Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Fake news technique III

"To Attack Julian Assange, CNN Twists Embassy Surveillance Records That Were First Covered By Spanish Newspaper" (Gosztola).

We're seeing the use of every trick in the book, a fact that I feel has to do with a general mounting sense of panic, both among elites generally, and Khazars specifically.  If you read these stories carefully they are all rather sloppy - nobody said 'journalists' were any good at anything, including their usual lying - and only work as the basis of third parties picking up the stories and emphasizing the lies, all on the assumption that nobody will carefully examine the source (see, for example, on the latest Isikoff creation, immediate repeating by the Clintonistas: "Seth Rich Smear By Sean Hannity Was First A Russian Disinfo Campaign").  The intent is for the original confabulators - who protect themselves with all the usual qualifying language - to create a piece, and most importantly, a headline, which can then be used by others to create a general Original Story for their PR purposes.

So, goyim:
  1. Clinton didn't have Rich murdered (it was just one of those Washington muggings where no money is taken), and Rich, who was just the computer IT guy who thus had access to all Clinton's documents, couldn't possibly have has access to all Clinton's documents, and leaked the material to Assange (see Murray - see also from 3:00 on in this interview, particularly from 4:45), and the very idea of the Rich activities and subsequent murder was created by Russian social media, where it became so popular that it literally cost Clinton the election;
  2. the weapons found in the hands of an Italian neo-Nazi group were supplied by Ukrainian separatists, or maybe the people fighting the Ukrainian separatists, oh, who can keep such things straight? and does it really matter?; 
  3. Assange directed and completely determined the American election from his embassy bunker/'command center', where he (may have) received - gasp! - packages (one delivered by a masked man!), which (could possibly have) contained - yikes! - hacked materials related to the 2016 US election, and (could have) used his big computers to contact - the horror! - Russians with his 'beefed up' - OMG! - internet connection, and met with Russians about whom nothing is known and who can't be contacted (how suspicious is that!), during the few times he wasn't smearing embassy walls with feces;
  4. Epstein, who had no hedge fund or other investment facility, was somehow blackmailing a bunch of grifters, who were grifting just because they (as yet) had no money (like Randy Andy, they were all peddling their alleged 'influence' and 'contacts', but had no other large piles of money to invest), into investing into his hedge fund, which entirely explains how he appeared to be a billionaire, and Maxwell was just a friend/enabler/procurer/handler, and you shouldn't notice she was Robert Maxwell's ("The shrouded body of Robert Maxwell was lowered today into a rocky grave on the Mount of Olives, where Jews since biblical times have found permanent rest. . . . . Newspapers here reported over the weekend that when Mr. Maxwell was elected as a Labor Party member of the British Parliament in 1964, he objected to a mention of his Jewishness by The Jewish Chronicle of Britain. He belonged to the Church of England, he reportedly said then.") daughter, which is just a mere cohencidence (also a cohencidence - the American money taps turned on towards Israel in the billions and billions of dollars just when Epstein's operation was up and running).
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