Friday, July 26, 2019

#arkancide / look good on the dance floor

"Jeffrey Epstein found injured in jail cell with marks on his neck, sources say" (McLaughlin):
"On Tuesday, Epstein's defense lawyer asked the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to reconsider the district court's decision to deny him bail. There is no indication the appeals court has made a determination on whether to hear the appeal."
"Did the Clintons Try to Have Epstein Murdered???"(Anglin).  Actually, there is no trial for a dead man, so the 'Epstein problem' for various NYC toffs completely disappears with the death of Epstein.

The pressure on Trump to start WWIII disappears with the death of Epstein, so I'm shocked the (((Southern District of New York))) didn't take a few precautions.  On the other hand, this is clearly not a real attack but some kind of Epstein stunt.  He'd be dead if it was a real hit.

"FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation".  "FBI agent brother to cop accused of murder-for-hire plot, dead by suicide: sources".  His sister!:  "Inside NYPD cop Valerie Cincinelli’s alleged murder-for-hire plot".
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