Friday, August 09, 2019

El Paso

"The dialectic of the Moscow Protests Hoax" (Humor).

"Leaders of Violent Hong Kong Revolution Photographed with US Consulate Official" (Anglin).  "Neoliberalism Has Met Its Match In China" (Brown):
"America’s chief competitor in the trade war is obviously China, which subsidizes not just worker costs but the costs of its businesses. The government owns 80% of the banks, which make loans on favorable terms to domestic businesses, especially state-owned businesses. If the businesses cannot repay the loans, neither the banks nor the businesses are typically put into bankruptcy, since that would mean losing jobs and factories. The nonperforming loans are just carried on the books or written off. No private creditors are hurt, since the creditor is the government and the loans were created on the banks’ books in the first place (following standard banking practice globally). As observed by Jeff Spross in a May 2018 Reuters article titled “Chinese Banks Are Big. Too Big?”:
[B]ecause the Chinese government owns most of the banks, and it prints the currency, it can technically keep those banks alive and lending forever. …
It may sound weird to say that China’s banks will never collapse, no matter how absurd their lending positions get. But banking systems are just about the flow of money.
Spross quoted former bank CEO Richard Vague, chair of The Governor’s Woods Foundation, who explained, “China has committed itself to a high level of growth. And growth, very simply, is contingent on financing.” Beijing will “come in and fix the profitability, fix the capital, fix the bad debt, of the state-owned banks … by any number of means that you and I would not see happen in the United States.”
Political and labor unrest is a major problem in China. Spross wrote that the government keeps everyone happy by keeping economic growth high and spreading the proceeds to the citizenry. About two-thirds of Chinese debt is owed just by the corporations, which are also largely state-owned. Corporate lending is thus a roundabout form of government-financed industrial policy—a policy financed not through taxes but through the unique privilege of banks to create money on their books.
China thinks this is a better banking model than the private Western system focused on short-term profits for private shareholders. But U.S. policymakers consider China’s subsidies to its businesses and workers to be “unfair trade practices.” They want China to forgo state subsidization and its other protectionist policies in order to level the playing field. But Beijing contends that the demanded reforms amount to “economic regime change.” As Hudson puts it: “This is the fight that Trump has against China. He wants to tell it to let the banks run China and have a free market. He says that China has grown rich over the last fifty years by unfair means, with government help and public enterprise. In effect, he wants the Chinese to be as threatened and insecure as American workers. They should get rid of their public transportation. They should get rid of their subsidies. They should let a lot of their companies go bankrupt so that Americans can buy them. They should have the same kind of free market that has wrecked the US economy. [Emphasis added.]”"
More spectacular tweets from Dersh.

"U.S. Intel Officials Eye Disinformation Campaign Targeting John Bolton’s Family" (Markay/Rawnsley).  "Late Night: Newt Gingrich, John Bolton, and Plato’s Retreat" (Phoenix Woman).  "Could Russia have kompromat on John Bolton?" (Cockburn).

"Patrick Crusius: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know" (Heavy).  "Patrick Crusius’ Dad, John Bryan Crusius: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know" (Heavy).  "Best Synopsis of the El Paso Deep State Terror Operation" (Bacon).  "EL PASO WALMART FALSE FLAG" (Aangirfan).  "El Paso Shooter Father: Bryan Crusius Tied to John of God" (John of God keeps popping up!).  "Follow The Dots: MKUltra & The El Paso Shooting" (Nimmo).  "Mass Shooting Marathon: Red Flags and Anomalies Galore in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton" (Winter).  "Instagram denies 8chan owner's claim about El Paso shooting manifesto" (Gonzalez/Wong).  "Milton Wood Crusius". Tweet (Michael Hoffman):
"Alleged mother of Patrick Crucius, man accused of being El Paso shooter, is “Hispanic American” according to "Lori Lynn Crucius...Background details that you might want to know about Lori include: ethnicity is Hispanic American."…"
Even by the standards of American conspiracies, there are a lot of anomalies concerning El Paso.
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