Monday, July 29, 2019

The wine of the filthy thieves

The applicant, himself Jewish, complained about how he got completely Jewed over by the Canadian bureaucracy concerning the usual issue of Israel mislabeling as 'Israeli' undrinkable wines made by filthy thieves on stolen land in the Occupied Territories.  The Judge sent the matter back to the Jewed-up and crooked bureaucrats for reconsideration.  I imagine this will be appealed until it reaches enough Khazar judges to reach a kosher result, but until then it is one hell of a spectacular judgment, by The Honourable Anne L. Mactavish. Note the end:
"[125]  There are few things as difficult and intractable as Middle East politics, and the presence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank raises difficult, deeply-felt and sensitive political issues.

[126]  One peaceful way in which people can express their political views is through their purchasing decisions.  To be able to express their views in this manner, however, consumers have to be provided with accurate information as to the source of the products in question.

[127]  In addition, Canadian federal legislation requires that food products (including wines) that are sold in Canada bear truthful, non-deceptive and non-misleading country of origin labels.

[128]  The effect of the CAO’s decision was to affirm the CFIA’s conclusion that it is permissible to label wines produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank as "“Products of Israel”" when that is not in fact the case. These labels are thus false, misleading and deceptive. As such, they contravene the requirements of subsection 7(1) of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and subsection 5(1) of the Food and Drugs Act.

[129]  A decision that allows Settlement Wines to be labelled as "“Products of Israel”" thus does not fall within the range of possible, acceptable outcomes which are defensible in respect of the facts and law. It is, rather, unreasonable.

[130]  As a consequence, Dr. Kattenburg’s application for judicial review is allowed. In accordance with the agreement of the parties, no order will be made as to costs.

[131]  Finally, it is not appropriate for this Court to determine how the Settlement Wines should be labelled. That is a matter for the CFIA. Consequently, the recommendation made by the CAO is set aside, and the matter is remitted to the CAO for redetermination."
In other words, freedom of expression is still guaranteed in Canada (at least until the filthy thieves get through with us), and that expression includes the constitutionally protected right of boycott, which isn't effectively exercisable if the filthy thieves are allowed to lie on labels.
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