Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lady Black

"The Honey Trap on E 71st" (Margolis) (my emphasis in red):
"Soon after I walked into the entrance of Epstein’s mansion on E 71st Street, said to be the city’s largest private home, a butler asked me, ‘would you like an intimate massage, sir, by a pretty young girl?’ This offer seemed so out of place and weird to me that I swiftly declined.
More important than indelicacy, as an old observer of intelligence affairs, to me this offer reeked of ye old honey trap, a tactic to ensnare and blackmail people that was old when Babylon was young. A discreet room with massage table, lubricants and, no doubt, cameras stood ready off the main lobby.
I had arrived with Canada’s leading lady journalist who was then close to Epstein’s sometime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell and, it was said, procuress – something Maxwell denies. Bizarrely, Maxwell believed that I could get KGB Moscow Center to release satellite photos that showed the murder on his yacht of her father, the press baron Robert Maxwell, who was a well-known double agent for Israel and KGB, and a major criminal.
Also present was the self-promoting lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who had saved the accused murderer Claus von Bulow, as well as a titan of the New York real estate industry (not Trump) and assorted bigwigs of the city’s elite Jewish society. All sang the praises of Israel."
"Canada’s leading lady journalist" would have to refer - and no doubt a snide reference to how she perceives herself - to the utterly appalling Barbara Amiel, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist and an absolute curse in the history of Canadian 'journalism'.  This makes it very likely that Trump's recent pardoning of her husband Conrad Black derives from the same bribery/blackmail source of Sheldon.  I am starting to wonder if Trump does anything that isn't on Sheldon's orders.  If Amiel was 'close' to Maxwell does that mean she is also Mossad?  Would not surprise me in the least!
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