Thursday, August 01, 2019

Gabbard vs Harris

"Gabbard rips Harris' record on criminal prosecutions".  Sick burn!  Note the little cough-of-dismissal before Harris starts talking about her mythological 'opposition' to the death penalty.

"Harris on Gabbard criticism: 'I'm obviously a top-tier candidate' so I expect to 'take hits'" (Pitofsky).  'Top-tier', like Gabbard is a piece of shit on her shoe.

"How you know Tulsi Gabbard really got under Kamala Harris' skin" (Cillizza).  Note how she immediately takes the low road, with the usual Khazar-trained lines that Gabbard is a friend of Assad (for having the audacity to oppose having America spend treasure and lives imposing Yinon on Syria).

Meanwhile, Americans are saying 'who is this woman who says exactly what we think - and can you even say that? - a great candidate the (((media))) has decided to hide from us?'  "Google reveals most-searched candidate during Wednesday debate" (Stelter).

Tweet (Dan Cohen) (see also here and here) for the mechanics of the counterattack on Gabbard:
"“I’m obviously a top tier candidate.” -
. This is the same smug, entitled attitude that made Hillary Clinton so unlikeable in 2016. Trump must be salivating watching this."
Harris knows that the fix is in, and that the superdelegates are already lined up for her at the brokered convention. This, then, is an exact parallel to Killary, who knew she was destined to win, with Trump just stirring up trouble for nothing amongst the 'deplorables'.  In this case, Gabbard is messing things up by pointing out the same kind of things that ended up suppressing Clinton's turnout, in this case amongst Black voters who will know that Gabbard is right and Harris was clearly a racist California AG.

"'Fancy Speeches': Tulsi Gabbard Tussles With Kamala Harris" (David).  I'm a bit surprised the Clintonistas even mentioned this issue, but from the comments it appears that people are worried about Harris facing Trump (there is now the belated realization that Trump is supremely gifted at using this kind of thing, and he will be particularly effective when the substance behind the attacks is real), as they should be.
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