Monday, August 12, 2019

Hot Girls, Hot Lotto, Powerball

"Jeffrey Epstein won the Oklahoma Powerball lottery, July 2, 2008" (Hébert) (note the same King and Richardson connections noted here).  Also scroll down to the article on The Office of Foreign Missions, a property stolen from Iran, then rented by the State Department to Epstein, who then sublet the property, for a tidy profit, to a prominent mob lawyer named Ivan Fisher!  "The State Department Once Rented A Townhouse Seized From Iran To Jeffrey Epstein — Then Sued Him For Subletting It" (Gray) (you have to wonder when Epstein met Clinton, and if the State Department was ordered by Clinton to rent the property to Epstein) (see also):
"Fisher, who reportedly once counseled law students to look into a mirror and practice telling potential clients their retainer was $100,000, was banned from practicing in federal court in the Southern District of New York in 2013 after a court grievance committee ruled that he had stolen money from a client."
"Department of State rents five story building on East 69th Street to Jeffrey Epstein in 1992" (Sommers) (hints of Epstein connections to the State Department):
"I am in the real estate industry and have been for a couple of decades. I have also been really open about the fact that a friend of Jeffrey Epstein named Ira Riklis turned me into his sex slave in 1987 through 1993 (when I plucked up my courage to leave). Meanwhile, however, Meshulam Riklis (yes, the old man who married Pia Zadora in the 1970s) hired a former Department of State (DOJ) attorney to keep tabs on me. His name was Max. Max and I talked for years. The last time was in 2015 when a couple of things happened which I will get into in another post.

Max and I went to dinner one night. I was trying to pump him for information because I was being severely stalked and harassed (both online and off by Riklis) and he was trying to seduce me.

When we left the restaurant he mentioned a friend who lived nearby. Said he promised to stop and say hello. Coincidentally it was one block away from my apartment. As we neared a building I’d seen one thousand times before he went inside and rang the buzzer. Nothing. He then stepped outside and pointed to the fourth floor and confided: “My best friend lives there,” he pointed to the 4th floor. “He probably went out to run an errand. Or maybe he is probably looking at us right now.”

It seemed very odd to me that his “friend” would only peek through the blinds to take a “look” at us — and really at me.  It was extremely uncomfortable because I lived one block away and this was a street I walked by nearly on a daily basis. Would this man be stalking me now too?

I knew I was being scrutinized and having grown accustomed to being followed since I met Ira in 1987 it was an odd feeling of ‘yes, this bothers me and then not so much’. At some point one becomes almost numb to the intrusions and interruptions in one’s life. If you have been with a man like Riklis or involved with a man like Epstein weird things don’t seem that weird. It is only after a long time passes that the memory of it jars the soul.

Max then added: “Gosh, we used to run a lot of guns from this place,” he sighed as if remembering the good old days.

WHEN I SAW THE FOLLOWING DAILY NEWS ARTICLE, that night came rushing back (although to be honest I have thought about the “smuggling guns” comment a lot since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest).

However when I stumbled upon this old piece stating that Jeffrey Epstein was living in a Department of State property on East 69th Street — I just knew it was somehow connected to the “gun smuggling” apartment on the West Side that Max  inadvertently exposed."
"Meshulam Riklis".  Note that Riklis, the guy who infamously bought the Golden Globe for his wife Pia Zadora - match made in heaven! - by bribing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, was basically the pre-Epstein (math background, with 'complicated paper transactions' a nice way of saying fraud, but also the start of all the paper transactions that now constitute 'Wall Street'), possibly even an earlier Mossad operation (although just a pure fraud operation, not blackmail, it demonstrates the model of installing crooks in American high life for Zionist aims).

Before scoffing at how unlikely it is for Epstein to win this lottery, fixing Powerball has been done, with the perps basically getting away with it (twice!):
  1. "The Man Who Cracked The Lottery" (Forgrave);
  2. "Hot Lotto fraud scandal";
  3. "The untold story of how a gaming geek with a checkered past pulled off the biggest lottery scam in U.S. history" (Clayworth); 
  4. "FBI missed rigged jackpot in 2006 before lottery scheme grew" (Foley);
  5. "Hot Lotto scammer accused of rigging other lotteries" (Rodgers);
  6. "EXCLUSIVE: 2 brothers who pulled off historic lottery scam have repaid virtually nothing despite $2 million in property holdings" (Clayworth/Clow).
"The Body of Epstein Appears to Have a Different Nose and Ears" (Anglin). Not convincing to me, with the differences attributable to the effects of death and lighting.
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