Thursday, June 20, 2019


Interestingly:  "American taxpayers paid over $90 billion more under Trump tax law" (Myers):
"And after refunds, the IRS collected about $93 billion more from individual American taxpayers than it did in 2017. Interestingly, that number stands close to the tax break amount that corporations received from the TCJA in 2018. Last year, big businesses paid $91 billion less in taxes than they had in 2017, prior to the new law’s passage."
"This Can't Possibly Still Be Happening" (Fishbein). Note how (((they))) immediately derailed any helpful discussion with 'muh Holocaust'.  The modern concentration camp was invented by the British during the Boer War ("Concentration camps in the South African War? Here are the real facts"), but minor details of history aren't going to stop these (((monsters))) from reminding everybody of their obsession, so (((they))) can kill people and steal their land.

Also:  tweet (Eli Valley):
"Here is my portrait of "
"Tucker Carlson Is Privately Advising Trump on Iran" ( Tani/Woodruff/Suebsaeng).  "Tucker Carlson Currently Tard-Wrangling Trump, Trying to Prevent War With Iran!" (Batty).  "Koch brothers 'don't care about Republican voters,' Tucker Carlson says" (Brown/Simonson).  Tucker 2024!  I'm serious.  He's positioning himself perfectly. A true 'anti-Semitic' candidate (i.e., positively no more Wars For The Jews, under any circumstances, absolutely no more support for Israel, and almost all the bases rolled up) plus true economic populism - as opposed to the phony Koch Bros 'populism' of Trump - plus 'normal people' positions on all social issues, would be unbeatable.  He is so far to the actual left of every single current Democrat candidate, except, of course, for Gabbard (and possibly Yang), that he'd need the Hubble telescope, pointed to the e-x-t-r-e-m-e right, to see them.  I can see a very likely scenario where there isn't a Democrat President again until at least 2032!

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This tweet looking disturbingly prescient"
Except that Biden is imploding at a remarkable rate, and it is difficult to see him making it to the convention.  His ((('donors'))) will come to him, thank him for his decades of service to (((them))), and just say it is not in the cards and the shekels have to stop.  The irony is (((they))) may want him out, not because he'd lose, but because he'd beat ultra-ultra-Zionist Trump.  Harris will then take up the position intended for Biden (unless Killary doesn't palsy from the sky at the last minute to save the day).

"June Madness Strikes Washington. Iranians, Russians and Britons Beware!" (Giraldi).

"Mashed Potato and Another War for Israel" (Dinh).  After discussion of comfort food, a glorious Naming of the Jew.

"Ann Coulter On The Central Park Rapists: Who You Gonna Believe? Netflix Or The Evidence?".  With the proviso that confessions to police are often untrue (more recognized now that it would have been then), but there seems to have been enough care taken - parents present, confessions collaborating each other and the physical evidence - that it is unlikely the police got it wrong.  Turning such a horrible example into the test case of police wrongdoing is a terrible mistake.
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