Sunday, August 11, 2019

Forget it Jake, it's Hymietown

I was just running out the door when I heard the news of the murder of Epstein, so I didn't get a chance to post.  I suppose it is somewhat heartening that the universal reaction is cynical, but the bottom line is that dead men don't have trials, so it is almost certain that the pedo-rapists are going to get away with everything, again, thanks entirely to the almost comical 'sloppiness' of the  (((SDNY))).  Some random thoughts:
  1. I'll be watching for Trump to loosen up considerably from his funk, and start acting like MAGA again, now that the (((pressure))) is off (as I have previously noted, he has gone completely off the rails, with the exception of Kim and NK (!), since Epstein was arrested);
  2. which means I see no reason to alter my thesis that the Epstein arrest was part of a (((pressure))) campaign by (((those))) who felt he had gone soft on places like Iran, and needed a booster shot of neocon;
  3. the (((SDNY))) is so utterly Jewed-up that it is inconceivable that their head office in Tel Aviv - and thus Epstein, who wouldn't have been left in the dark if only to keep other similar assets happy - wasn't given multiple heads-ups from multiple (((sources))) in that office;
  4. which means Epstein flew into NYC with the intention of being arrested;
  5. and with the intention of being acquitted, after the pressure was applied to Trump (leading as (((they))) all hope, to WWIII), on the basis of double jeopardy (I can't believe the deal (((Dersh))) and (((Krischer))) 'negotiated' didn't tie up all loose ends);
  6. chief prosecutor (((Berman))) and judge (((Berman))) (ha!; Bermans, Bermans everywhere), will have to find somebody else to go after;
  7. the issue of why the (((SDNY))) decided now to go after Epstein, seemingly completely out of the blue, needs to be addressed (but won't be);
  8. Epstein didn't want to die, and in fact counted on acquittal, so his 'suicide attempt' was a warning to the authorities to provide him with some protection in a place that is literally filled to the brim with thugs - and I'm only referring to the guards! - who would assassinate anybody for a few thousand dollars, but nothing was done;
  9. the head office in Tel Aviv wouldn't have wanted him dead (in fact, this murder is a big loss for them if Trump starts acting MAGA again), so this 'sloppiness' indicates that there are forces other than Israeli involved, other people - like Killary, as a wild example! - who would have put out the contract;
  10. all the material seized from Epstein will now be sealed, in the interest of 'privacy';
  11. we can see now why Maxwell wasn't arrested, as her arrest would have meant that Epstein's murder wouldn't have stopped the revelations;
  12. so the entire arrest/no bail;/murder incident represents a mini battle between the ((( forces))) attempting to start WWIII (as we're at the point where Greater Israel, it is thought, requires WWIII), and those, including some famous Khazars, who had to see Epstein dead to protect their reputations and even freedom (this battle played out inside the SDNY, and is an excellent tutorial on how conspiracies work in the real world).
Some links:
  1. "BREAKING: Epstein Found Dead in Jail After Apparent Hanging Suicide" 
  2. "Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered Over Nuclear Thefts?" (Duff), riffing on the just-released revelations on Richardson (remember the New Mexico connection), and the whole issue of Israeli nukes, one that goes back to the JFK assassination, and is still topical;
  3. "Attorney General Barr 'appalled' by Epstein death in federal custody" - ha! - particularly great given the role his converso (((father))) played in getting the Epstein operation started;
  4. "Discuss: Jeffrey Epstein “Suicide”";
  5. the 'camera malfunction' issue, which of course relates to how much inside help the murderer had:  "Jeffrey Epstein Camera Malfunction: No Proof for Rumor, But Other Questions Remain" (Dwilson);
  6. "A Shocked World Reacts To News Of Epstein's Impossible 'Suicide'" and "AG Barr "Appalled" By Epstein's "Suicide", Orders Inspector General Probe Into Mysterious Death" (Durden);
  7. "However, one source told Reuters that Epstein had been taken off suicide watch some time since his first apparent attempt on his own life. Photos published by the New York Post lend some credence to this report, as they show Epstein’s body being wheeled into hospital on a gurney, clad in the standard-issue prison jumpsuit, instead of the paper dress or ‘suicide smock’ usually given to these inmates.";
  8. "Some people are speculating that Epstein “died” and will be resurrected in Israel. I’m withholding judgment on that."
  9. "Jeffrey Epstein RIP" (so outrageous Giraldi goes fully woke);
  10. "I Never Thought I Would Mourn the Death of a Jew" and "Jewish New York Times Calls Trump a “Fringe Conspiracy Theorist” for Suggesting Epstein was Murdered" and "Morning Joe Scarborough Says Russia Killed Jeffrey Epstein" (Anglin).
Final thoughts:
  1. we don't all call it Hymietown for nothing;
  2. the illegal American attack on Iran, and WWIII, have been temporarily averted (at least until the Khazars regroup after the next election);
  3. a huge number of normies are going to be woke over this.
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