Thursday, June 13, 2019


Tweet (Elena Evdokimova) (characteristic lying from the (((media)))!):
"Iranians were correct in many respects, while US media reported it as the attack on US vessels! The details: Kokuka Courageous, Panamanian-flagged, but JAPANESE-owned [carrying ethanol]. The Front Altair, Marshall Islands flagged, Norwegian-owned, was carrying naphtha to JAPAN"
 So, Japanese-connected ships.  Tweet (George Galloway):
"So the Iranians attacked Japanese assets while the Prime Minister of Japan is in Tehran seeking to mediate. If you believe that I have a Bridge here in London I could sell you... "
But such a Japan-directed attack would make perfect sense from the point of view of any false-flag performing state actor - almost too inviting to pass up - hoping to simultaneously:
  1. blame Iran in a false-flag; and
  2. undermine Abe's conciliatory efforts.
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