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"Where Does Trump Go From Here With Iran?" (Luongo).  Trump literally has no options.  Although they - at least the Eurotrash - still take American orders, neither American 'allies' nor 'enemies' (aka, enemies of the Khazars, aka entities that might get in the way of Khazar theft)  want to talk any longer, as everybody knows that you can't do a deal with an entity that will immediately renege on all its promises (after a phone call from Sheldon or another macher).  Although you could blame it on Trump's ego, Trump's ego just represents a problem that has been building for decades.  You can't trust Americans to any extent because of Khazar corruption of American politics, and it appears this is not going to change short of something resembling a revolution, and such a thing is not on the horizon.

Proof of the problem:  "Democrats back Trump’s massive “World War III” military budget" (Damon):
"For the third year in a row, the Democrats are voting for a massive increase in military spending, to put at the disposal of the fascistic Trump administration money it can use, not just to launch wars, but also to create a police state in America.

Senate Democrats voted overwhelmingly Thursday to approve the largest Pentagon budget ever, rejecting calls to stop President Trump from building “usable” nuclear weapons and retaliate for his misappropriation of Pentagon funds to carry out the crackdown on the border.

Under Trump, the US military budget has gone from $619 billion in 2016 to $700 billion in 2018, $716 billion in 2019 and the $750 billion passed Thursday by the Senate.

Defense spending now accounts for nearly 60 percent of the government budget, with everything from education, roads and bridges to scientific research and space exploration squeezed into the remaining two-fifths.

If the Senate version of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act passes in the House of Representatives, Congress will have granted Trump a total annual increase in the military budget of $131 billion, a figure more than twice as large as Russia’s $61 billion annual military budget. The Democratic-controlled House, for its part, is proposing a military budget of “only” $733 billion—another US record.

In Thursday’s vote, 36 Democrats joined 49 Republicans to pass the largest military budget in American history. Only five Democrats voted against the bill, while six others, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, were too busy running for president to vote one way or another on a bill granting massive war-making powers to the fascistic president."
and (so much for any chance that Trump could be blocked or even delayed in any War For The Jews Sheldon orders):
"The day after they voted to pass the budget, Senate Democrats staged a farcical vote on a separate amendment, doomed from the start, to require Trump to obtain congressional approval before attacking Iran. Predictlably, the vote failed. Commenting on the defeat of the amendment, the New York Times wrote curtly, “Mr. Trump has said he has the power to launch a military strike against Iran without Congress’s permission, and in effect, the Senate agreed.”

The Senate bill rejected all provisions in the House version that would place even the most token limits on the development of “low-yield” nuclear weapons, in effect giving Trump the go-ahead for his quest to develop “usable” nuclear bombs and missiles. The Senate version also rejected calls to ban new detainees from being placed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In perhaps the most significant measure stealthily included in the deal, the Senate voted to “back-fill” the $3.6 billion Trump misappropriated from the Pentagon budget to build his border wall by proclaiming a state of emergency and bypassing congressional opposition.

With this measure, the Senate Democrats effectively endorsed the greatest violation by Trump of the US Constitution to date: using the Pentagon budget in his role as “commander in chief” to short circuit Congress’s power of the purse. These are grounds for not only immediate impeachment, but also criminal indictment for conspiracy to subvert the Constitution."
"In last week’s debates, the 20 Democrats running for president spoke broken Spanish and pulled long faces to condemn Trump’s treatment of refugee children, grandstanded about Trump’s “erratic” threats against Iran, and demanded an expansion of government social programs, including “Medicare for all.”

But actions speak louder than words. For all their denunciations of Trump as a sexual pervert, Russia spy, or both, the Democrats function as though they were in a coalition government with the American Mussolini, rubber-stamping his illegal wars, green-lighting his attacks on democracy and funding his concentration camps."
Also:  "2020 Democrats Slam Trump's North Korea Visit" (Durden)

"Labour MP Chris Williamson suspended as Corbyn again appeases his right wing"(Mardsen) (alternate link) (this is an amazing example of Lobby power, with Vaz basically reversing his own decision after the pressure by claiming he was high as a kite!):
"Behind the scenes a genuine fix was already underway. Keith Vaz, a right-wing former minister, was drafted onto the disciplinary committee due to the illness of one member. He voted to readmit Williamson along with Huda Elmi. But in response to the renewed campaign against Williamson, Vaz wrote to Formby calling on her to review the disciplinary committee’s decision. The leaking of its initial ruling to the media, he argued, meant its decisions in 36 other disciplinary cases could be subject to legal challenge. To ensure the “complete integrity” of the process, either a new panel should be convened or all the cases it dealt with on Wednesday should be referred to the party’s disputes committee for reconsideration.

Offering his own excuses, Vaz said he had been asked to sit on the panel at the last minute and had gone to the meeting “despite having medical treatment that day, which continued after the meeting… In my view, having served on the NEC for 15 years I consider the decisions the panel made yesterday cannot stand.”

And so it came to pass. Williamson had the party whip withdrawn based on Vaz’s stated concerns. In the light of past experience, there is now every likelihood that expulsion will follow. No other decision will be acceptable to the Blairites and a baying media pack."
Tweet (Media Lens):
"First, a senior serving British general warning the military 'could stage a mutiny' if Corbyn was elected Now, senior civil servants briefing against Corbyn to the press. The illusion of democracy is wearing thin"
The Clarification Corner:  "Ricky Gervais Points Out That the Same People Saying Speech is Violence Throw Milkshakes of Peace" (Anglin). "The San Francisco Murals and the Suicide of the Left" (Johnstone).  Tweet (Jesse Singal) (Ngo was asking for it, just like I suppose they thing women seek to be raped):
"Here's how a big-name communications staffer at the Human Rights Campaign reacted to a gay journalist getting attacked by a group of masked vigilantes during a public event. There's video of a masked vigilante punching him in the head."
In case you are wondering while the obvious mass will of the people in Sudan keeps getting blocked: "Sudan's path to democracy is blocked by a modern slavery pact" (Abu Maryam).

"Godspeed Justin Raimondo, You Brilliant Son of a Bitch" (Reid).

5G as a Zionist conspiracy to benefit Israel:  "5G as a globalist tool" (Parsons).

Tweet (Edward Luce):
"a good moment to retweet...."
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