Friday, July 19, 2019

Use the other door / Yglesii

"The Wheels Are Coming Off" (Sick):
"The UAE has conspicuously separated itself from Washington and Saudi Arabia. The UAE announced that it does not have sufficient evidence to determine what party was responsible for the tanker bombings. More significantly, the UAE has now announced that it is withdrawing its forces from the civil war in Yemen (though not from its anti-terrorist operations against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula).

The “Saudi-led alliance” in Yemen today consists of the Saudi air force and a rag tag collection of local militias and mercenaries who are there for the money. This is the moment when MbS should declare victory and accept a UN-brokered peace settlement.

Yemen was supposed to yield to overwhelming power. Qatar was supposed to collapse under siege. Iran was supposed to fold when faced with maximum economic pressure. Even the presentation of the economic portion of the Deal of the Century in Bahrain failed to attract the level of investors that had been expected.

There are major shifts in the balance of power underway in the Persian Gulf. They are not what the Trump administration anticipated."
"Russia Offers Turkey Advanced Su-35 Jets Day After US F-35 Program Expulsion" (Durden).  A good example of how the US is painting itself into a corner with all its Sanctions For The Jews.  The snit over S-400s has now led to losing the chance to sell F-35s.  Also:  "If no CAATSA for Turkey, none for India too" (Bhadrakumar).

"Iran denies Trump claim that US destroyed Iranian drone" (Vahdat/Rising).

Tweet (Nicholas Miller):
"Yesterday, news reports errantly suggested Iran would negotiate on missiles, and Dubowitz seized on this as evidence that maximum pressure is working. Now that Iran has clarified it will not negotiate, Dubowitz says this is also evidence maximum pressure is working."
Sadly, it looks like the latest Epstein blackmail gambit is working on Trump:  "On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours..." (Snyder).

"A Conundrum Of Evil" (West). The Family and the Mossad.

"Piracy or War?" (Black). Reminds me of when Carney stole - literally stole, like a bank robber - the money belonging to Venezuela that was in the Bank of England.

"Media Lies About Iran Deal, Headlines Repeat Unfound State Department Claims" (DeCamp).  'Media lies about' should start every story.  "US calls emergency nuclear watchdog meeting over Iran, after spurning it for 3 years".

I truly believe these people are actually devil worshippers (and they really seem to despise true Christians):  "Pandering to Christian Zionism: Trump Outreach on Display in Washington" (Giraldi):
"Pompeo was more interested in stirring up his audience than he was in historical fact. He said “In Iraq, Syria, and other countries in the region, the last remnants of ancient Christian communities are at near-extinction because of persecution from ISIS and other malign actors. And just one example: before 2003, there were an estimated 1.5 million Christians living in Iraq. Today, sadly, almost a quarter of a million.”

Pompeo, whose grasp of current events appears to be a bit shaky, did not mention two of the principal reasons that Christianity has been declining in the region. First and foremost is the Iraq War, started by the United States for no good reason, which unleashed forces that led to the destruction of religious minorities. Second, he did not note the constant punishment delivered by Israel on the Palestinians, which has led to the departure of many Christians in that community. Nor did he say anything about the reverse of the coin, Syria, where Christians are well integrated and protected by the al-Assad government which Pompeo and Bolton are seeking to destroy to benefit Israel."
I don't know what Parler is but I like it already:  "This Twitter Alternative Was Supposed To Be Nicer, But Bigots Love It Already" (Saul).

"Rebels without a cause" (Robinson).  Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Italian Nazi missile story keeps getting weirder & wider: Now Spain. At least they're accurately reporting that the Nazis fought for Ukraine, against pro-Russian separatists "
What were airforce-less Nazis going to do with an air-to-air missile?  Also "Salvini Believes That Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Death Squad Planned to Assassinate Him!" (Batty).

"Information laundering", tweets by Kevin Gosztola.

Tweets assembled by Niqnaq on the  'Integrity Initiative'.  This is getting weird - once they were outed as a PR operation, the whole effort lost all sense (I'm reminded of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, where the joke is that the David Cross character keeps getting caught in his lies and rather than concede and shut up, just keeps plowing ahead with more and more ridiculous lies).  At the very least, you would have thought they would rebrand themselves, but I suppose as long as the British government is stupid or corrupt enough to keep paying them, they will take the money and keep churning out the crap.

This sounds like the real Correa:  "‘Rubbish!’: Correa blasts CNN for claim that Assange made embassy into ‘command post for meddling’".

"I’m Going Long on Popcorn" (Lemieux).  The comments are heartening.  It's wonderful to see the consistent view of Dersh.

"Camouflaged Israeli Ex-PM Pictured Entering Epstein's Mansion The Same Day As Hotties Show Up" (Durden). Some of the blackmail has domestic Israeli applications.

The Khazars have a l-o-n-g history of epsteining, with this kind of sexual blackmail being something close to a group characteristic:  "Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case" (Webb).

"US military chiefs ordered to reveal if Pentagon used diseased insects as biological weapon" (Forrest).  Did Lyme disease start because the Pentagon biological warfare scientists didn't know (or care) that deer could swim?

"Labour Friends of Israel denies funding from Israeli spy" (Winstanley).  The attacks on Corbyn are coming directly out of Israel (and the (((BBC))) overplayed its hand).  You can see why (((they))) are so sensitive about 'dual loyalty' claims (it is because (((they))) have absolutely no loyalty to the countries in which they are forced to live, and only have loyalty to Israel, a fact which would have huge political implications should the farm animals ever be able to figure it out).

"Cartoonist slams Guardian for spiking illustration over ‘anti-Semitism’ concerns".  The newest War For The Jews is on cartoons.

"NYT vs. DAILY MAIL On Ilhan Omar's Hilarious (And Apparently Fraudulent) Marital History" (Sailer).  "Does this photo prove Trump tormentor's second marriage was a sham? Far-left Ilhan Omar is pictured with her first husband AND her second husband - as Trump accuses him of being her BROTHER and he posts from a beach" (Ibbetson).  "David Steinberg: Tying up Loose Threads in the Curious Case".  The Khazars seem to really fear her - presumably they are feeding Trump his lines - as she knows not to back down in terror of them:  "Ilhan Omar Introduces Pro-Bds Resolution, Announces Visit to Israel" (Nahmias)

Tweet (Mark Ames) (Yglesii!):
"Great thread, missed this the first time around. h/t "
Tweet (ping):
"What a time to be alive."
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