Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Little Israel

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha:  tweet (Jesse Eisinger) (note the reply by Koen on Browder) (Haim!):
"I had not realized until today how nothing about Jeffrey Epstein’s business or career makes any sense. For instance, there were only 13 billionaires in the US in 1982. "
Tragically, we all live in 'little Israel':  "Israeli who headed Colombia child prostitution ring arrested in Portugal".

Comment by Tired of Not Winning to an Atzmon piece.  I've been thinking of the NXIVM scandal as just another example of the general depravity of Khazars, but we really should be considering the political and blackmail implications of it. The Epstein operation is an example of a much wider problem.

Russian 'troubles'!: tweet (The War Nerd):
"Here we have the Russians creating "divisions" within Northern Ireland. Apparently it was a haven of unity before they got their dirty mitts into the mix... "
Lite Zionism is becoming trendy in certain Democrat circles: "US Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Has Got a Problem. He’s Called Max Berger" (Aussie Dave).

A lot of people noticed this classic headline:  "Harris, Warren tie for third place in new 2020 Dem poll, but Biden still leads".

This kind of thing is why the Jews ensured they controlled all the (((media))):  tweet (Ben Norton):
"Almost all of these reports on Iran are misleading and irresponsible. If you don't stress in the title that it was the US that sabotaged the nuclear deal, destroying the entire purpose of it, then you're just making anti-Iran propaganda that helps to justify illegal US aggression"
MbZ, much smarter than MbS:  "Yemen: UAE to reduce troop presence after consulting with Riyadh".  Of course, MbZ just wants to steal half of Yemen, while MbS needs the whole thing.

"Without Reform, Trump’s Embrace of MBS Will Haunt the United States" (Askari).

((('Donor'))) problems plague 'socialism':  "DSA/Jacobin/Haymarket-sponsored ‘Socialism’ conference features US gov-funded regime-change activists" (Norton/Blumenthal).  With a huge list of examples of the problem, and really no attempt to hide it!

"Head of Israel lobby group exposed by undercover film resigns" (Winstanley).  Note he had to resign because he couldn't raise the shekels to fund his trickery, not because he was found out!

"Interesting Developments in the Russiagate Saga by Larry C Johnson" and its comments.  Setting up Russiagate by the American IC and its foreign friends was very tricky, operationally, and the operators struggled to stay in their lanes, particularly regarding both legal and traditional 'best practices' restraints on various institutions.

"Iran’s shock therapy breaks JCPOA stalemate" (Bhadrakumar). "The JCPOA Crisis Isn’t About Nukes at All. Embedding US Strategic Influence Worldwide" (Korybko).  "To Think Outside the Box, It Helps First to Understand What’s IN the Box" (Crooke).  "Russia, America, and Iran" (Shamir) (it is striking how the things that nobody can say, for example that Russiagate is run by Zionists for Zionist supremacist reasons, are actually discussed openly by the Israelis!; my emphasis in red; btw, this looks like a conclusive refutation of the Korybko thesis that Putin is just a cynical manipulator):
". . . the Jewish state proposed that Putin should give up his ties with Iran; in return, they promised to assist in general warming of Russo-American relations. Putin had a bigger counter-proposal: Let the US lift its Iran sanctions and withdraw its armed forces from Syria, and Russia will try to usher Iranian armed forces out of Syria, too. The ensuing negotiations around Iran-Syria deal would lead to recognition of the US and Israel interests in Syria, and further on it could lead to negotiations in other spheres.
This was a clear win-win proposal. Iran would emerge free of sanctions; Israel and the US would have their interests recognised in Syria; the much-needed dialogue between Russia and the US will get a jump-start. But Israel does not like win-win proposals. The Jewish state wants clear victories, preferably with their enemy defeated, humiliated, hanged. Israel rejected the proposal, for it wanted Iran to suffer under sanctions.
The Russian proposal had been first sounded in September last year, and it was discussed behind the closed doors in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament). Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “The Russians asked us to open the gates for them in Washington”. Netanyahu rejected the Russian proposals because he thought the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran could be used as leverage on the Iranians over Syria — not the other way around, wrote a knowledgeable Israeli journalist Barak Ravid of Channel 13. “Netanyahu refused to show any flexibility on the issue of U.S. sanctions,” – he quoted an Israeli official.
Russians agreed to the weird idea of Russian and American security advisers meeting in Jerusalem, hoping it would lead to a breakthrough. My readers remember that I was very worried about this trilateral meeting of a Russian representative with the notorious warmongers John Bolton and Netanyahu. Israeli media played the summit up as the pivotal point for the region. Russia would part with Iran and pivot to Israel and the US, they predicted. This will be a new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, of Russia coming to terms with the aggressor. Good-bye, Iran, welcome, Israel.
However the gift of prophecy had been taken away from the people of Israel and given to fools, said the ever-knowing Talmud (Baba Batra 12b). The Russian representative at the summit, Nikolai Patrushev, while being friendly to Israel, didn’t pivot away from Iran. He denied Tehran is the key threat to regional security. “In trilateral Jerusalem summit, Russia sides with Iran, against Israel and US. Senior Russian official stands by Tehran’s claim that US drone was shot down in Iranian airspace, defends rights of foreign troops to remain in Syria despite Israeli opposition” – concluded an Israeli newspaper.
Russia is friendly to Israel, as many Israelis are connected to Russia by their own, or their parents’ birth. An even stronger reason is that Jews are the top dog in the US, and the Jewish state can open many doors in Washington. Jews and the Jewish state would be as important as, say, the Kurds, if they did not have a hold on the US.
Russia certainly wants to live in peace with the US, but not at the price Mr Netanyahu suggested. Mr Patrushev condemned the US sanctions against Iran. He said that Iran shot down the giant American drone RQ-4A Global Hawk worth more than a hundred million dollars over Iranian territory, not in the international airspace as the Pentagon claimed. He stated that American “evidence” that Iran had sabotaged tankers in the Persian Gulf was inconclusive. Russia demanded that the United States stop its economic war against Iran, recognize the legitimate authorities of Syria, led by President Bashar Assad, and withdraw its troops from Syria. Russia expressed its support for the legitimate government in Venezuela. Thus, Russia showed itself at this difficult moment as a reliable ally and partner, and at the same time assured the staggering Israeli leadership of its friendship.
The problem is that the drive for war with Iran is not gone. A few days ago, the Brits seized an Iranian super-tanker in the Straits of Gibraltar. The tanker was on its way to deliver oil to Syria. Before that, the United States had almost launched a missile attack on Iran. At the last moment, when the planes were already in the air, Trump stopped the operation. It is particularly disturbing that he himself unambiguously hinted that the operation was launched without his knowledge. That is, the chain of commands in the US is now torn, and it is not clear who can start a war. This has to be taken into account both in Moscow and in Tehran.
The situation is daunting. President Trump may want to climb down from that tall tree he had driven himself into when he led his country out of a multilateral nuclear deal with Iran. But he is hampered by his “deep state”, by Pompeo and Bolton; about the latter, Trump himself said that he wants to fight with the whole world. Presidents can’t always remove the ministers from whom they want to get rid of – even the absolute monarchs of the past did not always succeed.
Let us hope that, given Trump’s unwillingness to go to war and the weak position of Premier Netanyahu himself, there will be progress in this matter. But meanwhile Trump introduced new sanctions against Iran; the Iranian leader called the American leadership “insane”; the Americans are again threatening to “completely destroy” Iran.
Russia wants to help Iran, not out of sheer love to the Islamic Republic, but as a part of its struggle for multi-polar world, where independent states carry on the way they like. Iran, North Korea, Venezuela – their fight for survival is a part and parcel of Russia’s struggle. If these states will be taken over, Russia can become the next victim, Putin feels."
""Pretty Please" - Trump Asked Iran To Allow Him To Bomb It" (Moon).  Overall very encouraging, and makes Trump look like a superior President, even as he hasn't got his ducks in order due to Zionist pressure (see Epstein).

Yinon news:  "The Only Strategic Rationale for America’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed" (Samo).

From 2016:  "Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis" (Soros).

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"I look forward to reading. Hopefully the defenseless Europeans have figured out a proper defense by now to such nefarious Russian efforts as Operation 97 Cents. "
This is rather important:  "How Christine Lagarde, Clinton and Nuland Funded a Massive Ukrainian Ponzi Scheme" (Helmer) (and the comment by AM Hants).  For the (not so) curious Khazar-Banderist alliance (it is just a parallel to the Nazi-Zionist alliance of the 30s), see also:  "Is Israel trying to hide arms exports to neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine?" (Taussig).  It is amazing how much you can understand if you have a Secret Decoder Ring.

Tweet (Yasha Levine) (pikers:  Canada has a Banderist Minister of Foreign Affairs!):
"Yikes! A Ukrainian fascist recycling coordinator in Jersey. Only in America, folks!"
"NYT: "The Dominance of the White Male [NOT Jewish Male!!] Critic"" (Sailer).  The Khazars took full control of the apparatus of literary and art criticism in the 50s, promoting utterly incompetent painters - Rothko got to sell what look like samples from a paint store for many, many shekels, with 'abstract expressionism' for the most part being one of the biggest scams in the history of art - and novelists, all of whom happened to be Khazars!  Sadly, this criticism grift has had a terrible effect on output (it explains why the novel you are reading which you are told is really, really good, isn't).  I truly believe they are right to treat us like farm animals!

"Leak of British Diplomatic Messages is Cynical Plot to Install Farage as Ambassador" (Greenhalgh).

"Citizenship question causing an uproar in U.S. has been part of Canada's census since 1901" (Harris).

"The Arabian Cradle of Zion" (Guyénot).  Tweet (Dara de Brún):
"This guys family is from Poland."
Tweet (Glyphosate=Cancer) ("her life was in danger unless "she voted right""):
"Common Lee, you know it’s more sophisticated and insidious than just donations. Let’s be real. Zionist influencers threatened the lives of world leaders and the President of the USA to get the Partition of Palestine ‘47 boarders. Their tactics haven’t abated since... "
"Brainwashing for All: Holocaust Education to be Mandatory in American Schools" (Frei).  Do you notice the general intensification, in multiple areas - even more Hollow Cost 'education', the attacks on Corbyn (I'm surprised the Khazars haven't developed an app!), the anti-BDS legislation and similar outrageous over-extension of Zionist control, Iran Talk, Russiagate, book 'burning', bizarre new enforced definitions of 'anti-Semitism', the shuttering of social media outlets, etc, etc, etc - which seems to be a manifestation of panic, as if (((they))) fear that suddenly everything is going to explode?  We're getting closer to the abyss, seemingly incapable of doing anything about it.  Imagine how many, many, many problems will be simultaneously solved when the Khazars are finally 'forced into the sea'.
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