Friday, August 30, 2019

"Everybody Knows"

"FBI studies two broken cameras outside cell where Epstein died: source" (Rothschild).  'Unusable' is a very specific term, not the one I'd think they would use.

"Jeffrey Zwi Epstein Migdal" (Atzmon).  Pre-history of the gangsters now operating in the US and known as the Mega Group.  We haven't heard very much at all about the pedo boy equivalent blackmail operations (the 'Leslie' Wing of the operation, if you like), except for the ubiquitous hints from 'Hollywood'.

"Jeffrey Epstein’s Art World Connections: A Guide" (Selvin).

"Lying for Israel: Why Nearly Everyone in Washington Does It" (Giraldi):
". . .  Lieu explained his objection to Friedman’s actions, saying “Actually, I think he should resign because he doesn’t see to understand that his allegiance is to America, not to a foreign power. He should be defending the right of Americans to go abroad to other countries and to visit their relatives.”
The outrage from the mighty host of friends of Israel came immediately, with accusations that Lieu was accusing Friedman of “dual loyalty,” that greatly feared derogatory label that is somewhat akin to “anti-Semitism” or “Holocaust denial” in the battery of verbal munitions used to silence critics of the Jewish state. Indeed, Lieu was accused of employing nothing less than a “classic anti-Semitic” trope.
Under considerable pressure, Lieu deleted the tweet and then issued something of an apology, “It has been brought to my attention that my prior tweet to @USAmbIsrael raises dual loyalty allegations that have historically caused harm to the Jewish community. That is a legitimate concern. I am therefore deleting the tweet.”
But the reality is, of course, that Friedman does not have dual loyalty. He has real loyalty only to Israel, which he demonstrates repeatedly by uncritically supporting everything the kleptocratic Netanyahu regime does with nary a pause to consider actual American interests. He has supported the weekly slaughter of unarmed Gazan civilians by Israeli sharpshooters, praised the bombing of Syria, pushed for the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, applauded the recognition by Washington of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and is an active supporter of and contributor to the illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank. He has even pressured the State Department into ceasing its use of the word “occupation” when describing the situation on the West Bank. It is now “disputed.” So, it is no surprise that David Friedman, formerly a bankruptcy lawyer before he became ambassador, lines up with Netanyahu rather than with two American Congresswomen who, apart from anything else, have good reasons to travel to a country that is the largest US aid recipient in order to see conditions on the ground. To put it mildly, Friedman is a disgrace and a reflection of the character or lack thereof of the man who appointed him. If he had any decency, he would resign.
There is no benefit for the United States when an American Ambassador excuses the brutality of a foreign government, quite the contrary as it makes Washington an accomplice in what are often undeniably war crimes. Even though Congressman Lieu was clearly read the riot act and made to fly right by his own party’s leadership, it took considerable courage to speak up against both Israel and an American ambassador who clearly is more in love with the country he is posted to than the country he is supposed to represent. Of course, in never-any-accountability Washington a buffoon posing as an ambassador as Friedman does will get away with just about anything and, as the subject is Israel, there will hardly be a word of rebuke coming from anyone, to include the mainstream media. But the tweet by Lieu is nevertheless significant. Hopefully he will be among the first of many congressmen willing to put at risk their careers at times to speak the truth."
"Maybe Boris Johnson was inspired by Stephen Harper" (Dalacourt).  "Roundup: Flashbacks about prorogation" (Routine Proceedings).  "Boris Johnson's Deviously Clever Brexit Strategy Unfolds" (Shedlock).

"Central European PHP Coding Conference Shut Down Because It was White Supremacist (Neo-Nazi)" (Anglin):
"Seriously – start doing this:
Look for anything, anywhere that you do not like and start accusing them of being white supremacists for not having enough diversity. Even if they have blacks and woman and whatever else, you can start talking about trannys. They almost certainly do not have trannys because there are so few of these people, but it obviously does not matter. They will just have to find a tranny or be shut down.
There were obviously no black or woman PHP coders who wanted to speak at this conference. So the implication is that they have to go out and find the diversity themselves. Well, make everyone find trannys or get shut down.
Then once they start including trannys, start demanding black trannys – “I’m happy to see that [X thing you hate] is finally embracing the trans community, however I was shocked to see that there is no one from the black trans community being represented. It’s [current year] and we can do better.”
Then you can start demanding crippled black trannys, trannys with Down Syndrome, and just on and on and on. There is no ceiling on this, until everything in the world is exclusively involving negro trannys with Down Syndrome in wheelchairs.
This entire system can be completely jammed by forcing it to uphold its own standards if people so choose. And trannys really are the weak spot, because they are promoting them so aggressively now but there are so few of them and the ones that exist are completely insane and most of them are convicted child molesters."
Strikingly peculiar to come across a rash of actual violent anti-Semitic incidents, even more so one that the (((media))) won't discuss:  "Anti-Semitic Violence in NYC: "Everybody Knows"" (Sailer). Comment by peterike at Unz.  "Why Does No One Care About Violence Against Orthodox Jews?" (Chizhik-Goldschmidt).

"JOHN KIRIAKOU: In Search of a Russiagate Scalp: The Entrapment of Maria Butina".

JYT!:  "A ‘NY Times’ report hides the truth: Israel’s airstrikes across the Mideast are arguably designed to sabotage Trump-Iran talks" (North).

"The Chinese Communist Party" (Roberts).  It's like having a representative council of the educated and wise watch over all the big decisions.

"What Would America Have Been Like Without Slavery?" (Sailer) (see also:  "Why Hitler Declared War on the United States" (Wear)):
"It would be interesting to create alternative timelines speculating on the historic path of an America without slavery.
For example, to rewrite Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America: in the 1940 election, Democratic incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt lost to the Socialist-Populist-Isolationist fusion party with Norman Thomas as Presidential nominee, Huey Long as VP, and Charles Lindbergh as Secretary of State-designate. Running on a policy of “Practical Pacifism,” the new party swept the progressive German precincts of the Cotton Belt where mechanically ingenious immigrants from the Rhineland had finally made mass cotton growing economical in the high-wage South. Roosevelt carried the more warlike Scots-Irish Southern uplands, but it was not enough to win the Electoral Votes of deeply German Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, where left-leaning voters were adamant that WASPs would never again lead America into war with Germany."
"Fliers accusing Jews of being behind 9/11 attacks appear in San Francisco area" (Pine).
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