Friday, June 28, 2019

Think with your fat! / Major 'Blow' / Smile because it happened

"Disinformation and False Accusations of Anti-Semitism" (Stroud).  "NY Times publishes call for Palestinian “national suicide”" (Abunimah).  "How Israeli spies are flooding Facebook and Twitter" (Winstanley).  (((They))) realize that the concentration camp guard is just too toxic - based on his history of vile, warmongering lying - to be an effective PR weapon on Iran!:  "In latest round of Iran provocations, Israel is missing a top gun — Jeffrey Goldberg" (Weiss).  Consistency in translation problems:  "Western News Agencies Mistranslate Iran's President Speech - It Is Not The First Time Such 'Error' Happens" (Moon).  "Ben Shapiro’s Honest Face" (Anglin).  "Irate Yidlet Ben Shapiro Angry That Trump Showed Restraint, Hasn’t Bombed Iran Yet" (Anglin/Batty):  "Quick, Michael! Think of an explanation that doesn’t contain the word “Jew”! Put your fat into it! Think with your fat!".

Isn't it long, long, long past time for everybody to stop seeking 'helpful' advise from Khazars on any subject?  They've reached the point where they have obviously decided to shut down the entire woke internet as they realize that wokenness is the main problem for racist violent group supremacists.  Every word they allow to get through is simply a lie to promote their group supremacist interests.

"Did Trump change his mind about Iran attack when told that his regional assets would be jeopardized?" (Madsen).  Does WWIII hang on the fate of Trump's golf courses and Ivanka's junk jewellery?  I'll take sanity any way I can get it.

More Zionist fantasies that Putin can get Iranian forces out of Syria!:  "Russia tamps down US-Iran tensions" (Bhadrakumar).

"Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Testified That Jew Jared Kushner Behaves Like a Sneaking Rat Kike" (Anglin).  The Parallel Khazar State Department.

"Jeffrey Epstein plea deal must stand, prosecutors tell sex abuse victims" (Brown).  It's in the American Constitution that Mossad honeypot operations must be protected at all cost, even if - or especially if - a lot of child rape and trafficking, and the blackmailing of important people, up to the US President, is involved.

Speaking of 'BJ' Pak, and, for that matter, of trafficking, 'HJ' Kraft has set up a foundation to encourage the usual supremacist nonsense:  "Robert Kraft pledges $20 million to set up foundation that will fight BDS" (Arria).

"In Major "Blow" To Bolsonaro, 39 Kilos Of Coke Seized On Brazil's Presidential Plane" (Durden):
"The embarrassing arrest also occurred on the day that embattled Brazilian justice minister and former judge Sérgio Moro was in the US visiting the Drug Enforcement Agency."
"Canada enables corrupt Haitian president to remain in power" (Engler).  "Trudeau lines Canada up behind Trump’s war drive against Iran" (Jordan).

"Watchdog: U.S. Has No ‘Comprehensive Plan’ for $83 Billion Afghan Troop Training Project" (Mora).  With a 'B'.  Just imagine how much more of a disaster it would have been had they not spent that money trying to undo the consequences of that War For The Jews, and had instead wasted it on American healthcare, education or infrastructure.

"Splitter!" (Robinson).  The complex American religious attack on Russia, involving Byzantine shenanigans, isn't going as planned!

Fine investigation - note the Twitter accounts set up for private messaging with various scum - of the institutional crookedness of the OPCW:  "How the OPCW’s investigation of the Douma incident was nobbled - Working Group on Syria".

The big issue to consider today is the complex plan/conspiracy to make Israel's position permanent and unassailable by establishing it as the lynch pin in the supply of gas to Europe:  "The Economic Entrails at the Heart of the ‘Deal of the Century’" (Crooke).  This requires the usual treasonous and bribed decisions by various Eurotrash worthies - as well as getting Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt turned around, and accepting of huge changes against their own national interests - to replace secure supplies of energy from Russia with iffy Khazar-controlled and possibly mythological supplies of Mediterranean gas (thus giving the Khazars a permanent veto on European political decisions).  The upshot is that the 'deal of the century' has almost nothing to do with the Palestinians, but is supposed to permanently cement Israel to Europe, while finally formalizing the semi-secret relationship between Israel and the various illegitimate cryptos - "‘I was raised by a Jewish woman’, Saudi Arabia’s MBS tells US Journalist – English Subs" - crookedly running various Gulf States.

"Catholic board ‘deeply sorry’ after quote attributed to Hitler used in Grade 8 graduation display" (Teotonio):
"The boy had searched online for an inspirational quote and didn’t know who Hitler was, the board spokesperson said."
With the amount of Holocaust 'education' this poor boy would have suffered through there is zero chance that this isn't a 4chan-ish prank, and he deserves some kind of medal for it.  The quote applies to this case.
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