Saturday, June 08, 2019


"Provocation? Russian Ship Seemingly Attempts To Ram U.S. Naval Vessel" (Mafrak, keeping true to the 'crooks and liars' description).  The tweets (Adm. John Richardson).  There was a response to this, scrolling a long ways down, that pointed out that the Americans were at fault, and the Russians legally had the right of way, but it has disappeared!  Anyway, Moon has it:  "U.S. 7th Fleet Cruiser Ignores Rules At Sea - Nearly Collides With Russian Destroyer".  The American (((media))) just retyped the Pentagon press release.  The BBC is a little better, with a commentary blaming both sides.

Bolton seems to have instructed his captains to try to provoke an accident.  This could lead to dead American sailors, and another escalation in the unhelpful political confrontation.  How much longer can the Americans afford to keep John Bolton committing high treason?

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