Saturday, July 06, 2019


The Clarification (in case you harbored any notions that Khazar control of basically all social media wouldn't leads to Khazar supremacist abuses):  "Zuckerberg’s attempts to boycott Ethiopian uprisings in occupied territories".

"CrowdStrikeOut: Mueller’s Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims" (Maté).  It is all amazing (note the time issues in the report with respect to Assange!), but continuing to rely on CrowdStrike, a private outfit with obvious anti-Russian and pro-Clintonista biases, remains the most amazing problem with the entire investigation.

"Why won’t the ‘NY Times’ do a profile of Israel’s most notorious general, Ofer Winter?" (North).  As we've seen with the Temple Mount crazies, there are a whole bunch of violent Khazar supremacists in very important positions in Israel, basing policy decisions on the self-worshiping that is characteristic of the Khazars, who are all invisible to the American (((mainstream media))).  The 'good' Khazars rely on the crazy Khazars to do the dirty work of killing people and stealing their land, and do their part by covering everything up.  Of course, Mondoweiss does the same thing, on a different level.

"The Burden of Jewing, Part 1" (Age of Treason).  Dönme, crypsis, Sabbateanism, messianism. "Jewishness and the Culture of Crypsis" (Guyénot).

"Missile-Phobia in Tel Aviv" (Taxi):
"If you thought Trump’s fisty sanctions on Iran are about their nuclear program, think again.  If you thought these sanctions have anything to do with Iran’s “mad Mullahs” desiring world domination through terrorism, think again.  And definitely redouble your thinking too if you believe that “they hate our freedoms”, or that it’s about Iranian street chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel”.  All media reasons given for our hostility towards Iran are but a cloak that conceals Israel’s current reality and state of mind:  missile-phobia in Tel Aviv.  A rampant and jittery phobia that has rendered the Jewish halls of power permanently gasping with anxiety and clasping at any thread of an idea that may reverse their fatal security malady: a geopolitical-military malady that appears to have absolutely no cure.  (Too late for the cure, as it happens).

Yes, the whole Iran shebang is about nothing but ballistic missiles in the hands of Israel’s enemies: the Axis of Resistance in the Levant.  It’s about the Jewish attempt to cut off the Iranian hands that supply these lethal missiles that will definitely be used against Israel in the next war.  No more dealing with homemade firecrackers from Hamas and Hezbollah.  This is a new era of war for the Jewish state: their enemies have manged to now acquire the wherewithal to actually destroy the klepto state of Israel in a handful of days.  And every day that passes, more Axis of Resistance missiles are manufactured and installed – every day, therefore, Israel’s existential crisis increases, with no sure way of stopping or reversing it without igniting a massive war and sacrificing Tel Aviv to the belly of these missiles."
If you couple the social media censorship outrages with the lawfare (many, many shekels spent bribing lawmakers across the country, with Florida just being the most ridiculous example), you can get an idea of the tip of the iceberg of the loss of free speech the Khazars think they need to continue to do what they do, kill people and steal their land:  tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"But “Russian interference”..."
"Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to Israel" (The Saker).  Debunking Korybko's weird take that Putin must start WWIII or he's sold out all his allies to the Jews.

Bizarrely woke thread from Jews Sans Frontieres.  I wonder what the trick is.  Speaking of tricks:  "In an astonishing turn, George Soros and Charles Koch team up to end US ‘forever war’ policy" (Kinzer).

"As Sudan Crowds Demand Civilian Rule, Was Al-Bashir’s Overthrow just another Military Coup?" (Charles).

"Academic Buffoons are Public Enemy No. 1: The Worst Corruption of All" (Butler). Empires require an elaborate apparatus to produce disinformation.

"Were Adrian Hong’s Associates Responsible for Murder of Kim Jong-un’s Brother?" (Asmolov).

"US military is a bigger polluter than as many as 140 countries – shrinking this war machine is a must".

Tweet (Richard Woolley) (a good fit with the debacle of the Dutch MH17 report):
"More accurately has opened an office in The Hague. What.s worrying is that it received 500,000 Euros from Dutch postcode lottery to do so. Money meant for good causes, not crypto intel setups planning to train new Dutch Cold War Warriors online!"
"Sydney Ember’s Secret Sources" (Halper).  Also.  (((Needless to say . . . ))).

Some reveals of CDaN blind items:  Zero Dark Thirty,  Dorothy Kilgallen, Cyrus Vance, Mary Sherman.

"Beef Rules" (Foley).

Interestingly, almost none of the facts listed in this Craig Murray tweet are true, or even close to true.

Tweet (David Weiss) (the meeting of funny hashtags):
"Ivanka discussing maintaining control of the airports w our founding fathers "

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