Friday, July 12, 2019

The Epstein Plan

So after the 1967 and 1973 wars the Khazars were on top of the world, and starting to see themselves as inevitable winners of all the land they intended to steal (Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates), thus starting the overwhelming idea of messianic Khazarianism which we see dominating today amongst all Khazars (particularly obvious in the increasingly deranged plans to steal the Temple Mount).  The 1973 war was a clear example that Israel was the American block against Soviet domination of the Middle East, and this was the horse they intended to ride to obtain continued American support.

The problem the murderers and land thieves faced was twofold:
  1. the Soviet Union wasn't going to be around forever - this was known to planners in the 70s - and what would happen to Israel once the 'threat' of Soviet dominance ended (of course, we know they replaced it with the 'threat' of Islamist 'terror', easily manipulable with false flags)?; and
  2. stealing all the land they intended to steal would result in humanitarian atrocities impossible to comprehend, and would require leeched money from Americans at historically unprecedented levels that made no sense, and how could they expect American politicians to continue to support these levels of atrocities and parasitic thieving?
At the same time (heading towards the 80s), Wall Street was starting its progression towards the turbo-thieving we see today, and 'Hollywood' had started the idea that it was possible to make money based on algorithms.  Of course, we know that the big bucks were made the old fashioned way, by insider trading and market manipulation, but it was useful to provide the illusion that the traders 'earned' their money as they were so intelligent.

Combining all these factors, Khazar planners in the late 70s started to concoct the perfect plan. They would create an imaginary 'genius' trader, based in the new and poorly understood world of hedge funds (guys who make oodles of money, but nobody quite understands how), a self-made billionaire who would thus catapult himself into the highest reaches of society, hobnobbing with the most important world figures in politics and society.  They would combine this with another traditional Khazar specialty and area of expertise, white slavery (the most vile form, involving under-aged victims, abhorrent to everybody), and thus manipulate the powerful men into committing crimes with which they could easily be blackmailed.

Sometime in the late 70s, somebody (Wexner?) identified Epstein as the perfect front man for the conspiracy.  No 'genius', but trained in math and smart enough to be able to talk the quant talk.  He was pure alpha male, with at least a feigned interest in very young girls, and extremely affable, 'one of the boys', just the guy to make high-level male politicians comfortable.  He was given a Mossad handler/procurer, Maxwell, and sent out to prepare himself for the job.  They ran him through Bear Sterns (with a Khazar supervisor) for a few years to start to build the 'legend', then sent him out with his own firm to build his 'billions'.  While Wexner was apparently his only client, and he had much less money than he was said to have had, through the 80s they carefully assembled a collection of assets to make it seem that his abilities had made him a self-made billionaire.  They then used his social talents to work his way up the ladder to the point where he was pals with major political figures.  A lot of the technique involved philanthropy, with the parties the rich give to celebrate themselves being the perfect venues to make the connections he needed.

This was an enormously expensive plan, involving operating expenses, private jets, expensive houses, and an actual fucking Orgy Island (of course, a lot of this stuff can be leased, and real estate is a good investment anyway, and some of his claimed assets are probably imaginary).  Epstein needed to be able to throw enough money around to create the illusion that he actually was as rich as he said he was.  If he was just a pimp of under-aged hookers, the Randy Andys and and Randy Tonys and Randy Bills of the world would have stayed well away from him.  He needed to create the illusion that he was a very talented and very rich and very friendly guy who happened to host parties for his good friends on a secluded and private (but well filmed) island, and, oh look, a bunch of young girls were there too!  Who knows what might happen?!

Israel spent tens of millions of dollars setting up this conspiracy, but they got literally hundreds of billions of dollars (or more) in return.  It was just at the time that Epstein was in full operation that the massive American gifts to Israel started.  There are only two principles to contemporary political science (a proper political science textbook should contain these two principles, and only these two):
  1. "Fucking Jews... Jews are responsible for all wars in the world." (by the greatest of all political scientists, Mel Gibson); and
  2. "If you want to be powerful in the world of the Jews, you want Jews to have blackmail on you, because then they know they can trust you." (Anglin).
You need to be blackmailable in order to be bribeable (and get all the other political advantages, such as political donations and full support of the (((media))) and (((stinktanks))).  The sheer improbability/ridiculousness of the parasite-host relationship is papered over by nonsense assertions like 'Judeo-Christian' (a recent Khazar invention), and 'shared values'.  What really happened is that Epstein created a mass of blackmail material concerning activities of the worst kind (the kind that puts you in jail, with your life in constant danger, for decades), nailing the very people who make the decisions on financial gifts to Israel.  While the conspiracy was complex, the psychology behind it is remarkably simple.
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