Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Friends of Jeffrey

"Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? A close study of his circle — social, professional, transactional — reveals a damning portrait of elite New York."  Worth reading, while remembering this magazine is Khazar-owned, and thus, in its way, spin.

Note how the list completely changes tone, like it was a completely different piece, when discussing Bill!

I love Fergie's clarifying:  "I abhor paedophilia."

There's a few funny references to all the bullshit surrounding the idea that Epstein was some kind of universal genius.

The Charlie Rose entry:
"Name found in Epstein’s black book.
You learn things answering phones, and in the spring of 2005, answering Charlie Rose’s phone at his PBS show, you would learn that his friend Jeffrey Epstein had some recommendations to make for whom Rose ought to hire as his next assistant. Written call logs from 2005 and 2006 show Epstein and his own assistant calling dozens of times, making plans for lunch and tea in Manhattan or to try to meet up in Paris. Epstein also called with a total of five women’s names and phone numbers. One woman was described as “world’s most perfect assistant she used to work for Harvey Weinstein he’s lucky if he can get her.” Another entry reads, “Jeffrey Epstein wants to talk to you before you call these two girls.” A fourth woman shows up on the manifests of Epstein’s jet, including on Bill Clinton’s trip across Africa, and wound up working at the Clinton Foundation. Two former staffers remember another Epstein referral, a young woman not mentioned in the logs, who interned at the show. In all, Rose hired three (“Jeffrey Epstein from time to time recommended various candidates for open positions at the Charlie Rose Show,” Rose’s representative said in a statement, but said the ex-host only learned about Epstein’s alleged abuse years later, when he pleaded guilty in Florida). When I called one of these women recently, she was stunned to learn she was one of many women Epstein recommended for the job. “I was being offered up for abuse,” said the woman, who was 22 at the time she worked for Rose. It helped her understand not only how her boss Rose — whom in 2017 she would accuse, along with 34 other adult women, of sexual harassment — had treated her, but also how the rest of the staff had seen her. And it helped her understand a grim version of networking among powerful men. —Irin Carmon"
So, at the very least, Epstein was running Orgy-Island-style blackmail operations directed at specific powerful men, he had a big child trafficking operation (we know almost nothing about that), plus, with slightly older girls/women, he appeared to be running an employment agency planting spies as 'personal assistants' (who would also, of course, be abused).
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