Saturday, July 27, 2019

Victoria's Real Secret

"Russia and China display strategic coordination in Asia-Pacific" (Bhadrakumar).

"Did John Bolton Light the Fuse of the UK-Iranian Tanker Crisis?" (Porter).

"Escobar: How To Kill 10 Million Afghans And Not Win".

"Western Media Losing Enthusiasm for Failing Coup in Venezuela" (Koerner/Vaz).

"Irish Starving, Big Tobacco Promoting, Terrorist Supporting: Meet New Home Secretary Priti Patel" (Klarenberg).

"Killing Tariq: Why we must rethink the roots of Jewish settlers’ violence" (Baroud).

"Prosecutors Reveal New Child Sex Allegations Against Key Mueller Witness" (Ross).  Initials (CDaN).

"Lawmaker says she’s been told to back off call for probe of Jeffrey Epstein’s work release" (Brown). "Miami Herald Reporter: Alan Dershowitz Tried To Discredit Me After Epstein Story Came Out" (Amato).

I think we're getting an idea of what 'Victoria's Secret' is:  "How Jeffrey Epstein Used the Billionaire Behind Victoria’s Secret for Wealth and Women".  Shopping there is being a party to mass criminality against women.

New manifesto for southern nationalists:  "The 25 Points of 3.0" ('Hunter Wallace').
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