Sunday, August 25, 2019

1949 FU

Fun tweets by 👀💦ᏔმƦ𝔢ჳ💤 on the Ghislaine photo shop (original /pol/, and youtube summary - there is justified anger that the Daily Mail 'journalists' outright stole all the analysis from /pol/, claiming it as their own:  "DailyMail. com has learned exclusively."!).  Note:
  1. the photo shopped addition of an ad for a Seth Rogan film, with the Mossad connection perhaps helping to explain his otherwise inexplicable success (but also may just be an attempt to make an old photo look recent);
  2. the 'Family Owned Since 1949' is a real sign, referring to the 1949 foundation of the Mossad, which means they picked this angle for the original photo to tag it as a Mossad operation (!);
  3. the role of the NY Post in getting this picture circulated, a rag owned of course by ultra-Zionist Murdoch;
  4. the role of the Post's writer Larry Celona, who has his own Epstein connections;
  5. the geniuses at /pol/ fiddled with the urls to find additional photos on the Post servers - also note the (possibly?) sloppy work in leaving Maxwell's attorney's company's metadata in the names of the photos (and her dog in the pictures);
  6. the Post was also leaving a misleading trail to confuse American authorities about where Maxwell was (though frankly I don't think they are looking too hard) - "Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister spotted packing bags near socialite’s rumored home" (Salo);
  7. it was the Post which created, and then deleted, the story of the 'onlooker' who identified the otherwise unidentifiable book in front of the photo shopped Ghislaine, "The Book of Honor : The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives", no doubt a dig at the CIA and the entire foundations of the Epstein intelligence/blackmail operation, plus a personal reference to the 'sacrifice' of Epstein and Ghislaine;
  8. the Ghislaine 'extraction':  "U.S. Customs’ computer system breakdown for a few hours affected airports nationwide" (Reynolds); and
  9. the 'Mega Agency', come on, what a fiendish insider reference!
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