Tuesday, July 02, 2019


Tweet (Kevin Gosztola) (people for whom $25 is real money, while $250,000 is just pocket lint for the supporters, er, ((('donors'))), of Biden and Harris):
"Top employer of donors for Bernie Sanders is Walmart, according to the campaign. Also, Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and US Postal Service. Working class people are scraping together few dollars each quarter to fund his campaign."
Tweet (sonic's orthodontist):
"The Washington Post’s fact check is that this is so true it somehow becomes false"
Tweet (Shem Horne):
"This article is weeeeird"
The weeeeird: "‘The enigma of the entire Mueller probe’: Focus on origins of Russian investigation puts spotlight on Maltese professor".  On Misfud, apparently either a high level Russian mole in and around the Anglo-American IC, or a guy who jumped on the never-Trump bandwagon for a few weeks as part of the Anglo-American IC conspiracy to take down Trump (and Putin)  .As the Washington Post is just the house organ of the CIA, with its 'reporters' adept at retyping CIA press releases, I wonder which of the two options is more embarrassing to the CIA (hence the weeeeird-ness).  It is funny how different parties use the same evidence to 'prove' their diametrically opposed positions.  It is possible that Misfud is going to reappear with a bang (to some extent, I'm surprised he is still alive), and the CIA is attempting to get in front of it.

The (shockingly) better and more sophisticated article by Lee Smith on the same subject:  "The Maltese Phantom of Russiagate".
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