum dominance psyops, an advanced stage of Hybrid War, must be seriously considered."
So Greenwald's big leak may serve two purposes:
  1. removing some of the stench off the scandal of hiding the Snowden documents for the US Deep State (for more reconditioning of the reputation of The Intercept, see:  "Team of American Hackers and Emirati Spies Discussed Attacking the Intercept"); and
  2. providing the rationale for a military coup to tidy up Brazilian fealty to the Deep State once and for all.
"Memorial Honoring the Life of Lyndon LaRouche Held in New York City" (Ehret).  LaRouche was off in his obsession that all the problems caused by Assholia were actually caused by The City of London, but he was otherwise right about just about everything, and ahead of his time.

"Bolton Argues War With Iran Only Way To Avenge Americans Killed In Upcoming War With Iran" (The Onion). This is excellent satire from Haim as it is entirely in line with Bolton screaming about Iran breaching the agreement that the US had previously pulled out of.
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