Sunday, July 07, 2019

Treating me like a Palestinian

"Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking bust: Convicted pedophile arrested on the tarmac after he jets in from France as FBI agents break down the door of his NYC mansion to execute search warrant" (Spargo).  There's lots of things you can do in Paris, but one is to get instructions directly from the Rothschilds on your Last Mission.  I cannot believe, given the state of the (((law))), that Epstein didn't have a head's up from within the prosecutor's office, so he flew in his private jet back 'home' knowing he would be arrested when he landed.  This is all a staged trick.

"Iran nuclear deal: Macron and Rouhani agree to look at conditions for talks".  It looks like macher wars, Rothschilds (who own Macron) versus Sheldon (who owns Trump, more or less).

"Dark Days in France" (Durocher).  Life under a Khazarocracy/Rothschildocracy.
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