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"The Need for a Secular Right" (DeGroot):
"Just as there are many conservative Jews for whom politics is a one-issue affair—namely, whatever is best for Israel—so there are many conservative Christians for whom opposing abortion as such is far more important than all other issues.
Taken together, these two groups, with their narrow perspectives, are immense liabilities for the right. When, for example, Bibi Netanyahu, a longtime manipulator of America, says jump, our President, who perhaps feels a personal obligation to Sheldon Adelson and the Israeli lobby in general (not to mention his daughter Ivanka and her Jewish husband, Jared), asks how high?
Many conservative Christians enthusiastically approve of America’s unconditional support for Israel, given their mad belief that the Jews are “God’s chosen people,” even as Americans, according to many Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists, are “God’s almost chosen people.”
Thus biased and dogmatic belief precludes disinterested examination of Middle East foreign policy. Every year America wastes massive money on Israel’s military defense (of course, it wastes massive money on other nations, too), and it frequently does risky and counterproductive things in the Middle East because of Israeli interests. It is ethnic bias and religious dogmatism that allow all this to happen.
Notice that there is not a single major American conservative religious magazine that takes an anti-interventionist stance on foreign policy, the reason being that gullible and gutless Christians want to stay on the right side of Israel."
"Yet nothing could be more averse to this approach, at once wise and humble, than religious dogmatism. That has long been a problem on the right, and the new law in Alabama, which makes abortion illegal even in cases of rape and of incest, is the latest proof. The law will probably be overturned at the district and appellate levels, and it is highly unlikely that the issue will reach the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, it is going to turn more people, particularly women, away from the right, at both the local and the national level, and for good reason."
"Leaked Pompeo Recording Reveals Failed US Attempt To Co-Opt Venezuela Religious Institutions" (Durden).

"Why the USA is NOT about to attack Iran" (Mountain).  Aircraft carriers might be useful for countries that don't have bases literally everywhere.  Mostly, they are just an expensive procurement boondoggle:  "Military Intelligence?" (O'Neill).  Now they are just a convenient, and spectacular, target.  There are two parallel streams going on here:
  1. warmongers like Bolton tell Trump that making symbolic gestures - like making a big deal of moving a few troops around, or sending warships nearby - will put pressure on Iran, pressure which will lead to relatively inexpensive regime change without war; but
  2. Bolton, of course, actually wants to put American targets in place so some mistake - or, more likely, a false flag - will serve as a casus belli for the actual war he wants (with the weirdness being that Trump is completely aware of this).
"Deborah Lipstadt says all Muslim countries are intolerant of minorities and anti-Zionist Jews are ‘belated’ Jews" (Weiss).  The comical Nakba theory - they voluntarily left to make it easier to kill Jews, seriously? - is reminiscent of Dershowitz's theory that it was the Palestinians who came up with the idea of the Holocaust (it had never even occurred to the Germans before the Mufti brought it up!), thus justifying the Khazar collective punishment against them.  What appears to be extreme wackiness is just the manifestation of supremacism.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal).  Fight disinformation, pursue truth, goyim!

"Shock as Jews Announce That They’re Behind the Mass YouTube Shutdown" (Anglin). "If we took control from the fascists, would we allow fascists free speech?" (Balkwill).  "That Gay Spic Who Ostensibly Triggered the Recent YouTube Bans is Also Jewish" (Anglin).  [See also:  "Israeli Kike Allegedly Behind Austrian Honeypot Sting on Right-Wing Politician" (Anglin), which is odd if you consider how Zionist the Austrian right is].

meme  "Trudeau set to sign New Zealand PM's pledge to tackle violent, extremist online content" (Shivji).  No wasted massacres in the push for total censorship.

"Torture in Saudi prisons: 'Most oppressive era we have witnessed'" (Chehayeb).  The Saudi headlopping these days seems to focus on Shi'ites (of course), and, in lesser numbers, Sunni religious moderates.

For something that is mostly unnoticed, this seems hugely important, on a number of fronts:  "Exclusive: US intel shows Saudi Arabia escalated its missile program with help from China" (Mattingly/Cohen/Herb).  The Trump administration tried to hide it! 

"VIDEO: OAS Panel Accusing Venezuela of “Crimes Against Humanity” is Grilled on Moral Hypocrisy and Open Bias" (Blumenthal):
"Cotler has also served as a legal advocate for Leopoldo Lopez, the imprisoned right-wing coup leader and orchestrator of Venezuela’s violent guarimbas. Sparing no opportunity for hyperbole, he used his time on the panel to accuse Venezuela’s government of carrying out the worst humanitarian crisis in the history of Latin America."
It wasn't that long ago that a Khazar 'human rights' advocate wouldn't be caught dead ruining the brand by being associated with an obvious thug like Leopoldo Lopez.  The Crapification extends even to Khazar tricksters!

Weekly digest:  "Jews, Crime and Corruption (06/06/2019)" (things that don't tend to make the (((news))) for some reason!):
"Nor is this jewish corruption limited to Israel given that only this week it has been confirmed that jewish ponzi scheme billionaire and financial criminal extraordinaire Bernie Madoff’s wife will be allowed to keep all of her husband’s ill-gotten gains not previously confiscated until she dies. (22)
One rule for jews and another for gentiles: right?

Jewish real estate mogul and Democrat political donor Jona Rechnitz – owner of ‘JSR Capital’ – has been found guilty of four counts of bribery, conspiracy and obstruction of justice in New York after corrupting several public officials and police officers in New York and sentenced to four years in prison. (23)

Former Temple University Fox School of Business Dean Moshe Porat is upset over allegations that he knowingly submitted inaccurate data to ‘U.S. News & World Report’ for its 2018 Best Online MBA Programs rankings in order to deceive would-be students and garner a profit for himself and Temple University. (24)

While in Canada a Hasidic jew and follower of the Lubavitch Chabad named Mark Zirkind has been convicted of being a willing drug money mule after he was stopped with $1,136,555 in his rental car in Toronto after flying in from Montreal and then promptly claimed he had so much money because he was carrying it for ‘jews fearing a new Holocaust’. (25)

A pretty inventive, but yet oh so jewish defense: don’t you think?"
Note the settlement with the widow, who appears to have made off with a life interest in the loot!  I've never heard of such a bizarre arrangement.

Another smashing success of a War For The Jews:  "No Peace Allowed in Afghanistan" (Berger):
". . . it has been revealed that at least 11,000 civilians were killed and wounded in Afghanistan during the 1397 solar year which coincides with March 2018 to March 2019, according to statistics provided by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.
According to Die Welt, in the first three months of the year, American servicemen and their allies on the ground killed more civilians than both terrorist and rebel detachments operating in Afghanistan. As it’s been revealed by the UN mission in Afghanistan, the absolute majority of those deceased fell victims of US-coalition air strikes and ground operations. It’s also been added that in recent years the death toll among the civilian population of Afghanistan reached unprecedented numbers. Last year alone some 3804 civilians perished, with 7189 more suffering severe injuries. That’s an eleven percent increase over the previous year.
As the above-mentioned German newspaper notes, ever since Donald Trump removed any restrictions on the course of actions that the Pentagon may choose to take in its attempts to take the Taliban down, the US military has started dropping bombs on Afghanistan like there’s no tomorrow.
Against this backdrop, Khalilzad’s recent announcement on Twitter, in which he stated that “we [the US] did not impose this war” reads unintelligent at best.
To present an objective assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, one has to note that on top of the rapid aggravation of armed hostilities between the Pentagon and the Taliban, it’s clear that two decades of total warfare have taken their toll on the population of the country, as some 51.7% of all Afghan citizens are living in bitter poverty, with a half of those being minors. Those figures have recently been revealed by the report drafted by the National Statistics and Information Administration of Afghanistan, assisted by UNICEF and the University of Oxford. At the same time, those figures differ drastically depending on the place of residence of those respondents that took part in the survey. In particular, no more than 18.1% of those Afghans living in large cities do suffer from outrageous poverty, while in rural areas this ratio reaches 61.1% of the total population. The highest level of poverty was registered in the northern Badghis Province, where four out of five people can’t make ends meet."
"Tulsi Gabbard Pushes No War Agenda – and the Media Is Out to Kill Her Chances" (Giraldi).  That would be the (((media))), on the Kristol theory that ultra American militarism is 'good for the Jews'.  As usual always, the same (((fucking bunch))) are behind both anti-war positions and the whole 'Russian stooge' attacks:
"Tulsi Gabbard had attracted other enemies prior to the Stephanopoulos attack. Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept described how NBC news published a widely distributed story on February 1st, claiming that “experts who track websites and social media linked to Russia have seen stirrings of a possible campaign of support for Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.”
But the expert cited by NBC turned out to be a firm New Knowledge, which was exposed by no less than The New York Times for falsifying Russian troll accounts for the Democratic Party in the Alabama Senate race to suggest that the Kremlin was interfering in that election. According to Greenwald, the group ultimately behind this attack on Gabbard is The Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), which sponsors a tool called Hamilton 68, a news “intelligence net checker” that claims to track Russian efforts to disseminate disinformation. The ASD website advises that “Securing Democracy is a Global Necessity.”
ASD was set up in 2017 by the usual neocon crowd with funding from The Atlanticist and anti-Russian German Marshall Fund. It is loaded with a full complement of Zionists and interventionists/globalists, to include Michael Chertoff, Michael McFaul, Michael Morell, Kori Schake and Bill Kristol. It claims, innocently, to be a bipartisan transatlantic national security advocacy group that seeks to identify and counter efforts by Russia to undermine democracies in the United States and Europe but it is actually itself a major source of disinformation."
"Russia is Going to Have Better Internet Than You" (Anglin).  The slow but steady drip of terrible decisions made by the hegemon, all of which cause it to imperceptibly lose power to its competitors.  Americans should declare it a national holiday should its 'leaders' ever once make a sane decision (not that I am expecting it to happen).

Tweet (Thomas Drake) (also):
"It’s pathological for to profit off , esp when they take NO ownership for their role in landing her in jail."
"Zach Goldberg: "America's White Saviors”"(Sailer quoting Goldberg):
"In a recent Vox article based partly on the dissertation research I’ve been doing as a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Georgia State University, Matthew Yglesias described this ongoing transformation as “The Great Awokening.” In Yglesias’ account: “In the past five years, white liberals have moved so far to the left on questions of race and racism that they are now, on these issues, to the left of even the typical black voter. This change amounts to a ‘Great Awokening.’” There is no simple or single explanation for how this process got started. It appears to be driven by an interplay of factors: preexisting tendencies among white liberals; a series of polarizing events like the police shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent riots in Ferguson, and the migrant crisis; the rise of millenials as a political force, and the explosion of social media and “woke” clickbait journalism. The years between 2012 and 2016 were a watershed for white liberal racial consciousness. But the seismic attitudinal shifts of those years have implications that go beyond race: They are also tied to a significant decrease in support for Israel and—perhaps more surprisingly—a rise in the number of white liberals who express negative attitudes about the perceived political power of American Jews."
The Crapification extends to politicians and candidates.  Perhaps the most spectacular modern example:  "Theresa May’s Unbearable Lightness of Being" (Sieff).  It is almost impossible to believe that Biden has the nerve to run, let alone be the far ahead front-runner!:  "Biden's Past Catches Up With Him As 2020 Campaign Mired In Crisis" (Durden).  Excellent (mostly) policies notwithstanding, a race grifter has no hope in an American election (shouldn't she have prepared talking points on these issues, rather than flailing around?):  "Elizabeth Warren campaign’s in so, so much trouble".  The reason you get so, so many candidates as that each new entrant looks at the field of losers ahead of them and figures they have a chance:  "Media Urged Not To Release Names Of Any More Presidential Candidates In Effort To Prevent Copycats".
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