Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epic Gulf somersault / the darker one

"Epstein Documents Drop, Names Named" (Anglin). 

Until they arrest Maxwell, this whole circus is just a joke.  The intent is to blackmail for Wars For The Jews, and it is unnecessary to arrest the Mossad handler Maxwell to effect that purpose, so the (((SDNY))), not wanting to interfere with their Mossad bosses any more than necessary, leaves her be.

"Washington’s Utterly Failed Diplomacy".

It appears that Trump may have avoided the Orgy Island part of the plot.  He may very well have been warned off by the kind of (((gangsters))) he associates with (or maybe he just saw it for what it was - it you are not thinking with your dick, it is/was very obvious what was going on).  Trump's exposure seems to come from the 'parties' he attended with Epstein in the late 80s, early 90s, while Epstein was still operating the blackmail operation, but without all the jets and islands.

"Saudis and UAE begin quiet talks with Tehran in epic Gulf somersault" (DEBKAfile).  As amazing as it may seem, it is the 'anti-Semites' in Europe who are screwing up WWIII by failing to endorse the cockamamie plan of Bolton's to Americanize the Straits of Hormuz.  Of course, the rather smart MbZ - I don't give any credit to dim bulb MbS - also realizes that Iran's defensive countermeasures to an attack on it will leave all that nice wealth and oil facilities of the Gulf States in ruins.

"India’s colossal blunder in Kashmir" (Ray).  The constitutional issues raised by Hindu supremacism.  It is funny how the self-created plight of India parallels the self-created plight of the Khazars.  Both had years to negotiate very favorable agreements - in the case of India, permanent annexation with some weak federalist guarantees of things like education rights - but, as supremacists, wanted everything, wouldn't negotiate, and will eventually lose all.  Of course, at least India will still have a country left (albeit well behind its peers in development).

"Hong Kong, Kashmir: a Tale of Two Occupations" (Escobar).  When you are caught red-handed organizing a color revolution, try to turn the story around by calling your opponent 'thuggish' for pointing it out!:  "US Calls China "Thuggish Regime" For Releasing Identity Of US Official Caught Meeting With HK Protesters" (Durden).  You know, the Chinese aren't going to do anything stupid - they will stop giving Hong Kong preferential treatment, put those resources into other cities, and just watch Hong Kong slowly decline.  The 'leaders' of the color revolution are, at best, fools, and, at worst, paid off American stooges.

"Finger On The Trigger: China's Iran Oil Weapon" (Durden).  It has to be peak irony that the Khazar stranglehold on American politicians now gives China a huge weapon in trade negotiations, simply by further defying the Sanctions For The Jews.  When, oh when, are Assholians going to wake up and realize that Khazar skepticism is their only hope!

"Shocking report on leading Jews’ effort to defeat Rashida Tlaib" (Weiss - note the classic Weiss spin throughout, that it is the other, 'good', Khazars who are on the case!):
"Lara Friedman of the Foundation for Middle East Peace points out the views, expressed by “organizational Jewish Dems,” will fulfill the worst ideas people have of Jews . . . ."
"An unnamed lay leader in the room criticized the “intersectionality” personified by the Squad, four women of color who are now congresswomen.
“The weaker one is and the darker one is” determines who is “in the right,” the lay leader said of The Squad, an “anti-intellectual” posture that bodes ill for Jews and Israel.
(Writes Lara Friedman, “Thought it couldn’t get uglier? It does… Yes, you read that right: “the darker one is.”)"

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