Saturday, June 29, 2019

Monsters Walk The Earth

"Escobar: Russia-India-China Will Be The Big G-20 Hit" (Escobar).  We know that Trump is being bribed and probably blackmailed by Sheldon and other Khazars for purely MIGA reasons, but it is still strikingly odd how the hegemon is completely stepping aside to allow the China-Russia plans to proceed essentially without American interference.  It is what I've been saying all long, Sanctions For The Jews are no more than the Assholians saying they will withdraw from opportunities for their businesses to make money, to the benefit of competitors of the hegemon.  Sanctions only make sense from a self-interest point of view if they go on for a very short time, and are met with almost immediate success, with the sanctioned entity acceding to the demands of the sanctioner.  We're now in this bizarre situation where the sanctions go on forever, with Assholia unable to stop them without losing face, and they keep piling up with each crazed Khazar demand, leaving the Empire weaker and weaker and weaker.  It is a wonderful example of the problems for the host in the parasite-host relationship.

Of course, another big theme of our time is the hopelessness of the Eurotrash:  "EU meeting on Iran ends with no agreement to prevent US war" (Lantier).  They've set up a tremendous vehicle, but are terrified to use it!  Again, as usual, I smell shekels!

Canada (sigh!):  "Canada adopts Israel lobby’s contested definition of anti-Semitism" (Barrows-Friedman).  "There's a debate over Canada's new definition of anti-Semitism, and it might sound strangely familiar" (Forrest).  It's rough when the Conservatives are clearly on the right side of an issue:  "Liberals inching closer to reviving Section 13, the controversial hate speech law repealed in 2013" (Platt).

Pointing out this kind of thing - and remind me again how these wonderful (((people))) keep finding themselves in trouble - will soon be illegal:  "How Israeli “Rules of Engagement” Allow Soldiers to Shoot Children in the Back" (Winstanley).  Winstanley is woke about lite Zionism.

See also:  "“Rise and Kill First.” – The Secret Israeli Worldwide Assassination Program. Book Review" (Redmayne-Titley). Note the constant Khazar theme of producing phony rationalizations - either 'self-defense', with the 'Holocaust' card always at hand, or 'retaliation' - for their Evil.  Simply stated, (((they))) are monsters.

"The steal of the century: stolen land, stolen water, stolen images" (Law):
"While many commentators have rightly attacked the New York Times for publishing an openly racist and hate-mongering piece, they may have missed the larger significance of what is happening at speed in the killing of the two-state solution. The day before the Danon article, US National Security Advisor John Bolton accompanied the Israeli Prime Minister to land overlooking the Jordan Valley, the most fertile region of the West Bank. Nearly 90 per cent of the valley has been allocated to Israeli settlements and agriculture, in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 242 and international law.
A smiling and nodding Bolton, wearing a baseball cap bedecked with the US and Israeli flags, looked on as Netanyahu argued that the Jordan Valley offered what he called “the minimal strategic depth and height for the defence of our country,” whatever that means. Those who said that restoring the valley to the Palestinians was a prerequisite to peace just didn’t get it, the Israeli Prime Minister argued. No, restoring land to its rightful owners was not going to bring peace; “It will bring war and terror.” So, according to Netanyahu, a just and fair settlement that righted an historic wrong would lead to war. Yet another example of truth turned on its head and a lie declared as truth.
Bolton, resembling one of those bobble-head figures that are given out at American sports events, said that he wished more Americans could come and see for themselves how the Jordan Valley “affects Israel’s critical security position.” He was keen to assure Netanyahu that, “President Trump will take the concerns you have expressed so clearly very much into account.”
It was all eerily reminiscent of another visit that happened in March of this year. On that occasion, Netanyahu was accompanied to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights by the senior Republican senator and Trump ally Lindsey Graham. Graham promised to return to the Senate and “start an effort to recognise the Golan as part of the state of Israel, now and forever.” And so it came to pass, with Netanyahu unveiling a large plaque on the Golan on 16 June announcing the site of a new settlement to be built: in Hebrew and in English it proclaimed that this is now “Trump Heights”."
Some essential historical background: "In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem’s Iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream" (Webb).  Note the rake's progress of steps they have taken to get to this point (going back to the 1830s), and that what they are proposing is actually a sin under Jewish law.

"Monsters Walk the Earth. Why These Three Countries Are the Real Troika of Evil" (Giraldi). They praise each other for fighting terrorism!:  "'Spectacular job!' Trump praises Saudi Prince at G20 in Osaka, agree to intensify fight against terror".

It is interesting that Trump at the G20 has almost waived American objections to the Turkish purchase of S-400s (blaming the problem on Barry!), expressly (though they are still threatening not to supply the pilot-killing F-35s, not much of a threat as any alternatives would be smarter purchases), and implicitly waived American objections to the Indian purchase of S-400s (by failing to mention the issue).  "Why The S-400 Is A More Formidable Threat To US Arms Industry Than You Think" (Pieraccini) - data collection on American 'stealth' systems.
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