Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Deep 'Suicides'

CDaN reminds us of the case of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the Washington brothel owner - with politician clients - who said that if she was ever found dead by hanging, it wouldn't be suicide.  She was found dead by hanging, and it was, of course, ruled to be suicide.  Before she died, her lawyer sent her phone records to numerous 'journalists' (and at least some records were put upon the internet), who, of course, found almost nothing of interest in them (Vitter and some minor functionaries), and after her death but before the 2008 elections, a court ruled the records sealed, and the US Supreme Court refused to lift that order before the 2016 elections, though her lawyer claimed the records were relevant to that election (and he even claims to have set up an Assange-style dead man's switch).

This is obviously different from Epstein.  Palfrey wasn't running an intelligence operation and made no attempt at blackmail (unless you count the release of records as an attempt to influence her criminal prosecution).  Epstein didn't charge for his 'services' (repayment was expected, later, in benefits to Israel).  The similarity is the Deep State suiciding an inconvenient witness, and then outrageously covering up the murder and any evidence incriminating politicians.
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