Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Tweets (Adam H. Johnson):
"Note Iran “violates” the deal, the US simply “withdraws” from it"
"(Sanctioning Iran was a violation of the deal)"
"From coup leaders to con artists: Juan Guaidó’s gang exposed for massive humanitarian aid fraud" (Cohen).  "Massive Embezzlement Scandal Threatens Juan Guaido’s Political Future" (Rubinstein).  Good for Avendaño for publishing it!  You never see such things in the usual western (((media))), famous to sticking to the Official Story, whatever it is, like glue (an example is this very story, apparently not 'newsworthy').  "Poll Finds Maduro's Domestic Support Stronger After Coup Attempt & US Pressures" (Durden).  Actually, I suspect this poll grossly understates the relative popularity of Marduro versus Guido (the richer people with more access to technology always get over-polled, even in those extremely rare situations when pollsters are trying to be honest and competent).

"US and Canada Are Backing an Elite White Supremacist Minority in Venezuela" (Pear).  It's white supremacist Justin!  Well of course it is.

"Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried by Reuters for Over a Month" (Emersberger).  The common thread in the world today is for the Assholians to cause a major problem, and then purport to 'fix' the problem by 'regime change'.  This is a long-standing plan, but only used to happen from time to time.  Now it is everywhere and always.

"Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East" (Bodansky).  Lots of details - which are essentially unreported in the (((media))) - on the ongoing war of the Americans and their jihadist proxies against Iran and Syria (and on Iran's increasing presence in Syria, despite all the illegal Israeli attacks), but bizarrely accepts the American Official Story of the attack on the two ships.  Because of Iran's physical location, China needs to throw in its lot with Iran, and thus Russia does too.  You could say the spirit of the age is Jews Versus Geography. and geography will always win that battle.

You'd think that Modi could position India to play off China and the US, but instead he is fucking up simultaneously on both fronts:  "Modi wades into Eurasianism" (Bhadrakumar) and "India is escalating a trade fight with America. It's a high risk strategy" (Iyengar).

"Remember the Vincennes? The US’s Long History of Provoking Iran" (Washington, Jr).

Freedom gas ain't free:  "US Poised to Approve Shipping LNG by Rail for Export With No New Safety Rules" (Mikulka).

"Koch-Oil Big Lies and Ecocide Writ Large in Canada" (McMurtry). Note that the pipelines - ecological disasters, particularly directed at the indigenous population - are needed to move the hydrocarbons out of Alberta so people like the Kochs can make the big bucks processing them elsewhere.  They leave behind the permanent ecological devastation of Alberta, and the Alberta hillbillies - the closest thing Canada has to your average Assholians - are such morons they are fine with that, and are in fact militant on imposing their will, and their mistakes, on everybody else!  There's a massive pro-pipeline advertising campaign going on in Canada now.  Teh Stupid is so strong it is almost funny.

(((Munk))):  "Reporters investigated abuse and corruption at a Barrick gold mine in Tanzania. They faced threats and censorship" (Guégan/Schilis-Galleg).  The human rights abuses have been going on for years, as have the extreme efforts by Barrick to repress reporting of them.  "Barrick Gold founder Peter Munk leaves a tarnished legacy" (Saunders).  From beyond the grave, his shekels continue to fund right-wing PR.

Summary of the current state of Killarygate/Barrygate, as ironically revealed by the failed efforts involved in Russiagate:  "Exposing the Fraudulent DNC Suit Against Trump for Russian Collusion by Larry C Johnson".

"Stefan Halper To Appear At Cambridge Spy Conference In July" (Ross).  Mifsud could make a special guest appearance, to the delirious applause of the crowd.

"Trump’s Trade Threats Are Really Cold War 2.0" (Hudson):
"At stake is whether China will agree to do what Russia did in the 1990s: put a Yeltsin-like puppet of neoliberal planners in place to shift control of its economy from its government to the U.S. financial sector and its planners. So the fight really is over what kind of planning China and the rest of the world should have: by governments to raise prosperity, or by the financial sector to extract revenue and impose austerity.

U.S. diplomacy aims to make other countries dependent on its agricultural exports, its oil (or oil in countries that U.S. majors and allies control), information and military technology. This trade dependency will enable U.S. strategists to impose sanctions that would deprive economies of basic food, energy, communications and replacement parts if they resist U.S. demands.

The objective is to gain financial control of global resources and make trade “partners” pay interest, licensing fees and high prices for products in which the United States enjoys monopoly pricing “rights” for intellectual property. A trade war thus aims to make other countries dependent on U.S.-controlled food, oil, banking and finance, or high-technology goods whose disruption will cause austerity and suffering until the trade “partner” surrenders."
"All The Cyber-Attack Stories From The Past Few Days Can't Be Linked...Can They?" (Luther).  Note that the Russian story may be American intelligence disinfo, a trick to worry the Russians by making them paranoid about the security of their systems (note that Sanger is a well known American IC asset, and all the questions about this can be answered if this is an American intelligence operation), but the Clintonistas think the story is that the Pentagon, fearing that Trump would tell Putin, hid the operation from him (and not the inherent humanitarian wrongness of it, the gross hypocrisy of doing this while wailing about Russiagate, or the issues of deceiving their own Commander in Chief)!:  "Trump's Own Advisors Consider Him A Serious National Security Risk" (Madrak).

"US Cyber Attack on Russia’s Power Grid is an ‘Act of War’ (According to the US)" (Lindorff).  It seems like the height of asymmetrical war folly for the hegemon to start a fight where the opposing forces have equal if not superior capabilities, and its own systems are vulnerable, but nobody ever said the politicians and bureaucrats of the hegemon were smart.

"Putin, Xi Urge End To MAD World. Lord Russell's Spectre Frowns" (Ehret).  Just look at those evil and immoral Chinese and Russian leaders, suggesting that Wars For The Jews money be spent on human development!

"It's Back To Cold War Days Over The Baltic" (Madsen).  It is amusing to watch a group of politicians make a series of obviously highly stupid decisions against the interests of their own peoples.  What the fucking hell happened to Scandinavia, anyway?

"Dean Meredith Raimondo’s Reading List" (Quintilian).  It is growing ever more obvious, starting with, for example, the connections of Soros to antifa, that there is a planned, very high level, SJW conspiracy afoot, one that has been accelerated by the 'threat' of Trump.  One of the more interesting - some might say, inevitable - side effects of the conspiracy is that it is undermining the causes for which the SJWs purport to stand.
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