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If I did it

Good summary of recent, typical, Khazar behavior:  "Israel Has "The Most Moral Army in the World"?" (Giraldi).  Why (((they))) got 100% control of the (((media))):  "With Criticism Crushed in the West, Israel Can Enjoy Its Impunity" (Cook).  "The Media Is Reluctant to Report Israel Boasts of Killing Iranians" (Giraldi).  "Creeping Ethnic Cleansing as Israel Demolishes 18 more Palestinian-owned Buildings" (Hassan).  "‘Devastation and outrage’ after Israeli forces destroy Palestinian homes in Sur Bahir" (Patel).  "Israeli rampage of destruction in Jerusalem village" (Nassar).  Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"This is actually a savvy use of U.S. taxpayer money as it creates lots of jobs, and value, here at home"
"Spying for Israel Is Consequence Free" (Giraldi).  On Milchan.  Outrageous, even by Khazar standards.

"Benny Morris reveals more about the Israeli conspiracy to cover-up the Nakba" (Ofir).  (((They))) make the source documents inaccessible, then claim Arab claims of Khazar crimes are without backing, and are thus just mythology or even, I suppose, 'anti-Semitism'.  Since ((( they))) didn't want to mess up their own historical source documentation, (((they))) are on a systematic plan to hide only the embarrassing stuff.

The Assholian plan to seize the Strait of Hormuz - and the Bab al-Mandab, and thus the Suez Canal - started with the seizing of the Iranian ship:  "US pours oil into fire in Gulf, mum’s the word for India" (Bhadrakumar).

In fact, Bolton's big plan seems to involve various plays on the law of the sea:  "Ukraine seizes Russian tanker in Danube port city of Izmail" (Walker).

Modi's plan to pull an 'Israel' on Kashmir:  "Is India Preparing To Unleash “Weapons Of Mass Migration” In Kashmir?" (Korybko).

"Khan Sets the Table for US Pull Out of Central Asia" (Luongo). I see India, with its stupid alliances with the worst of the worst due to its Hindu supremacism, on a rapid road down to ruin, and Pakistan (and Bangladesh) rapidly on the road up, remarkable success stories in the making (a parallel to the rapid development of China in the last 30 years).

"Escobar: The Dragon Lays Out Its Road-Map, Denies Seeking Hegemony":'
"Special emphasis is placed on China’s relatively quiet, behind-the-scenes diplomacy. “China has played a constructive role in the political settlement of regional hotspots such as the Korean Peninsula issue, the Iranian nuclear issue and Syrian issue.” The corollary could not be more clear-cut. “China opposes hegemony, unilateralism and double standards.”
Arguably the most important point made by the white paper – in stark contrast with the “Chinese aggression” narrative – is that “Never Seeking Hegemony, Expansion or Spheres of Influence” is qualified as “the distinctive feature of China’s national defense in the new era.”
This is backed up by what could be defined as the distinctive Chinese approach to international relations – to respect “the rights of all peoples to independently choose their own development path,” and “the settlement of international disputes through equal dialogue, negotiation and consultation. China is opposed to interference in the internal affairs of others, abuse of the weak by the strong, and any attempt to impose one’s will on others.”"
"Russia wades into oily waters of East Mediterranean" (Bhadrakumar).  Since almost everybody else is lined up with Cyprus-Israel (Cypreael) against Turkey, Russia has another strong lever to bring Turkey completely into the Russia-China alliance.

The chutzpah of Google is growing in leaps and bounds, with many of its decisions unbelievably evil and obvious:  "Tulsi Gabbard vs Google Goliath" (Sterling).  See also:  "Twitter Bans Russian Embassy in Syria for Posting About White Helmet Terror Cartel" (Anglin) and "How a Small Group of Pro-Israel Activists Blacklisted MintPress on Wikipedia" (Webb) and ""Human Right Activists" Celebrate Facebook-Twitter Censorship" (Thomas).

Tweets (Moss Robeson) (Ukrainian pals of the Assholians share certain traits):
"#Thread: Inspired by the CBP Facebook revelations, I decided to take a look at the OUN-B affiliated U.S. Organization for Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine (ODFFU) Facebook group, which includes 610 people. In no particular order, here are some profiles that stuck out to me:"
"West’s Relations with the White Helmets have gone Stale" (Perier).  Canadian diplomats actually interviewed some of these guys in preparation for bringing them to Canada, only to realize immediately that they were utter monsters.  As a tragic result, Canada is going to suffer from a shortage of human organ grill restaurants.  Also:  "Another "good" jihadi".

Dersh has either completely lost his mind, or, far more likely, is trying to stir up controversy to further pressure Trump to start WWIII based on the Epstein blackmail material (which is obviously working - note how Trump is being further and further drawn into Bolton's insane Zionist plans against Iran, all of which essentially involve increasing the chances of accidental misunderstandings which the (((media))) and use to spiral into WWIII).  Tweets (Alan Dershowitz).  Some world-class tweets in response:  "'Creepy Dershowitz' Trends And You Really Don't Want To Know Why" (Mazza).

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

9/11, solved

Solving 9/11 - a US government conspiracy - with anthrax:  "The 2001 Anthrax Deception" (Black) (my emphasis in red, some names in blue, with the brilliant crux in green):
". . . the date of confirmation of the first anthrax attack, i.e. against Robert Stevens, was Oct. 3rd. Prior to this date no one knew – or was supposed to know – that the nation was, once again, ‘under attack’. Strange to tell, then, that the press was, all through September, chock-a-block full of reports and analyses of possible anthrax attacks.

The New York Times alone, between Sept. 12 and Oct. 3, fielded some 76 articles related to biological and chemical weapons attacks, of which 27 of these were specifically to do with anthrax.
Furthermore, on Sept. 22, the FAA, responding to special information (that we will visit in a moment) pointing to the possibility of a mass aerial anthrax assault, grounded all of the nation’s 4000 or so crop-dusting planes. Finally, it eventually came out that the White House staff had been placed on the anthrax antibiotic, Ciprofloaxcin, on the very day of Sept. 11.

Now one might at first suppose that all this seeming foreknowledge was merely prudent calculation on the part of both government and media. In short, perhaps this was not ‘foreknowledge’ but rather ‘foresight’. But this supposition is misleading. There was, as such, no obvious, no compelling reason to think that a follow-up terrorist plot by the likes of ‘Al Qaeda’ would come in the form of a biological attack. After all, purely conventional means (i.e. planes, bombs, etc.) offered the far simpler, the far greater threat.

And here we need take note, not only of the extreme technical difficulties in the weaponizing of anthrax, but of the overwhelmingly disproportionate emphasis on the threat of it throughout the period in question.

Nor can one credit the boys in blue – or the media – with some flashy detective intuition, for the plain fact of the matter is that they got it completely wrong, i.e. the provenance of the anthrax attacks were neither Al Qaeda nor Iraq – but US government-military labs!

Still, the FAA did seem to have been on to something when they grounded the nations’ crop-dusting fleet, and that ‘something’ turned out to be the startling revelation that a number (at least a dozen) of the alleged 9/11 hijackers had, over the previous year, been busying themselves attempting to procure crop-dusting planes. And not just procuring, but of making a big, very public splash of it to boot.

On Sept. 24, 2001, for instance, Ashcroft testified before Congress relating how Mohamed Atta, the supposed ringleader of the hijackers, “had been compiling information about crop-dusting before the 9/11 attacks.”

The following day it was revealed that Atta had, in early May, walked into US Department of Agriculture office in Florida and inquired about getting a loan to buy a crop-dusting plane adding that he was looking to modify the plane to carry a large additional chemical tank. After being turned down for the $650,000 loan he sought, Atta apparently then threatened to cut the throat of the loan officer and simply take the money from the safe. He made further blatant allusions to ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’ and so on throughout the interview.

Apart from the fact that it is hard to reconcile this behaviour – and a large corpus of similar material relating to the behaviour of the 9/11 hijackers – with a group of men planning an ultra-secret mission of terror, it is also more than curious that the hijackers of 9/11 would be bothering to associate themselves with (presumably) spreading anthrax when it was clear, even according to the government’s own narrative, that ‘Al Qaeda’ was hardly likely to harbour the technical capability for weaponizing the bacteria.

This is, of course, where the link with Iraq insinuates itself, i.e. a state actor is required to provide the weaponized material.

The equation then becomes simple: The anthrax narrative equals the pretext for the invasion of Iraq. Here we may see Powell’s seemingly anomalous waving of the ‘anthrax card’ before the UN, in a new light, i.e. as part of an erstwhile, deeply entrenched (if, by then, completely discredited) script to attack Iraq.

A question now begs to be asked: Is there yet any connection between the hijackers – and the anthrax letters themselves?
The answer is yes, and the link between them is Robert Stevens, i.e. the very first person to be identified as having contracted anthrax (on Oct. 3; he died Oct. 5). Stevens worked as a photo-editor for a tabloid called The Sun in Baca Raton, Florida.
As it transpires, Gloria Irish, the wife of the head of the Sun, just happened to be the real estate agent not only for Stevens himself, but for two of the hijackers, Marwan al-Shehhi and Hamza al-Ghamdi. Two other hijackers moved in with al-Shehhi and al-Ghamdi and, in all, investigators later connected nine of the nineteen hijackers to the apartments located by Mrs. Irish.
But remember, the anthrax attacks did not actually involve Al Qaeda or the hijackers. They originated as a purely domestic conspiracy. Could then a ‘lone wolf’ agent like Bruce Ivins perhaps have deliberately targeted Stevens knowing his physical proximity to the hijackers?
No. The information linking Stevens and the hijackers came out only after Steven’s death.
That leaves either the pure coincidence theory, i.e. that, out of some 285 million people then living in the United States, a number of the hijackers just happened to be connected with the first anthrax victim, or that the entire anthrax narrative – including the reports of hijackers seeking crop-dusting planes etc – was meant to be linked with 9/11, this as a pretext to implicate Iraq in the 9/11 attacks themselves.

Moreover, as Graham MacQueen aptly notes, it matters not “whether actual hijackers were involved in sending out letters laden with anthrax spores: the question is whether fictions, verbal or enacted, were intentionally created to make this narrative seem credible. The Hijackers did not have anthrax, but the script portrayed them as likely to have it.”

The association between the alleged hijackers and the anthrax letters do not, of course, exhaust the many and profound connections linking the hijackers to a false-flag scenario.

There are, for instance, the known connections of a number of the hijackers to Western intelligence services. Of especial interest is the possible relation between the hijackers and Israeli intelligence agents operating in the US at the time. Still, as discussion of these fascinating threads would lead us far astray, let us conclude this exhibit with a final bizarro-world flourish known as ‘Dark Winter’.

Less than three months before the 9/11 attacks a bioterrorism exercise called ‘Dark Winter’ was held at Andrews Air Force Base. Whilst the holding of such exercises are not in themselves unusual, the peculiar parallels between this simulation and the subsequent anthrax attacks are yet worth noting.
Thus, like the anthrax attacks themselves ‘Dark Winter’ involved: contaminated letters being sent to the mainstream media; letters being sent to high state officials; preparations for the drastic restriction of civil liberties; and finally, an emphasis on a ‘double perpetrator’ narrative, even spelling out “Iraq” as the state sponsor in collusion with “terrorist groups in Afghanistan”. Also intriguing are the personnel who were involved in the exercise. Of these, three stand out: Judith Miller, James Woolsey, and Jerome Hauer.
Miller reprised for the simulation her real-world role as reporter for the New York Times; a role she leant zealously towards the framing of Iraq in the lead up to invasion. Also worthy of note is the bio-weapons book she co-authored, entitled ‘Germs’, which was released on Oct. 2/01, just in time to clean up on the anthrax scare and soar up the best-seller list.
Woolsey, reprising his former real-world role as CIA director (under Clinton), was also an erstwhile and virulent proponent of invading Iraq. Hauer played the role of FEMA director in Dark Winter.
In real life, Hauer was both a bioterrorism expert and had been, up until early 2000, the director of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for New York City. The OEM had been located on the 23rd floor of the World Trade Center #7. According to a July 27, 1999 New York Times article, Hauer’s alternate expertise – and apparent obsession – was building collapse.
In following the chain of evidence adumbrated so far we are led inexorably to a startling conclusion. To wit, far from being just another obscure footnote in history, the 2001 anthrax attacks appear, not just as a domestic conspiracy originating within the highest levels of the US state apparatus, but as a pointer to the truth of that ‘other’ potential – probable – false flag, i.e. 9/11 itself.

As MacQueen summarizes the matter:

Since the Hijackers of 9/11 fame were connected to the anthrax attacks, and since the anthrax attacks manifestly had to be planned and carried out by deep insiders in the US, there is no avoiding the implication that the 9/11 attacks were also carried out by insiders. There is, as it happens, a large body of evidence which supports this thesis.”"
The hilarious attempt of 'Atta' to negotiate a government loan for a cropduster, while ensuring he would be remembered - including broadly referring to the use of the plane in an attack, and, out of the blue, referencing bin Laden!!! - takes me back!  If you add 'Able Danger', proving Atta was working for the US government in New Jersey before he is officially supposed to have set foot in the US, you solve the case.  I wonder if Hauer - "Jerome Hauer is a Zionist. His mother, Rose Muscatine Hauer, is the retired Dean of the Beth Israel School of Nursing and the Honorary President of the New York Chapter of Hadassah, the Daughters of Zion movement that is one of the central Zionist organizations involved in the creation and support of the State of Israel." - collapsed #7 to hide evidence of planning the crime.

A wee bit more anthrax:
  1. trial run, from 1997:  "Questions lingering after bizarre mailing to Bnai Brith";
  2. "Blast from the Past: PNAC's 1998 Letter to Clinton" (Meteor Blades):  "The only acceptable strategy is one that eliminates the possibility that Iraq will be able to use or threaten to use weapons of mass destruction."; 
  3. small world department:  "Remember when Judy Miller got a fake anthrax letter" (tgnyc);
  4. the small group of Islamophobe scientists who called themselves the Camel Club who attempted to finger Ayaad Assaad;
  5. "“It’s very good”: Recalling Benjamin Netanyahu’s words on the day of the 9/11 attacks" (Abunimah).
  6. one of the two utterly innocent patsies, Steven Hatfill, ended up in trouble with the FBI largely on the basis of the writings of (((Barbara Hatch Rosenberg))).
A (((very small group))) worked extremely hard on this issue.  The first stage was to associate the anthrax attacks with Iraq, the second was to find a )))((( patsy to take the blame for the actual culprits.  9/11 bought (((them))) the War For The Jews against Afghanistan; the anthrax was needed to get the Patriot Act passed and provide the bridge to the War For The Jews against Iraq  (with the (((media))), especially the (((JYT))) promoting the anthrax fears even before the attacks happened).  We can walk that bridge back to see without doubt that 9/11 was a very high level operation of the American government.  Solving 9/11 isn't even very hard.


Tweet (Walker Bragman):
"Saudi Arabia shelled a market in Saada, Yemen, today. Two children were killed and 11 injured.

Did you hear about it on cable? Have you ever seen images like this in the news?

The US is backing this brutality. Americans should see what a $1.4 trillion defense budget means."
"The UN Just Rebuked Two Close US Allies For Shocking Child Death Tolls" (Durden).

Even (((Marshall))) finds this odd:  "The Convergence Continues" (they could save some money if the same guy was both American ambassador to Israel, and Israeli Ambassador to the US!):
"US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman sat in on Israel’s weekly cabinet meeting today. Completely unprecedented. Not just in Israel. I’m curious whether a foreign ambassador has ever sat in on a cabinet meeting in any country ever."
One of the most striking signs of imperial decline is that the legal paraphernalia carefully built up for decades or even centuries, all with the purpose of protecting the profits of empire, is thrown out the window with nary a thought by the blackmailed and beshekeled politicians for some passing interest, in this case another random War For The Jews - "Tanker Seizures and the Threat to the Global Economy from Resurgent Imperialism" (Murray).  The sheer stupidity behind these feckless actions is simply jaw dropping (although it is part and parcel with the current state of the UK).

This is kind of huge but the American actions against her were so fundamentally crooked and political that massive Brady violations won't make any difference:  "Russia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI" (Sara Carter).

Tweet (David Forum) (the only one Trump fears, and for good cause, is Bernie):
"how many fucking times can you fall for republicans telling you who they want to run against"
Trump desperately needed some space from Epstein, so he tweeted some of his usual shit knowing the Democrats - also desperately needing some space from Epstein due to Bill - would take the bait and spend all their time crying racist.  The funniest thing is that the Democrats know they are being manipulated, but keep falling for the same obvious tricks anyway.

New-Holocaust news:  "Elections Canada won’t change voting day to accommodate Jewish holiday" (Campion-Smith).  If this isn't reversed, it will be because some Jews think this concern is overblown.

"Tulsi Gabbard tries to defend anti-Palestinian vote" (Abunimah).  Americans shouldn't forget that she is just a regular, disgusting politician, with one good idea, albeit a spectacular one (the single thing that might save the entire country from utter ruin), no more Wars For The Jews.

"Google Cuts YouTube Access For Iran's Press TV And Hispan TV 'Without Any Warning'" (Doffman).  Despite rhetoric here and there, almost entirely from Trump and his supporters, I have not seen one single tiny move from American politicians to limit the monopoly power of the monopoly-holding social media companies.

"‘Illegitimate’ internet use under the microscope at Five Eyes meeting: Goodale" (Connolly).  ‘Illegitimate’ internet use = the goyim knowing.

I was looking forward to the Stormer take on the Cyprus 'consensual, goyim' train:  "Cyprus: 19-Year-Old British Woman Arrested After Accusing 12 Israeli Men of Raping Her" (Pomidor Quixote).  The one thing to take from this is that the government in Cyprus is so utterly corrupt it makes Colombia look like Finland.

False flag o' the day:  tweet (Charles Shoebridge):
"When two US UK troops were reported killed last year in an IS attack, US UK govts and media used the incident to justify the presence of their forces in #Syria. Now it’s revealed both were accidentally killed by a US grenade, and the IS attack didn’t occur"
This thread is quite something: tweet (Zeddy) (TT condos for a surprising array of criminals, and sometimes their cats):
"On the subject of #CrimeInfested. A thread. Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, owned and lived in a condo on 43rd floor of Trump Tower. Currently in prison for money-laundering, bank fraud, tax fraud, witness tampering and conspiracy against the United States."
Sometimes the title itself makes me laugh out loud:  "Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With Pedophilia?" (Breland).  We're in this amazing period where ((('Hollywood'))) is trying to convince Middle America that pedo stuff is just more good, clean, victimless fun, while at the same time fear of its revelation is the backbone of the massive Khazar blackmail operations.

"A Failed Attempt to Rehabilitate Bush’s Disastrous Foreign Policy" (Larison).  It's like the captain of the Titanic being blamed for failing to see one iceberg, thus damaging the reputation of his otherwise illustrious career.

Tweet (natalie // ناتالي) (an excellent example of the verbal manipulations of 'journalists', in this case involving some extreme 'tourism'):
"he entered syria, without a visa, through turkey, the same way as isis terrorists..literally any country would arrest him in this situation, but because it happened in syria he was “kidnapped”"
I'm a connoisseur of this kind of press release:  "Equal Voice Statement on Respectful Workplace" ("Equal Voice is a national, bilingual, multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada." + #metoo!).

I've got vast piles of stuff yet to mention, but the next post will be another, interesting, detour back.

Monday, July 29, 2019


So much for the scam that is the 'secure' email provider Protonmail, which seems to just work for MI6:  "Statement on the attempted phishing attack against Bellingcat".  Note all the outrageous sucking up and lies!!!  You can't trust anybody, but I have to say I'm a little surprised they didn't at least try to hide it better.

The wine of the filthy thieves

The applicant, himself Jewish, complained about how he got completely Jewed over by the Canadian bureaucracy concerning the usual issue of Israel mislabeling as 'Israeli' undrinkable wines made by filthy thieves on stolen land in the Occupied Territories.  The Judge sent the matter back to the Jewed-up and crooked bureaucrats for reconsideration.  I imagine this will be appealed until it reaches enough Khazar judges to reach a kosher result, but until then it is one hell of a spectacular judgment, by The Honourable Anne L. Mactavish. Note the end:
"[125]  There are few things as difficult and intractable as Middle East politics, and the presence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank raises difficult, deeply-felt and sensitive political issues.

[126]  One peaceful way in which people can express their political views is through their purchasing decisions.  To be able to express their views in this manner, however, consumers have to be provided with accurate information as to the source of the products in question.

[127]  In addition, Canadian federal legislation requires that food products (including wines) that are sold in Canada bear truthful, non-deceptive and non-misleading country of origin labels.

[128]  The effect of the CAO’s decision was to affirm the CFIA’s conclusion that it is permissible to label wines produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank as "“Products of Israel”" when that is not in fact the case. These labels are thus false, misleading and deceptive. As such, they contravene the requirements of subsection 7(1) of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and subsection 5(1) of the Food and Drugs Act.

[129]  A decision that allows Settlement Wines to be labelled as "“Products of Israel”" thus does not fall within the range of possible, acceptable outcomes which are defensible in respect of the facts and law. It is, rather, unreasonable.

[130]  As a consequence, Dr. Kattenburg’s application for judicial review is allowed. In accordance with the agreement of the parties, no order will be made as to costs.

[131]  Finally, it is not appropriate for this Court to determine how the Settlement Wines should be labelled. That is a matter for the CFIA. Consequently, the recommendation made by the CAO is set aside, and the matter is remitted to the CAO for redetermination."
In other words, freedom of expression is still guaranteed in Canada (at least until the filthy thieves get through with us), and that expression includes the constitutionally protected right of boycott, which isn't effectively exercisable if the filthy thieves are allowed to lie on labels.

Rape culture

"Israeli 12 rapists freed while British female victim arrested over ‘false rape claim’ in Ayia Napa":
"In an interview with Israeli media, one of the suspects, who was watching the alleged rape from another room, answered to a question about the reason why he didn’t join the suspects saying that “it’s not the kind of stuff he likes” because the girl “isn’t Jewish”.

When the boys arrived at Ben Gurion Airport Sunday evening, they celebrated their release and stated they regretted nothing. They opened champagne bottles and chanted “Am Yisrael Chai” (the people of Israel lives) as well as “the Brit is a whore.”

Despite of the police decision, the suspects’ mistreatment of the girl and the unlimited support by Israeli media even before any police report sparked controversy on social media.

Even before any police report, Israeli journalist Emily Amrousi rushed to conclude that the rape never happened because simply her Zionism leads her to “automatically” disbelieve reports of Israelis suspected of rape!

‘Israel’ is accused of facilitating rape culture. Several politicians have been convicted in rape cases like Moshe Katsav. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is accused of supporting employees, accused of sex crimes, instead of firing them."
"Is Netanyahu facilitating rape culture in Israel?" (Sheen).

"Jewish Men Need To Talk About #MeToo" (Brenner). What can't be said, of course, is that almost all the victims of the #metoo attacks are shiksa's, and this is just another manifestation of Khazar supremacism.  The poison of Khazar supremacism goes well beyond killing people and stealing their land.

"Alan Dershowitz, Devil’s Advocate" (Bruck).  Note the almost violent disdain in the way Dersh consistently refers to the victims.

The new history of the West

"American Pravda: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate" (Unz) (and the comments are starting out with vigor):
"As I gradually became aware of these enormities casually hidden in McCain’s background, my initial reaction was disbelief that someone whose record was so deeply tarnished in so many different ways could ever have reached such a pinnacle of American political power. But as the media continued to avert its eyes from these newly revealed facts, even those disclosed in the pages of the Times itself, I gradually began to consider matters in a different light. Perhaps McCain’s elevation to great American political power was not in spite of the devastating facts littering his personal past, but because of them."
"Similar rumors swirl around events much farther back in history as well, sometimes with enormous consequences. Well-placed contemporary sources have claimed that Samuel Untermyer, a wealthy Jewish lawyer, purchased the secret correspondence between Woodrow Wilson and his longtime mistress, and that the existence of that powerful leverage may have been an important factor behind Wilson’s astonishingly rapid rise from president of Princeton in 1910 to governor of New Jersey in 1911 to president of the United States in 1912. Once in office, Wilson signed the controversial legislation establishing the Federal Reserve system in 1913 and also named Louis Brandeis as the first Jewish member of the U.S. Supreme Court despite the public opposition of nearly our entire legal establishment. Wilson’s swiftly changing views on American involvement in the First World War may also have influenced by such personal pressures rather than solely determined by his perceptions of the national interest.
Without naming any names, since 2001 it has been difficult to avoid noticing that one of the most zealous and committed supporters of the Neocon party-line on all Middle Eastern foreign policy matters has been a leading Republican senator from one of the most socially-conservative Southern states, a man whose rumored personal inclinations have long circulated on the Internet. The strikingly-sudden reversal of this individual on a major policy question certainly supports these suspicions. There have also been several other such examples involving prominent Republicans."
He then drifts into Pizzagate, which undermines his strong opening, as I think Pizzagate is one of those stories, quite possibly with some real basis in truth (some of the emails have some inexplicable and bizarre wording, and the Podestas appear to be deeply weird), that has been manipulated into a reductio ad absurdum by (((the usual suspects))).

We're all coming around to what I think is the simple and correct solution - American (and British etc) political ponerology is based entirely in large Khazar blackmail operations, with the 'leaders' chosen specifically for their blackmailability.  The decisions that are made - naturally backed up by the (((media))), with the unanimity of opinion providing cover - are just so stupid, and so obviously and consistently and ruinously stupid - that there is literally no other possible explanation.  All of history since the beginnings of the 20th century has to be rewritten in a woke manner.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Reverse #metoo

"British woman who accused 12 Israeli teens of gang-raping her in Cyprus is ARRESTED for 'making false allegations' and ALL the men who were arrested over the 'attack' are released" (Thompson).

Tweet (Alan Dershowitz!!!):
"This is what should happen to my false accusers and their lawyers. They are hurting real victims of abuse as well as those who they falsely accuse. I urge an investigation of these serial liars."
The lying bastard besmirched the spotless reputations of Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile!:  "U.K. Man Who Made Up Child Abuse Claims Is Sentenced to 18 Years".

"Profumo affair".  "Stephen Ward".

The only people who ever get punished in these situations are the victims.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Victoria's Real Secret

"Russia and China display strategic coordination in Asia-Pacific" (Bhadrakumar).

"Did John Bolton Light the Fuse of the UK-Iranian Tanker Crisis?" (Porter).

"Escobar: How To Kill 10 Million Afghans And Not Win".

"Western Media Losing Enthusiasm for Failing Coup in Venezuela" (Koerner/Vaz).

"Irish Starving, Big Tobacco Promoting, Terrorist Supporting: Meet New Home Secretary Priti Patel" (Klarenberg).

"Killing Tariq: Why we must rethink the roots of Jewish settlers’ violence" (Baroud).

"Prosecutors Reveal New Child Sex Allegations Against Key Mueller Witness" (Ross).  Initials (CDaN).

"Lawmaker says she’s been told to back off call for probe of Jeffrey Epstein’s work release" (Brown). "Miami Herald Reporter: Alan Dershowitz Tried To Discredit Me After Epstein Story Came Out" (Amato).

I think we're getting an idea of what 'Victoria's Secret' is:  "How Jeffrey Epstein Used the Billionaire Behind Victoria’s Secret for Wealth and Women".  Shopping there is being a party to mass criminality against women.

New manifesto for southern nationalists:  "The 25 Points of 3.0" ('Hunter Wallace').

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Epsteins and the damage done

Epstein context:  "Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era" (Webb).  The handful of people in Washington who aren't sick and twisted perverts aren't capable of doing anything about it.

This kind of blackmail operation run by Khazar gangsters goes way back, but has reached levels since Reagan which have led to the Khazars completely controlling the American government.  Epstein is just one part of a long and elaborate chain. It explains a lot.  Consider the sheer ridiculousness of the Americans fighting just one War For The Jews, let alone an endless stream of them.  Imagine what Nixon would say if you proposed it to him (of course, Watergate itself seems to involve Nixon's fears that one of these operations might be discovered)!  Even with the (((media))) and the (((stinktanks))) laying it on thick, such preposterous wars would be impossible without the blackmail.  Or consider the recent anti-BDS motion, or any of the near unanimous motions in favor of a country that can only be described as 'that shitty little country', or the billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars, badly needed at home, sent off year after year.  Things have become so universally awful that we've come to expect things which should all be absolutely impossible.

We wonder why everything has become crappified.  Politicians, who at one point at least seemed to be capable of vision and smart/bold action, are incapable of accomplishing the simplest things.  Climate change is such a looming threat, and politicians so useless, that some have started to suggest we may need some kind of dictatorship to handle the problem.  The reason for this is that our politicians are now chosen specifically for the weaknesses that will leave them blackmailable.  The absolute dregs are the people who end up 'leading' us.

We should also remember that Epstein is the previous version.  We don't even know who the current honey-pot operators are.

#arkancide / look good on the dance floor

"Jeffrey Epstein found injured in jail cell with marks on his neck, sources say" (McLaughlin):
"On Tuesday, Epstein's defense lawyer asked the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to reconsider the district court's decision to deny him bail. There is no indication the appeals court has made a determination on whether to hear the appeal."
"Did the Clintons Try to Have Epstein Murdered???"(Anglin).  Actually, there is no trial for a dead man, so the 'Epstein problem' for various NYC toffs completely disappears with the death of Epstein.

The pressure on Trump to start WWIII disappears with the death of Epstein, so I'm shocked the (((Southern District of New York))) didn't take a few precautions.  On the other hand, this is clearly not a real attack but some kind of Epstein stunt.  He'd be dead if it was a real hit.

"FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation".  "FBI agent brother to cop accused of murder-for-hire plot, dead by suicide: sources".  His sister!:  "Inside NYPD cop Valerie Cincinelli’s alleged murder-for-hire plot".

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


"How Stupid Do They Think We Are?" (Armstrong).

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):
"An example of the absolute dearth of genuine Russia expertise in the US government & DC think tank racket. These set of ten predictions for 2019 received 3,400+ retweets, just before New Years. Literally none of them has happened and were are into the seventh month now."
"Deconstructing Elliott Abrams on Venezuela" (Bolton).

"House Democrats Can't Stop Tweeting And Deleting Obama-Era 'Children In Cages' Pics" (Durden).

"WASHINGTON POST Obituary For American Patriot John Tanton Ends By Comparing Him To A Dead Animal Poisoning A Well" and "The Classic Upside-Down NYT Article on #ExpressLaneErica" (Sailer):
"As I’ve long mentioned, the New York Times tends to employ a number of good news reporters who do feel a responsibility to eventually wedge into their stories a few facts that might disrupt The Narrative even when the truth disturbs the delicate feelings of the all-important Subscriber Base. A compromise appears to have evolved in which the opening paragraphs support The Narrative, while the end of the article, long after most people have stopped reading, can get around to revealing what actually happened.
The current NYT format is the opposite of the old one from the days of telegraph-based journalism in which reporters, worried that only part of their story might get through the telegraph lines, started with the most important facts (The Five Ws) and then proceeded to more trivial matters."
 "The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge" (Bolonik).

Friends of Jeffrey

"Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? A close study of his circle — social, professional, transactional — reveals a damning portrait of elite New York."  Worth reading, while remembering this magazine is Khazar-owned, and thus, in its way, spin.

Note how the list completely changes tone, like it was a completely different piece, when discussing Bill!

I love Fergie's clarifying:  "I abhor paedophilia."

There's a few funny references to all the bullshit surrounding the idea that Epstein was some kind of universal genius.

The Charlie Rose entry:
"Name found in Epstein’s black book.
You learn things answering phones, and in the spring of 2005, answering Charlie Rose’s phone at his PBS show, you would learn that his friend Jeffrey Epstein had some recommendations to make for whom Rose ought to hire as his next assistant. Written call logs from 2005 and 2006 show Epstein and his own assistant calling dozens of times, making plans for lunch and tea in Manhattan or to try to meet up in Paris. Epstein also called with a total of five women’s names and phone numbers. One woman was described as “world’s most perfect assistant she used to work for Harvey Weinstein he’s lucky if he can get her.” Another entry reads, “Jeffrey Epstein wants to talk to you before you call these two girls.” A fourth woman shows up on the manifests of Epstein’s jet, including on Bill Clinton’s trip across Africa, and wound up working at the Clinton Foundation. Two former staffers remember another Epstein referral, a young woman not mentioned in the logs, who interned at the show. In all, Rose hired three (“Jeffrey Epstein from time to time recommended various candidates for open positions at the Charlie Rose Show,” Rose’s representative said in a statement, but said the ex-host only learned about Epstein’s alleged abuse years later, when he pleaded guilty in Florida). When I called one of these women recently, she was stunned to learn she was one of many women Epstein recommended for the job. “I was being offered up for abuse,” said the woman, who was 22 at the time she worked for Rose. It helped her understand not only how her boss Rose — whom in 2017 she would accuse, along with 34 other adult women, of sexual harassment — had treated her, but also how the rest of the staff had seen her. And it helped her understand a grim version of networking among powerful men. —Irin Carmon"
So, at the very least, Epstein was running Orgy-Island-style blackmail operations directed at specific powerful men, he had a big child trafficking operation (we know almost nothing about that), plus, with slightly older girls/women, he appeared to be running an employment agency planting spies as 'personal assistants' (who would also, of course, be abused).

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Khazar Deluxe Package For Distinguished Gentlemen Of Sophisticated Tastes

"Meet the woman who ties Jeffrey Epstein to Trump and the Clintons" (Schreckinger/Lippman):
"A month later, in early December 2000, Trump, his future wife Melania, Epstein and Maxwell all attended a surprise 60th birthday for Barbara Amiel, a British socialite, that was also attended by the likes of Anna Wintour, Charlie Rose and William F. Buckley."
Amiel is British, and, since marrying Conrad, a socialite, but I wouldn't describe her as a 'British socialite'!

"Blind items Revealed #3" (CDaN) ('our fave's' public statement on the Epstein arrest was just a pack o' lies, but I wonder if he told the truth to the FBI):
"This permanent A++ list politician was interviewed by the FBI on Friday in regards to the wealthy pedophile.

Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein"
Dersh has been standing up for Trump so long - something which also seems like part of The Khazar Deluxe Package For Distinguished Gentlemen Of Sophisticated Tastes, along with the bribes and not revealing the tapes - that he is taking on Trump's bizarre verbal mannerisms and over-the-top egoistical way of thinking!:  "Alan Dershowitz Defends His "Perfect" Sex Life, Denies Allegations From Epstein Accusers" (Durden).

We're supposed to believe that all 'American' Khazars are pure American patriots, who never cast a thought at Israel, but note how Margolis makes a point of pointing out the elephant in the room, that you get a bunch of them together, and all they talk about is Israel and how great it is!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lady Black

"The Honey Trap on E 71st" (Margolis) (my emphasis in red):
"Soon after I walked into the entrance of Epstein’s mansion on E 71st Street, said to be the city’s largest private home, a butler asked me, ‘would you like an intimate massage, sir, by a pretty young girl?’ This offer seemed so out of place and weird to me that I swiftly declined.
More important than indelicacy, as an old observer of intelligence affairs, to me this offer reeked of ye old honey trap, a tactic to ensnare and blackmail people that was old when Babylon was young. A discreet room with massage table, lubricants and, no doubt, cameras stood ready off the main lobby.
I had arrived with Canada’s leading lady journalist who was then close to Epstein’s sometime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell and, it was said, procuress – something Maxwell denies. Bizarrely, Maxwell believed that I could get KGB Moscow Center to release satellite photos that showed the murder on his yacht of her father, the press baron Robert Maxwell, who was a well-known double agent for Israel and KGB, and a major criminal.
Also present was the self-promoting lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who had saved the accused murderer Claus von Bulow, as well as a titan of the New York real estate industry (not Trump) and assorted bigwigs of the city’s elite Jewish society. All sang the praises of Israel."
"Canada’s leading lady journalist" would have to refer - and no doubt a snide reference to how she perceives herself - to the utterly appalling Barbara Amiel, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist and an absolute curse in the history of Canadian 'journalism'.  This makes it very likely that Trump's recent pardoning of her husband Conrad Black derives from the same bribery/blackmail source of Sheldon.  I am starting to wonder if Trump does anything that isn't on Sheldon's orders.  If Amiel was 'close' to Maxwell does that mean she is also Mossad?  Would not surprise me in the least!


"Michael Hudson: U.S. Economic Warfare and Likely Foreign Defenses".  This is about what you might expect to see when smart people - but smart people who need to stay respectable - do their analysis thing without recourse to the JQ.  The general gist is that the Americans are hard-assedly, and probably immorally, acting in their own self-interest.

But they are clearly not acting in their own self-interest.  They are consistently increasing the relative strength of their enemies/competitors, and providing every possible excuse for countries to remove themselves from the power currently located in the US Dollar.  It is impossible to imagine a stupider course of action than the one the Americans are following.

And it is not a Trump thing, though The Clarification in the way Trump frames issues makes it impossible to avoid seeing what is really going on.  None of the mainstream Democrat candidates who can be expected to be allowed to win has the tiniest quibble about the big stupid things Trump is doing.  It is actually quite remarkable.

Putin (referenced by Hudson) (try to imagine any American politician giving a speech like this!):
"Technically, global economic growth, and I hope we will mostly talk about that since this is an economic forum, has been positive in the recent period. In 2011–2017, the global economy grew by an annual average of 2.8 percent. In recent years, the relevant figure was a bit over three percent. However, we believe, and countries’ leaders and all of us must frankly admit that regrettably, despite this growth, the existing model of economic relations is still in crisis and this crisis is of a comprehensive nature. Problems in this respect have been piling up throughout the past few decades. They are more serious and larger than it seemed before.

The architecture of the global economy has changed dramatically since the Cold War as new markets were becoming part of the globalisation process. The dominant model of development based on the Western “liberal” tradition, let us call it Euro-Atlantic for the sake of argument, began to claim not just a global, but also a universal role.

International trade was the main driver behind the current globalisation model. From 1991 to 2007, it grew more than twice as fast as global GDP. This can be accounted for by the newly opened markets of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and goods pouring into these markets. However, this period turned out to be relatively short-lived by historical standards.

The global crisis of 2008–2009 ensued. It not only exacerbated and revealed imbalances and disproportions, but also showed that global growth mechanisms were beginning to fail. Of course, the international community learned its lesson. However, truth be told, there was not enough will or, perhaps, courage, to sort things out and draw the corresponding conclusions. A simplified approach prevailed whereby the global development model was allegedly quite good and, essentially, nothing needed to be changed since it was enough to eliminate the symptoms and coordinate some rules and institutions in the global economy and finance, and then everything would turn out just fine. There were many hopes and positive expectations back then, but they quickly vanished. Quantitative easing and other measures failed to resolve the problems and only pushed them into the future. I am aware that quantitative easing was discussed at this and other forums. We at the Government and the Presidential Executive Office never stop discussing and debating these matters.

I will now cite data from the World Bank and the IMF. Before the crisis of 2008–2009, the global trade in goods and services to global GDP ratio was constantly growing, but then the trend reversed. It is a fact, there is no such growth anymore. The global trade to global GDP ratio of 2008 has never been recovered. In fact, global trade ceased to be the unconditional driver behind the global economy. The new engine represented by state-of-the-art technology is still being fine-tuned and not operating at full capacity. Moreover, the global economy has entered a period of trade wars and mounting direct or covert protectionism.

What are the sources of the crisis in international economic relations? What undermines trust between the world economic players? I think the main reason is that the model of globalisation offered in the late 20th century is increasingly at odds with the rapidly emerging new economic reality.

In the past three decades, the share of advanced countries in the global GDP in purchasing power parity decreased from 58 to 40 percent. In the G7 it dropped from 46 to 30 percent, whereas the weight of the countries with developing markets is growing. Such rapid development of new economies that, apart from their interests, have their own development platforms and views on globalisation and regional integration processes does not correlate well with the ideas that seemed immutable relatively recently.

The previous patterns essentially put the Western countries into an exclusive position and we should be straight about this. These patterns gave them an advantage and an enormous rent, thereby predetermining their leadership. Other countries simply had to follow in their wake. Of course, much happened and is still happening to the accompaniment of talk about equality. I will speak about this as well. And when this comfortable, familiar system began to grow rickety and competition grew, ambitions and a striving to preserve one’s domination at all costs surged. Under the circumstances, the states that previously preached the principles of free trade and honest and open competition began to talk in terms of trade wars and sanctions, and resorted to undisguised economic raids with arms twisting, intimidation and the removal of rivals by so-called non-market methods.

Look, there are many examples of this. I will only mention those that concern us directly and that are common knowledge. Take, for example, the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. I saw in the hall our partners who work with it professionally, not only Russians but also our friends from Europe. This project is designed to enhance energy security in Europe and create new jobs. It fully meets the national interests of all participants, both European and Russian. If it did not meet these interests, we would have never seen our European partners in it. Who could force them into this project? They came because they were interested in it.

But this does not match the logic and interests of those who became used to exclusiveness and anything-goes behavior in the framework of the existing universalist model. They are used to letting others pay their bills; therefore, endless attempts to torpedo this project are made. It is alarming that this destructive practice has not only affected traditional energy, raw materials and commodity markets but it has also leaked into new industries that are now taking shape. Take the situation with Huawei. Attempts are being made not just to challenge it on the global market but to actually restrict it in an off-handed manner. Some circles already call this “the first technological war” to break out in the digital era.

It would appear that rapid digital transformation and technologies that are quickly changing industries, markets and professions, are designed to expand the horizons for anyone who is willing and open to change. Unfortunately, here too barriers are being built and direct bans on high-tech asset purchases are being imposed. It has come to the point where even the number of foreign students for certain specialties is limited. Frankly, I find it hard to wrap my mind around this fact. Nevertheless, this is all happening in reality. Surprising, but true.

Monopoly is invariably about concentrating revenue in the hands of a few at the expense of everyone else. In this sense, attempts to monopolise an innovation-driven technology wave and to limit access to its fruits take the problems of global inequality between countries and regions and within states to a whole new level. This, as we all know, is the main source of instability. It is not just about the level of income or financial inequality, but fundamental differences in opportunities for people.

In essence, an attempt is being made to build two worlds, the gap between which is constantly widening. In this situation, certain people have access to the most advanced systems of education and healthcare and modern technology, while others have few prospects or even chances to break out of poverty, with some people balancing on the verge of survival.

Today, more than 800 million people around the world do not have basic access to drinking water, and about 11 percent of the world's population is undernourished. A system based on ever-increasing injustice will never be stable or balanced.

Exacerbating environmental and climatic challenges that represent a direct threat to the socioeconomic well-being of all humankind are making the crisis even worse. Climate and the environment have become an objective factor in global development and a problem fraught with large-scale shocks, including another uncontrolled surge in migration, more instability and undermined security in key regions of the planet. At the same time, there is a high risk that instead of joint efforts to address environmental and climate issues, we will run into attempts to use this issue for unfair competition.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we are facing two extremes, two possible scenarios for further development. The first is the degeneration of the universalist globalisation model and its turning into a parody, a caricature of itself, where common international rules are replaced with the laws, administrative and judicial mechanisms of one country or a group of influential states. I state with regret that this is what the US is doing today when it extends its jurisdiction to the entire world. Incidentally, I spoke about this 12 years ago. Such a model not only contradicts the logic of normal interstate communication and the shaping realities of a complicated multipolar world but, most importantly, it does not meet the goals of the future.

The second scenario is a fragmentation of the global economic space by a policy of completely unlimited economic egoism and a forced breakdown. But this is the road to endless conflict, trade wars and maybe not just trade wars. Figuratively, this is the road to the ultimate fight of all against all.

So what is the solution? I am referring to a real solution rather than utopian or ephemeral one. Obviously, new agreements will be needed for drafting a more stable and fair development model. These agreements should not only be written clearly but should also be observed by all participants. However, I am convinced that talk about an economic world order like this will remain wishful thinking unless we return to the centre of the discussion, that is, notions like sovereignty, the unconditional right of every country to its own development road and, let me add, responsibility for universal sustainable development, not just for one’s own development.

What should be the subject of discussion in terms of regulating such agreements and such a common legal environment? Certainly not the imposition of a single and the only correct canon for all countries, but above all, the harmonisation of national economic interests, principles of teamwork, competition and cooperation between countries with their own individual development models, peculiarities and interests. The drafting of such principles should be carried out with maximum openness and in the most democratic manner.

It is on this foundation that the system of world trade should be adapted to current realities and the efficiency of the World Trade Organisation enhanced. Other international institutions should be filled with new meaning and content rather than broken. It is necessary to sincerely consider, rather than just talk about the requirements and interests of the developing nations, including those that are upgrading their industry, agriculture and social services. This is what equal conditions for development is all about.

Incidentally, we suggest considering the creation of an open, accessible data bank with the best practices and development projects. Russia is ready to publish its successful case studies in the social, demographic and economic areas on an information platform, and invites other countries and international organisations to join this initiative.

With regard to finance, the main global institutions were created as part of the Bretton Woods system 75 years ago. The Jamaican currency system that replaced it in the 1970s confirmed the preference of the US dollar but, in fact, failed to resolve the key problems, primarily, the balance of currency relations and trade exchanges. New economic centres have appeared since then, the role of regional currencies has increased, and the balance of forces and interests has changed. Clearly, in the wake of these profound changes, international financial organisations need to adapt and reconsider the role of the dollar, which, as a global reserve currency, has now become an instrument of pressure exerted by the issuing country on the rest of the world.

Incidentally, I believe the US financial authorities and political centres are making a big mistake as they are undermining their own competitive edge that appeared after the creation of the Bretton Woods system. Confidence in the dollar is simply plummeting.

The technological development agenda must unite countries and people, not divide them. For this, we need fair parameters for interaction in key areas such as high-tech services, education, technology transfer, innovative digital economy branches and the global information space. Yes, building such a harmonious system is certainly challenging, but this is the best recipe for restoring mutual trust, as we have no alternative.

We need to join our efforts, being fully cognizant of the scale of the new era’s global challenges and our responsibility for the future. To do so, we need to use the potential of the UN, which is a unique organisation in terms of representation. We should strengthen its economic institutions and use new associations like the Group of 20 more effectively. Pending the creation of a set of rules like this, we need to act in accordance with the current situation and actual problems and have a realistic understanding of what is happening in the world.

As a first step, we propose, speaking diplomatically, to conduct a kind of demilitarisation of the key areas of the global economy and trade, namely, to make the distribution of essential items such as medicines and medical equipment immune to trade and sanctions wars. (Applause.) Thank you very much for your understanding. That also includes utilities and energy, which help reduce the impact on the environment and climate. This, as you understand, concerns areas that are crucial for the life and health of millions, one might even say, billions of people, our entire planet."
The reason why Putin (and Lavrov) have been so successful at diplomacy in recent years is that Putin stays committed to a rules-based order.  That doesn't mean that Russian allies like Syria will get everything they want (e.g., Putin has limitations on what he can convince the evil devils in Israel to do), but it does mean that Russia will be straight with them, will conform to international laws and norms, and won't turn on its friends the second a shekel falls at Putin's feet.  The kicker is that Putin can reasonably say to anybody that Russia, unlike the Assholians, simply can't afford to be an asshole.  The Russians need the protections of the same rules-based order that Putin is always talking about.  Of course, the new rules, as they are constructed, will have to exclude the Assholians, who can't be trusted.

I've been thinking about the piracy of the Brits and that ship in Gibraltar.  The Brits are, of course, stooges for the Assholians, who are themselves stooges for whichever machers hold the Epstein tapes.  What do you think Lloyd's, which is a Big Deal, and its Names, an even Bigger Deal (of the 0.01% variety), think of the British state committing an act of piracy?  Piracy is a Big Deal for naval insurers.  None of this can even remotely be considered in the interests of Britain.

I wonder what the Spanish think of having Gibraltar abused in this way.

"Iran seizes UK tanker in counter-escalation" (Bhadrakumar).  I like how the British sailors in their big warship just floated around and watched with their thumbs up their asses as the Iranian commandoes rappelled down from helicopters to the deck of their target.  The next James Bond should be a girl, as the guys can no longer handle it!  It is likely the Brits let this happen, as part of the greater Zionist warmongering play, but demonstrated Iranian competence makes their potential defensive threats to the Strait of Hormuz, and the consequent destruction of the world economy, even more credible.

A laughable sudden concern with 'freedom of navigation':  "Britain says seizures of UK vessels by Iran are ‘unacceptable’".

The legal problems with the stated position of the Brits: "The UK’s Dubious Role in the New Tanker War With Iran" (Purkayastha).  And reason to believe the Iranian capture was intended:
"What remains unexplained is why the empty UK tanker switched off its transponder before the alleged incident for about 24 hours, particularly in the period when it was passing through the Strait of Hormuz—or why an empty tanker was accompanied by a British warship. Was the UK baiting Iran by manufacturing a maritime incident in the Gulf?"
"Will Donald Trump Kill His Presidency Over Iran by Larry C Johnson".  His instincts are good, but those tapes . . .  We could be approaching a situation where civilization is ended all because respectable people are touchy about discussing the JQ.

This is a pretty good elucidation of the general liberal consensus (something I used to believe myself but now realize is pernicious bullshit):  "Donald Trump Reveals That He’s an Anti-Semite With Attack on Congresswomen" (Inlakesh):
"Trump’s attacks have been primarily aimed towards Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, as she has been extremely critical of the AIPAC Lobby and the Israeli government. Ilhan Omar has not once slandered the Jewish people, attacked Jewish identity or even used the term Jew or Jewish in her critique of Israel and Zionist Lobby power in the United States. Yet Donald Trump, who makes the most outrageous of comments on a near daily basis and defends them as not being hateful and racist, accuses others of antisemitism at any chance he gets.
In fact Trump can be heard in a recent rally talking about how Ilhan Omar makes anti-Semitic statements, whilst a large crowd of white Americans chant “send her back” behind him.
As the late Edward Said portrayed in his works, the Arab is the ‘new Jew’ to the West.
It is important to note from Trump’s evident disregard for the feelings of various minority communities in the United States, that he really does not wish to be involved in any fight back against racism. So why does he seem to be, on the surface, fighting antisemitism? The answer is very simple, he is not.
In fact, he is promoting antisemitism by legitimizing the Zionist view-point that somehow the AIPAC Lobby, powerful Zionists and the Israeli government are representative of the Jewish people. If you equate Jewish people with these things, then by default you are transferring the crimes of these entities/people onto all Jews.
If someone points out that Zionists, who are Jewish, hold powerful positions and that some of these people are perhaps being biased on the side of Israel and/or are committing a criminal act, this is very clearly not anti-semitic. If you assert that there’s something wrong with Jewish people being in these positions, then you are evidently a bigot, but if you point out that a lot of these individuals hold racist, Islamophobic views – then this is simply a concern for the way this influence among Zionists, whether they be Jewish or non-Jewish, may harm Palestinians or anyone who is opposed to Israel.
If you are attaching an entire group of people [Jewish people] to a genocidal regime or powerful individuals, then you are simply throwing the entire group under the bus.
This tactic is being used by people like Trump and other supporters of Israel. They are attempting to claim that if you criticize individuals who are Jewish Zionists, Israel, or Zionist Lobby power – for their horrific actions and rhetoric, then you are hating all Jews. This shallow, over-the-top argument is in fact creating more animosity we see today towards ordinary Jewish people.
When people are constantly told that Jews are to be equated with Israel, the Zionist Lobby or other individuals who are Zionist Jews, people start to believe it. The people that are against the actions of many influential Zionists, the Israeli state and Zionist Lobby groups, do not stop standing against them when they are called anti-semites for this. Instead, people will ignore these allegations for what they are, or they will fall into the trap of believing what they are told and think that there is some sort of Jewish conspiracy, encompassing most Jews, which is being covered up by Zionists.
The reason many people fall into this trap, is because they most likely have no real connection to Jewish people and are left to make up their mind based upon what they see and hear. Many of these people then end up becoming quite anti-Semitic. This is because they see the Jewish people as being part of Israel and other groups of Zionists, a picture that fascist Israel and its supporters have been able to effectively paint.
When the crimes of Israel and pro-Israel groups are called into question and we are called anti-semites for questioning them, it is absolutely essential as anti-racists that we call this out for what it is. Because we must stop them from throwing Jews under the bus and protecting Israel and its supporters, by transferring their crimes onto the Jewish people."
I agree with the logic of this except in cases where the named group is a violent racist collective who manipulates opinion on the vile things they do by inventing some mystical hatred which completely explains any dissent by outsiders.  In that case, it is immoral not to hate the entire group.  That's not to say that individuals should be punished just for the crime of being in the group (this whole scam is backed up by the constant Holocaust whining and the supposed threat of a Holocaust II), but the trickery has to be named and shamed, and individuals in the group have to be forced to decide whether they accept the collective trickery or not.  This is the thinking they themselves have created to protect their atrocities, and they have nobody to blame for it but themselves. Right now they've managed to create a permanent pass for all of them, which allows the snakes to operate at will.  We're seeing it right now with Epstein-Iran

Friday, July 19, 2019

Use the other door / Yglesii

"The Wheels Are Coming Off" (Sick):
"The UAE has conspicuously separated itself from Washington and Saudi Arabia. The UAE announced that it does not have sufficient evidence to determine what party was responsible for the tanker bombings. More significantly, the UAE has now announced that it is withdrawing its forces from the civil war in Yemen (though not from its anti-terrorist operations against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula).

The “Saudi-led alliance” in Yemen today consists of the Saudi air force and a rag tag collection of local militias and mercenaries who are there for the money. This is the moment when MbS should declare victory and accept a UN-brokered peace settlement.

Yemen was supposed to yield to overwhelming power. Qatar was supposed to collapse under siege. Iran was supposed to fold when faced with maximum economic pressure. Even the presentation of the economic portion of the Deal of the Century in Bahrain failed to attract the level of investors that had been expected.

There are major shifts in the balance of power underway in the Persian Gulf. They are not what the Trump administration anticipated."
"Russia Offers Turkey Advanced Su-35 Jets Day After US F-35 Program Expulsion" (Durden).  A good example of how the US is painting itself into a corner with all its Sanctions For The Jews.  The snit over S-400s has now led to losing the chance to sell F-35s.  Also:  "If no CAATSA for Turkey, none for India too" (Bhadrakumar).

"Iran denies Trump claim that US destroyed Iranian drone" (Vahdat/Rising).

Tweet (Nicholas Miller):
"Yesterday, news reports errantly suggested Iran would negotiate on missiles, and Dubowitz seized on this as evidence that maximum pressure is working. Now that Iran has clarified it will not negotiate, Dubowitz says this is also evidence maximum pressure is working."
Sadly, it looks like the latest Epstein blackmail gambit is working on Trump:  "On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours..." (Snyder).

"A Conundrum Of Evil" (West). The Family and the Mossad.

"Piracy or War?" (Black). Reminds me of when Carney stole - literally stole, like a bank robber - the money belonging to Venezuela that was in the Bank of England.

"Media Lies About Iran Deal, Headlines Repeat Unfound State Department Claims" (DeCamp).  'Media lies about' should start every story.  "US calls emergency nuclear watchdog meeting over Iran, after spurning it for 3 years".

I truly believe these people are actually devil worshippers (and they really seem to despise true Christians):  "Pandering to Christian Zionism: Trump Outreach on Display in Washington" (Giraldi):
"Pompeo was more interested in stirring up his audience than he was in historical fact. He said “In Iraq, Syria, and other countries in the region, the last remnants of ancient Christian communities are at near-extinction because of persecution from ISIS and other malign actors. And just one example: before 2003, there were an estimated 1.5 million Christians living in Iraq. Today, sadly, almost a quarter of a million.”

Pompeo, whose grasp of current events appears to be a bit shaky, did not mention two of the principal reasons that Christianity has been declining in the region. First and foremost is the Iraq War, started by the United States for no good reason, which unleashed forces that led to the destruction of religious minorities. Second, he did not note the constant punishment delivered by Israel on the Palestinians, which has led to the departure of many Christians in that community. Nor did he say anything about the reverse of the coin, Syria, where Christians are well integrated and protected by the al-Assad government which Pompeo and Bolton are seeking to destroy to benefit Israel."
I don't know what Parler is but I like it already:  "This Twitter Alternative Was Supposed To Be Nicer, But Bigots Love It Already" (Saul).

"Rebels without a cause" (Robinson).  Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Italian Nazi missile story keeps getting weirder & wider: Now Spain. At least they're accurately reporting that the Nazis fought for Ukraine, against pro-Russian separatists "
What were airforce-less Nazis going to do with an air-to-air missile?  Also "Salvini Believes That Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Death Squad Planned to Assassinate Him!" (Batty).

"Information laundering", tweets by Kevin Gosztola.

Tweets assembled by Niqnaq on the  'Integrity Initiative'.  This is getting weird - once they were outed as a PR operation, the whole effort lost all sense (I'm reminded of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, where the joke is that the David Cross character keeps getting caught in his lies and rather than concede and shut up, just keeps plowing ahead with more and more ridiculous lies).  At the very least, you would have thought they would rebrand themselves, but I suppose as long as the British government is stupid or corrupt enough to keep paying them, they will take the money and keep churning out the crap.

This sounds like the real Correa:  "‘Rubbish!’: Correa blasts CNN for claim that Assange made embassy into ‘command post for meddling’".

"I’m Going Long on Popcorn" (Lemieux).  The comments are heartening.  It's wonderful to see the consistent view of Dersh.

"Camouflaged Israeli Ex-PM Pictured Entering Epstein's Mansion The Same Day As Hotties Show Up" (Durden). Some of the blackmail has domestic Israeli applications.

The Khazars have a l-o-n-g history of epsteining, with this kind of sexual blackmail being something close to a group characteristic:  "Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case" (Webb).

"US military chiefs ordered to reveal if Pentagon used diseased insects as biological weapon" (Forrest).  Did Lyme disease start because the Pentagon biological warfare scientists didn't know (or care) that deer could swim?

"Labour Friends of Israel denies funding from Israeli spy" (Winstanley).  The attacks on Corbyn are coming directly out of Israel (and the (((BBC))) overplayed its hand).  You can see why (((they))) are so sensitive about 'dual loyalty' claims (it is because (((they))) have absolutely no loyalty to the countries in which they are forced to live, and only have loyalty to Israel, a fact which would have huge political implications should the farm animals ever be able to figure it out).

"Cartoonist slams Guardian for spiking illustration over ‘anti-Semitism’ concerns".  The newest War For The Jews is on cartoons.

"NYT vs. DAILY MAIL On Ilhan Omar's Hilarious (And Apparently Fraudulent) Marital History" (Sailer).  "Does this photo prove Trump tormentor's second marriage was a sham? Far-left Ilhan Omar is pictured with her first husband AND her second husband - as Trump accuses him of being her BROTHER and he posts from a beach" (Ibbetson).  "David Steinberg: Tying up Loose Threads in the Curious Case".  The Khazars seem to really fear her - presumably they are feeding Trump his lines - as she knows not to back down in terror of them:  "Ilhan Omar Introduces Pro-Bds Resolution, Announces Visit to Israel" (Nahmias)

Tweet (Mark Ames) (Yglesii!):
"Great thread, missed this the first time around. h/t "
Tweet (ping):
"What a time to be alive."

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

'The Limited' hangout

Tweets - "S-400s, a story" - by Ragıp Soylu on the psychology of the Turks and the S-400s.  The US lost Turkey through a series of diplomatic blunders, centered on the hegemon's tin ear at detecting the concerns of the Turks.

"Hassan Diab calls for release of report on extradition that sent him to French prison" (Cochrane).

"Hypocrisy Taints UK’s Media Freedom Conference" and "Newspeak at the Media Freedom Conference" (Knightly).  'Freedom of the press' under the rule of Banderites.  "UK government holds “media freedom” conference while imprisoning Assange" (Grenfell).

"Does the Oct. 21 federal election date trample on Orthodox Jewish rights? It’s now in a judge’s hands" (Potter). 

"Teaching Holocaust" (Giraldi).  Sorry, but in the game of life in America, the 'being right' card, and even the 'black' card, are always going to lose to the only Khard that counts.

"Gay, Black, HIV-Positive, And Lied About It: A Hero for Our Times" (Sailer):  "From the New York Times (and no, I’m not making this up, even though this article reads like a parody product of my analysis of where the conventional wisdom has been headed)".

Tweets by Mark Ames on the arming of the Italian neo-Nazis, and the 'journalism' that was committed, and then disappeared.

"Sic Transit Gloria Mueller" (McGovern).  Mueller's attempted frame-up of 'Russians' is facing problems in the courts.

"Former Ecuadorian President Correa Claims Assange Meddled in US Elections From London Embassy".  Didn't see that coming.  Assange would have a lot more friends if it wasn't Trump who benefited from his truths about Killary.

Bachelet is a real tool.  "Xinjiang Update" (Roberts). "Liberals Use ‘Human Rights’ to Push Coup in Venezuela" (Engler).  "Venezuela: The Bachelet Lie" (Koenig).  These South American 'socialists' who the Americans have systematically replaced aren't as great as we'd like to think they are.  Still better than the alternative, though.

It remains impossible to imagine how these 'nice people' keep finding themselves in such trouble:  "How the Goliath of the Jerusalem settler movement persuaded the world it’s really David" (Cook).

"Liberals Use ‘Human Rights’ to Push Coup in Venezuela" (Engler):
"Even those inclined to believe some of the more extreme criticisms leveled against the Venezuelan government should support the protesters, not our government. The likely result of Canada succeeding in its current path is a civil war in Venezuela. Moreover, it would set a bad precedent if Canada were to succeed in its brazen coup mongering. (In a further sign of the brashness of their campaign, the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers gave Patricia Atkinson, Head of the Venezuela Task Force at Global Affairs Canada, its Foreign Service Officers award last month. The write up explained, “Patricia, and the superb team she assembled and led, supported the Minister’s engagement and played key roles in the substance and organization of 11 meetings of the 13 country Lima group which coordinates action on Venezuela. She assisted in developing three rounds of sanctions against the regime.”)

Whatever one thinks of Maduro, Canada’s interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs and unilateral sanctions contravene the “rules-based international order” Trudeau, Freeland and Bachelet claim Ottawa upholds. But, Parliament and the media largely play along so it’s only through grassroots activism that we can hope to pry open the discussion and rein in our government."
"Alex Acosta let the cat out of the bag: the Justice Department knew all about the Jeffrey Epstein Florida plea deal" (Willmann).  'Hollywood' likes to make war movies about the extraction of 'left behind' soldiers.  I'd like to see 'Saving Mossad Asset Epstein', depicting the brave efforts of various 'justice' officials to protect Jeffrey and his johns, and further screw over the victims.

'The Limited' hangout:  "Victoria's Secret Boss Wexner Swears He Didn't Know About Epstein Penchant For Pedophilia" (Durden).  He 'searched his soul', which must not have taken long.
"Yet, Epstein portrayed himself as a way for young models to perform sexual favors in exchange for a backdoor into Victoria's Secret. According to a former Manhattan-based modeling agent cited by the New York Post, "Some of those girls got in.
"It was still significant cash for a young model doing the catalog," an agent told the Post. "They weren’t making hundreds of thousands but they could make about $5,000 a week modeling for the campaigns or the catalog. Not all the girls sent to him got jobs, but a lot of them did."
In short, Wexner had an extremely close business relationship with Epstein - who allegedly engaged in sexual favors with girls, some of whom later worked for Wexner, yet the 81-year-old knew nothing of Epstein's proclivities."
Tweets by Martin Varsavsky:
"Just landed in Madrid flying from San Francisco and traveling around the USA where I lived for 20 years and I frequently work. The San Francisco vs Madrid change makes me wonder."