Monday, July 15, 2019

Everyone was mystified

"American Pravda: The Power of Organized Crime" (Unz).  The surprisingly hidden history of (((who))) was involved in American organized crime, and an anecdote on the beating up of James Garner (I still love The Rockford Files).  Sailer often refers to what he considers to be the ongoing damage done by Bazelon and his family.

"Jeffrey Epstein’s Fortune May Be More Illusion Than Fact" (lotsa brackets):
"In 1988, when Mr. Epstein was still working for Mr. Hoffenberg, he formed the investment firm that would be the nexus for his connections to powerful people: J. Epstein & Company. One of those people, Mr. Wexner, would become the apparent foundation of Mr. Epstein’s riches.

Mr. Epstein met — and evidently charmed — Robert Meister, the vice chairman of the insurance giant Aon, on a flight from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., according to an account by the novelist James Patterson in his nonfiction book “Filthy Rich.”

Mr. Meister, who could not be reached for comment, introduced Mr. Epstein to Mr. Wexner. There appears to have been a near instant rapport.

Robert Morosky, who had been the vice chairman of The Limited, was surprised Mr. Wexner took to Mr. Epstein so readily. “Everyone was mystified as to what his appeal was,” Mr. Morosky said. “I checked around and found out he was a private high school math teacher, and that was all I could find out. There was just nothing there.”"
There is literally no evidence, and a considerable degree of doubt (even scoffing), that Epstein has ever made one cent from what is supposed to be his hedge fund business, or any kind of investment business (it is possible he did some trading at Bear Stearns). The 'evidence' of his financial genius all comes from statements from other Khazars.

"Why Did Jeffrey Epstein Fly Back To The US?" (Meijer).  When it was decided to prosecute Epstein, I imagine dozens of calls were immediately made from (((employees))) of the Southern District of New York, following their inevitable real loyalties, to the head office in Tel Aviv, and to Epstein himself.  Dershowitz was, in part, behind the law suit that ended up with the order to unseal the court documents (Dersh implausibly said he was involved as the documents would 'exonerate' him!).  Epstein knew what he would face when he returned from Paris, but came anyway.  This return is part of the conspiracy.

Epstein probably didn't stop his blackmail business after he was prosecuted (why would he?), and seems to have continued until just recently.  That odd temple on Orgy Island was built around 2011.  There must be a whole new group of blackmailed johns in politics and business that we don't even know about!
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