Monday, July 29, 2019

The new history of the West

"American Pravda: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate" (Unz) (and the comments are starting out with vigor):
"As I gradually became aware of these enormities casually hidden in McCain’s background, my initial reaction was disbelief that someone whose record was so deeply tarnished in so many different ways could ever have reached such a pinnacle of American political power. But as the media continued to avert its eyes from these newly revealed facts, even those disclosed in the pages of the Times itself, I gradually began to consider matters in a different light. Perhaps McCain’s elevation to great American political power was not in spite of the devastating facts littering his personal past, but because of them."
"Similar rumors swirl around events much farther back in history as well, sometimes with enormous consequences. Well-placed contemporary sources have claimed that Samuel Untermyer, a wealthy Jewish lawyer, purchased the secret correspondence between Woodrow Wilson and his longtime mistress, and that the existence of that powerful leverage may have been an important factor behind Wilson’s astonishingly rapid rise from president of Princeton in 1910 to governor of New Jersey in 1911 to president of the United States in 1912. Once in office, Wilson signed the controversial legislation establishing the Federal Reserve system in 1913 and also named Louis Brandeis as the first Jewish member of the U.S. Supreme Court despite the public opposition of nearly our entire legal establishment. Wilson’s swiftly changing views on American involvement in the First World War may also have influenced by such personal pressures rather than solely determined by his perceptions of the national interest.
Without naming any names, since 2001 it has been difficult to avoid noticing that one of the most zealous and committed supporters of the Neocon party-line on all Middle Eastern foreign policy matters has been a leading Republican senator from one of the most socially-conservative Southern states, a man whose rumored personal inclinations have long circulated on the Internet. The strikingly-sudden reversal of this individual on a major policy question certainly supports these suspicions. There have also been several other such examples involving prominent Republicans."
He then drifts into Pizzagate, which undermines his strong opening, as I think Pizzagate is one of those stories, quite possibly with some real basis in truth (some of the emails have some inexplicable and bizarre wording, and the Podestas appear to be deeply weird), that has been manipulated into a reductio ad absurdum by (((the usual suspects))).

We're all coming around to what I think is the simple and correct solution - American (and British etc) political ponerology is based entirely in large Khazar blackmail operations, with the 'leaders' chosen specifically for their blackmailability.  The decisions that are made - naturally backed up by the (((media))), with the unanimity of opinion providing cover - are just so stupid, and so obviously and consistently and ruinously stupid - that there is literally no other possible explanation.  All of history since the beginnings of the 20th century has to be rewritten in a woke manner.
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