Monday, June 03, 2019

Your home is my home

"Pompeo questions reception of US plan 'loved only by Israelis'".  An obvious intentional leak (hardly even a leak, as there were many witnesses, and one could assume at least one would talk), the start of Trump walking back President Jared's eliminationist plans for the Palestinians.  The plans never had much chance, as Trump's Macher-in-Chief is Sheldon, not President Jared, Ivanka notwithstanding.  Speaking of the remarkable autistic diplomatic presence that is President Jared:  "Pompeo: Jared Kushner’s Palestine plan “unexecutable;’ Kushner: Palestinians unready for Self-Rule" (Cole):
"In separate remarks at Axios on HBO, Kushner revealed that he has not idea what self-determination means. He said Palestinians need to have it, but then implied that they would remain under Israeli military Occupation and that anyway the Palestinian WOGS are incapable of self-rule at this time."
"And So It Begins: Border Patrol Arrests 116 Africans Crossing Rio Grande" (Sailer).  Indicating a degree of organization that looks like a conspiracy (the New Underground Railroad from Africa to Mexico, and beyond).  Since Trump's new immigration plan, thanks to President Jared, is to let everybody in (pure low wage conservatism + standard Khazar immigration planning to dilute the white ethnostates), you have to think this organization comes from the Democrat ((('donors'))) (I'm still assuming the original 'caravans' were organized by Republicans to help Trump in the midterms).  "George Soros & The 'Business' Of Illegal Immigration" (interview with Francesca Totolo).  I should note this is no crazy 'conspiracy theory', and the involvement of Soros in European immigration is completely documented.

"Two Contrasting Commencement Addresses a Half Century Apart" (Roberts).  Rapture-crazed even by Pence standards.  "Mike Pence Addresses West Point Grads, Tells Them to Prepare for All-Out War" (Batty).

Pence was just in Ottawa to deliver Justin his marching orders - I'm assuming the new NAFTA is dead with Trump's new, insane, tariffs on Mexico - and the very next day Barry showed up for a brewski:  "'Just 2 regular guys': Trudeau, Obama grab a pint at Ottawa brewery" (Katawazi).

Tweet (BDS movement):
"UN Special Rapporteur & Secretary General slam Canada’s PM for violating international law with new trade agreement w/ Israel: “The Canadian government is extending economic benefits & political cover to an illegal enterprise.”"
"Is There Anyone Other Than Outright Shills Trying to Defend the Orange Cheeto Man?" (Anglin).

"Regime Change in Iran: Been There, Done That" (Giraldi).  Still following the 1953 template.

"Contracts reveal how the DEA exercises control over television, film productions" (Secker). The CBC production Intelligence was the best show on the DEA.  It depicted various vicious organized crime gangs in Vancouver, all of which were humanitarian organizations in comparison with the Absolute Evil committed daily by the DEA.  Intelligence was cancelled the minute Harper was elected PM. 

The 'new' MLK 'revelations' by a 'respected' biographer, the product of exactly the same old FBI skulduggery that is currently in the news regarding the coup attempt against Trump, were swallowed, lock, stock and barrel, by the (((media))), which should have tipped us off that something was afoot:  "As a New Paradigm of East and West Cooperation Emerges, Martin Luther King’s Assassins Try Killing Him Again" (Ehret).  Lots of good background, otherwise missing from the story.

"US-Iran: Inverted Reality, Real War" (Cartalucci):
"Then there is MEK – a US-backed terrorist organization previously listed as such by the US State Department itself – now openly hosted in Washington and spoken for by current US National Security Adviser John Bolton – who by no coincidence is also the leading voice advocating war with Iran. 
MEK was listed as a terrorist organization for a reason. It has carried out decades of brutal terrorist attacks, assassinations, and espionage against the Iranian government and its people, as well as targeting Americans including the attempted kidnapping of US Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II, the attempted assassination of USAF Brigadier General Harold Price, the successful assassination of Lieutenant Colonel Louis Lee Hawkins, the double assassinations of Colonel Paul Shaffer and Lieutenant Colonel Jack Turner, and the successful ambush and killing of American Rockwell International employees William Cottrell, Donald Smith, and Robert Krongard.

Admissions to the deaths of the Rockwell International employees can be found within a report written by former US State Department and Department of Defense official Lincoln Bloomfield Jr. on behalf of the lobbying firm Akin Gump in an attempt to dismiss concerns over MEK’s violent past and how it connects to its current campaign of armed terror. A similar narrative has now been predictably adopted by the Western media.
To this day MEK terrorists have been carrying out attacks inside of Iran killing political opponents, attacking civilian targets, as well as carrying out the US-Israeli program of targeting and assassinating Iranian scientists.MEK is described by Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Ray Takeyh as a “cult-like organization” with “totalitarian tendencies.” While Takeyh fails to expand on what he meant by “cult-like” and “totalitarian,” an interview with US State Department-run Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty reported that a MEK Camp Ashraf escapee claimed the terrorist organization bans marriage, using radios, the Internet, and holds many members against their will with the threat of death if ever they are caught attempting to escape.
MEK was delisted by the US State Department as a foreign terrorist organization after extensive lobbying efforts – not because evidence indicated they no longer belonged on the list. They were delisted specifically to allow the US to more openly support MEK’s efforts to undermine and overthrow the Iranian government including through the use of continued violence
If Al Qaeda and MEK are the sort of “allies” the US has enlisted to confront “Iranian aggression” in the Middle East, how is Iran rather than Washington the true threat to regional or even global peace and stability?"
Very odd, and strongly Democrat partisan, doxxing by Facebook, on an issue that doesn't seem to be worth it considering the anger it will produce: tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"This is a disgusting abuse of power by Facebook and a major media corporation against a powerless anonymous citizen who broke no laws. It highlights the worst attributes of each and it's sickening to watch it being defended"
Why would you make a spectacle of your failure to guard privacy when your failure to guard privacy is such a hot political topic?

"In "Jaw-Dropping" Speech Malaysian PM Says "No Evidence" Russia Shot Down MH17" (Durden).

Ha!:  "The Incredible Disappearance of Shai Masot" (Murray). Who could have imagined that the (((media))) would bury 'The Lobby'?!  (((They))) even have the chutzpah to leave that part out when it is obviously essential to understand the 'anti-Semitism' story (((they))) are trying to manipulate us with.

More laughs - thievery is a riot!:  "‘Your home is my home!’ — Rivlin slips up at Iftar" (Kanaaneh).

"In Prison for 37 Years, Mumia Abu Jamal Finally has the Right to Defend Himself" (Anfruns).  The newish (((prosecutor))) ("His father, a crime-fiction author, was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, and his mother was an evangelical Christian minister."!), proclaimed by the (((media))) as a progressive champion, did everything (((he))) could to try to block this.  You can see why Black activists are woke on the JQ.

"The Winnipeg General Strike Is Immortal" (Day):
"On June 21, the powder keg finally blew. The day would come to be known as Bloody Saturday.
The pro-strike veterans planned a silent parade to demand the release of the strike leaders. They were joined by thousands of others, including many immigrants who knew they risked arrest and deportation by participating in the parade.
The strikers marched wordlessly down Main Street toward City Hall. Mayor Charles Gray appeared and ordered them to disperse, but the thousands stood firm, hushed and expectant.
Suddenly, the strikers noticed movement on the periphery. A streetcar was gliding toward them. The streetcars had been immobile for weeks, as the drivers were among the most militant strikers. It was a sight heavy with symbolism: a streetcar driven by scabs, cutting straight through the crowd and threatening to divide the ranks, literally and metaphorically.
A group surrounded the streetcar and rocked it back and forth until they tipped it on its side. They then set it ablaze.
The mounties were offstage, ready to be deployed at the first sign of trouble. Gray gave them the signal and they appeared seemingly out of nowhere, barreling through the crowd. The people panicked, retreating to the sidewalks and pressing their bodies against the buildings to make way for the army. Winnipeg was now an occupied city.
The mounties made several passes on horseback, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Most crushed backward in fear, but some defiantly threw bottles and stones. The first shot rang out: a Ukrainian man was shot in the legs, and later died of gangrene. Then another: a Ukrainian man shot straight through the heart died on the spot.
The specials appeared on the scene. Clubs in hand, they chased strikers down side streets. One detachment of specials trapped a group of men, women, and children in an alleyway, where they beat them mercilessly — an incident later known as Hell’s Alley. It’s impossible to know how many were injured that day, as immigrants feared that seeking treatment for their wounds would implicate them in seditious activity and result in their deportation.
Back on Main Street, military trucks rolled through the streets, their carriages jammed with soldiers pointing bayonets in every direction. The street emptied. The silent parade had ended in silent defeat."
On the other hand:
"Two strike leaders, JS Woodsworth and Abraham Heaps, eventually made their way to parliament where they established the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), the more left-leaning precursor to the current New Democratic Party (NDP). The CCF swept to power in Saskatchewan in 1944 where, led by Tommy Douglas, it established Medicare, North America’s first public health insurance program.
But more than that, the strike showed what solidarity looked like on a mass scale, and how common cause and unity of purpose could dissolve divisions and prejudices. The thirty thousand who went on strike included native-born and immigrant workers, skilled and unskilled, Christians and Jews, men and women. For six weeks, they held fast together. Despite their hunger and their hardship, they remained so strong that only an army could break them apart.
According to the Western Labor News, the strike “demonstrated the nature of the class struggle, the ruthlessness and brutality of imperialist capital,” and “the real purpose of military and semi-military bodies.” It also “started men and women to think and study, to realize the power they possessed if they could use it unitedly.” The paper continued:
Labor already knew that two dozen men on horseback, shooting to kill, could disperse a crowd of several thousand unarmed men and women. The Committee of 1,000 has, however, many lessons to learn — among other things the members of that committee must be taught that ideas are more powerful than bullets… We shall “carry on” until victory is won."
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