Saturday, August 17, 2019


"Russia’s Sound Proposal for Gulf Peace".  Superb idea, but the Khazars won't go for it as it could lead to dangerous friendship and cooperation between the farm animals, and, and everybody now knows, the gangsters of the Mega Group control all American politicians with bribes and pedo-blackmail, so the US can never be allowed to go along with it, or any other sane policies.

"Freed Grace-1 Moving Into Mediterranean Flying Iranian Flag - Destination Unknown" (Durden).  Despite the fact the Americans pretended to put up a fight, this is another example of the fact that the Epstein murder has removed blackmail pressure from Trump (see also the suspension of the previously announced new tariffs on China, a couple days after the murder, bearing in mind that the Khazar gangsters consider the kind of escalating tension embodied in the trade war to be 'good for the Jews').

Tweet (Moon of Alabama):
"Noteworthy change of tone: Now its "insurgency-held" and "jihadist-run". For years
@AFP used "opposition-held" and "rebels-run" under the very same circumstances and involved people."
The (((media))) always follows the usual Khazar rules, which is to describe the 'facts' as the way the Khazars want them to be, hoping that this will help the actual facts along, right up to the moment when the jig is up, and those facts can't prevail, at which point they do a 180, and 'frontrun', i.e., start accurate reporting, hoping to seem to be on the side of the winners. It is quite remarkable to watch, particularly as it occurs over and over and over again, all the while telling us how much respect we are to have for them as 'journalists'.

"Kashmir Caged: A Fact-Finding Report".  One of the huge disadvantages of allowing a Khazar state that operates completely outside of all international law and moral norms is that it is going to give supremacist psychos like Modi ideas.

Oh, great, another War For The Jews, a re-run!:  "US Africa Command Marks a Controversial Return to Libya".

"After Tlaib & Omar are Barred by Netanyahu, why would any Self-Respecting Dem Congressman do the AIPAC Tour Again??" (Cole).  Um, shekels.  Pedo-blackmail.

"Syria: US-Turkish “Save Zone” Serves Israel, Terrorists" (Al-Husaini).  "Turkey & the US: Far from Allies in Syria" (Sheikh).

Tweet (David M. Friedman):
"Congress recently passed a resolution condemning BDS. Last night I was condemned by a US Congressman for “dual loyalty” — classic anti-Semitic charge — simply because I followed US policy by supporting Israel’s right to oppose BDS. My head is spinning from the hypocrisy."
I don't think hypocrisy is quite the right word, but I know what he's talking about.  Friedman, who is either American Ambassador to Israel or Israeli Ambassador to the US - I forget which, and does it really matter, goyim? - is righteously angry because the traitors took the shekels, and the advantage of not having the pedo-blackmail videos released, and attacked BDS (as for some reason that is a concern of the American legislators, and never forget it was the first order of business when the government was shut down, Americans were hurting, and there were some American things to attend to), yet still feel entitled to throw some shots at Friedman wondering who he is working for.

"La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein" (Matsui).  Except it wasn't the Israelis who murdered Epstein.  They needed him alive to keep the pressure up (Epstein planned to drag it out for at least a year, with presumably the lives of many more toffs ruined as the revelations dripped out).

Tweet (Mediaite) (unless Maxwell is arrested, there is no longer a need to pull ridiculous stunts to keep up the pressure):
"Alan Dershowitz Cancels His Mock Trial on Defending Biblical Figures Accused of Child Trafficking"
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